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  000 Datavetenskap, information & allmänna verk
Research-funding and quality systems : an international knowledge overview2016
Anderson, James A., author.After digital : computation as done by brains and machines / James A. Anderson.2018
Holmquist, Eva, 1968-, civilingenjör autPraktisk mjukvarutestning / Eva Holmquist2018
Löwgren, JonasThoughtful interaction design : a design perspective on information technology / Jonas Löwgren and Erik Stolterman2004
Outram, DorindaThe Enlightenment / Dorinda Outram.2013
Peters, Anne-Kathrin, 1984-Learning Computing at University: Participation and Identity : A Longitudinal Study / Anne-Kathrin Peters2017
Raven, James autWhat is the History of the Book? / James Raven2018
Saadatmand, Fatemeh, 1984- autShared platform evolution : an imbrication analysis of coopetition and architecture / Fatemeh Saadatmand2018
Sejerkilde, Henrik Hoejgaard autDansk bogdesign : i det 20. århundrede / Henrik Højgaard Sejerkilde.2017
Strååt, Björn, 1968- autExtending game user experience - exploring player feedback and satisfaction : the birth of the Playsona / Björn Strååt.2017
Taylor, Steven J., 1949-Introduction to qualitative research methods : a guidebook and resource / Steven J. Taylor, Robert Bogdan, Marjorie L. DeVault.2016
  020 Biblioteks- & informationsvetenskap
Emerging trends in archival science / edited by Karen F. Gracy.2018
Brown, Nicole E., author.Visual literacy for libraries : a practical, standards-based guide / Nicole E. Brown, Kaila Bussert, Denise Hattwig, Ann Medaille.2016
Frid, Nina, 1971- autLäsa, läka, leva! : om läsfrämjande och biblioterapi / Nina Frid2016
Løkse, Mariann, autTeaching information literacy in higher education : effective teaching and active learning / Mariann Løkse, Torstein Låg, Mariann Solberg, Helene N. Andreassen, Mark Stenersen2017
Nordby, Peter, 1951- autEtt västsvenskt kulturarv : de enskilda arkiven i Riksarkivet Landsarkivet i Göteborg / Peter Nordby2017
  060 Föreningar, organisationer & museer
Active collections / edited by Elizabeth Wood, Rainey Tisdale and Trevor Jones.2018
Curating context : beyond the gallery and into other fields / edited by Magdalena Malm2017
Bennett, Tony, 1947- autMuseums, power, knowledge : selected essays / Tony Bennett.2018
Pearce, Susan M.Museums, objects, and collections : a cultural study / Susan M. Pearce1993
Simon, NinaThe participatory museum / by Nina Simon2010
  070 Nyhetsmedier, journalistik & publicering
Cushion, Stephen autReporting elections : rethinking the logic of campaign coverage / Stephen Cushion & Richard Thomas2018
Koestenbaum, Wayne autNotes on glaze : 18 photographic Investigations / Wayne Koestenbaum.2016
Palmer, Ruth, 1979 January 16- author.Becoming the news : how ordinary people respond to the media spotlight / Ruth Palmer2018
Salzberg, RosaEphemeral city : cheap print and urban culture in Renaissance Venice / Rosa Salzberg2014
Ulfkotte, Udo 1960-2017 autGekaufte Journalisten : wie Politiker, Geheimdienste und Hochfinanz Deutschlands Massenmedien lenken / Udo Ulfkotte2017
Waters, Lindsay.Enemies of promise : publishing, perishing, and the eclipse of scholarship / Lindsay Waters.2004
  080 Allmänna samlingsverk
Neue deutsche Aphorismen / hrsg. von Alexander Eilers ; Tobias Grüterich.2014
  090 Handskrifter & rariteter
Scribal repertoires in Egypt from the New Kingdom to the early Islamic period / Jennifer Cromwell and Eitan Grossman.2018
  100 Filosofi
Från Skaradjäkne till Uppsalaprofessor : festskrift till Lars-Göran Johansson i samband med hans pensionering / edited by George Masterton, Keizo Matsubara and Kim Solin2017
  110 Metafysik
Grosz, E. A. (Elizabeth A.), 1952-The incorporeal : ontology, ethics, and the limits of materialism / Elizabeth Grosz.2017
Lütticken, Sven VerfasserIn autCultural revolution : aesthetic practice after autonomy / Sven Lütticken2017
  120 Kunskapsteori
Bowden, Sean.Priority of events : Deleuze's Logic of sense / Sean Bowden.2011
Calhoun, Cheshire, author.Doing valuable time : the present, the future, and meaningful living / Cheshire Calhoun.2018
Franklin, Christopher Evan, author.A minimal libertarianism : free will and the promise of reduction / Christopher Evan Franklin.2018
  130 Parapsykologi & ockultism
Flowers, Stephen E. autIcelandic magic : practical secrets of the Northern Grimoires / Stephen E. Flowers, Ph. D.2016
  140 Filosofiska skolor
Neuroexistentialism : meaning, morals, and purpose in the age of neuroscience / Gregg Caruso and Owen Flanagan.2018
DeRose, Keith, 1962- author.The appearance of ignorance : knowledge, skepticism, and context. Volume 2 / Keith DeRose.2018
  150 Psykologi
Critical childhood studies and the practice of interdisciplinarity : disciplining the child / edited by Joanne Faulkner, Magdalena Zolkos.2016
Emotions and human mobility : ethnographies of movement / edited by Maruška Svašek.2017
Modern personlighetspsykologi : vi märkliga människor / redaktörer: Henrik Høgh-Olesen, Thomas Dalsgaard, Finn Skårderud ; översättning: Solveig Halvorsen Kåven, Gustaf Berglund ; sakgranskning: Per Johnsson2017
New perspectives on human development / [edited by] Nancy Budwig, Clark University, Elliot Turiel, University of California, Berkeley, Philip David Zelazo, University of Minnesota.2017
Representing development : the social constructions of models of change / edited by David Carré, Jaan Valsiner and Stefan Hampl.2017
Subjective well-being and life satisfaction / edited by James E. Maddux.2018
Carpendale, Jeremy I. M., 1957- autThe development of children's thinking : its social and communicative foundations / Jeremy Carpendale, Ulrich Müller, Charlie Lewis.2018
Fors Brandebo, Maria, 1979- autDestruktivt ledarskap : Hur uppkommer det? Vilka effekter får det? Vad kan man göra åt det? / Maria Fors Brandebo, Sofia Nilsson, Gerry Larsson2018
Furtak, Rick Anthony, author.Knowing emotions : truthfulness and recognition in affective experience / Rick Anthony Furtak.2018
Goldfinger, KarenPsychological assessment and report writing / Karen Goldfinger, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Connecticut ; Andrew M. Pomerantz, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville2014
Gordon, Daniella, 1951- autKärlek på allvar : att välja och behålla en relation / Daniella Gordon med Sofie Zettergren2018
Heilig, Markus, 1959- autHon, han och hjärnan / Markus Heilig2018
Hilmarsson, Hilmar Thór, 1962- autEmpati : nyckeln till samarbete i professionella samtal / Hilmar Thór Hilmarsson2018
Katznelson, Noemi autUnderstanding learning and motivation in youth : challenging policy and practice / Noemi Katznelson, Niels Ulrik Sørensen and Knud Illeris.2018
Lennéer-Axelson, Barbro, 1943- autArbetsgruppens psykologi / Barbro Lennéer Axelson, Ingela Thylefors2018
Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952.Barnasinnet / Maria Montessori ; översättning: Matz Hammarström i samarbete med Carl G Liungman och Eva Trägårdh.1987
Moreno, J. L. (Jacob Levy), 1889-1974The future of man's world / J.L. Moreno, M.D.2013
Nygren, Niklas, 1973- aut illEtt slut en början: en psykiaters funderingar kring sitt utmattningssyndrom / Niklas Nygren ; illustrationer omslag & inlaga: Niklas Nygren2017
Roth, BernardThe achievement habit : stop wishing, start doing, and take command of your life / Bernard Roth.2015
St Clair, KassiaThe secret lives of colour / Kassia St Clair.2016
Stulberg, Brad autPeak performance : elevate your game, avoid burnout, and thrive with the new science of success / Stulberg, Brad, Steve Magness2017
Sullivan, Daniel 1940- autCultural-existential psychology : the role of culture in suffering and threat / Daniel Sullivan.2017
Urban, Jennifer Brown autDesigning and proposing your research project / Jennifer Brown Urban and Bradley Matheus van Eeden-Moorefield2018
West, Thomas G. autSeeing what others cannot see : the hidden advantages of visual thinkers and differently wired brains / Thomas G. West.2017
Åhlén, Johan, 1978-Universal prevention of anxiety and depression in school children / Johan Åhlén2017
Öquist, Oscar, 1943- autTyst erfarenhet : om intuition och sinnlighet i en teknikpräglad kultur / Oscar Öquist2018
  160 Logik
Fitting, Melvin, 1942-First-order modal logic / Melvin Fitting and Richard L. Mendelsohn1998
  170 Etik
Dödshjälp : en kunskapssammanställning.2017
The Routledge handbook of the philosophy of paternalism / [edited by] Kalle Grill and Jason Hanna.2018
Bivins, Thomas H. (Thomas Harvey), 1947- autMixed media : moral distinctions in advertising, public relations, and journalism / Tom Bivins2018
Gollier, Christian autEthical asset valuation and the good society / Christian Gollier.2018
Kass Leon R. autLeading a worthy life : finding meaning in modern times / Leon R. Kass.2017
Peterson, Jordan B. aut12 rules for life : an antidote to chaos / Jordan B. Peterson ; foreword by Norman Doidge ; illustrations by Ethan van Scriver.2018
Phelps, Norm autChanging the game : animal liberation in the twenty-first century / Norm Phelps.2015
Preece, Rod, 1939- autBrute souls, happy beasts, and evolution : the historical status of animals / Rod Preece.2005
Warraich, Haider autDen moderna döden : hur läkarvetenskapen ändrade livets slut / Haider Warraich ; med efterord av P C Jersild ; översättning från engelska av P C Jersild2018
Zehfuss, Maja, author.War and the politics of ethics / Maja Zehfuss.2018
  180 Antik, medeltida & österländsk filosofi
The letters of Abelard and Heloise / translated with an introduction and notes by Betty Radice ; revised by M.T. Clanchy.1974
Bennett, Michael James, author.Deleuze and Ancient Greek physics : the image of nature / Michael James Bennett.2017
  190 Modern västerländsk filosofi
Berkeley's three dialogues : new essays / Stefan Storrie.2018
The philosophy of Daniel Dennett / Bryce Huebner.2018
Schizoanalysis and ecosophy : reading Deleuze and Guattari / edited by Constantin V. Boundas.2018
Cassirer, Ernst, 1874-1945 autNachgelassene Manuskripte und Texte. Band 14, Descartes, Leibniz, Spinoza : Vorlesungen und Vorträge / Ernst Cassirer ; herausgegeben von Paulo Rubini und Christian Möckel ; unter Mitwirkung von Gideon Freudenthal, Dominic Kaegi, John Michael Krois † und Alberto Guillermo Ranea2018
Johnson, Ryan J., author.The Deleuze-Lucretius encounter / Ryan J. Johnson.2017
Schelling, Friedrich von, 1775-1854 VerfasserIn autHistorisch-kritische Ausgabe. Reihe 1, Werke. 13, Ideen zu einer Philosophie der Natur. Zweite Auflage (1803) / Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling ; herausgegeben von Manfred Durner und Patrick Leistner2018
  200 Religion
The handbook of religions in ancient Europe / edited by Lisbeth Bredholt Christensen, Olav Hammer and David A. Warburton.2013
Interreligious relations : biblical perspectives : proceedings from the Second Norwegian Summer Academy of Biblical Studies (NSABS), Ansgar University College, Kristiansand, Norway, August 2015 / edited by Hallvard Hagelia and Markus Zehnder.2017
Beaman, Lori G., author. autDeep equality in an era of religious diversity / Lori G. Beaman.2017
Darling Khan, Ya'Acov autJaguar i kroppen - fjäril i hjärtat : en ocensurerad resa till ett liv som modern schaman / Ya'Acov Darling Khan ; översättning: Susanne Bohman2017
Forget, Alain, 1955-How to get out of this world alive : the ultimate self empowerment handbook / Alain Forget.2012
Halldorf, Joel, 1980- autMångfalden byggde Sverige / Joel Halldorf2017
Hultgård, Anders, 1936- autMidgård brinner : Ragnarök i religionshistorisk belysning / Anders Hultgård2017
Zondag, Hessel Verfasser autLosing my religion? : religious and spiritual coping in times of individualisation / Hessel Zondag & Marinus van Uden2017
  220 Bibeln
Evil in Second Temple Judaism and early Christianity / edited by Chris Keith and Loren T. Stuckenbruck.2016
L'Évangile de Nicodème ou Les actes faits sous Ponce Pilate : recension latine A. Suivi de la Lettre de Pilate à l'empereur Claude / introd. et notes par Rémi Gounelle et Zbigniew Izydorczyk ; trad. par Rémi Gounelle à partir d'un texte mis au point par Zbigniew Izydorczyk.1997
Bauckham, Richard autJesus and the eyewitnesses : the Gospels as eyewitness testimony / Richard Bauckham.2017
Beale, G. K. (Gregory K.), 1949-The use of Daniel in Jewish apocalyptic literature and in the Revelation of St. John / G.K. Beale.2010
Dietzfelbinger, Christian.Das Evangelium nach Johannes / Christian Dietzfelbinger.2004
Lau, Peter H. W.Identity and ethics in the book of Ruth : a social identity approach / Peter H.W. Lau2011
Van Belle, Gilbert edtAn early reader of Mark and Q / edited by Joseph Verheyden and Gilbert van Belle.2016
  230 Kristendom & kristen teologi
Trans/formations / edited by Lisa Isherwood and Marcella Althaus-Reid.2009
Baark, Sigurd, author.The affirmations of reason : on Karl Barth's speculative theology / Sigurd Baark.2018
Behr, John autKristusmysteriet : liv genom död / John Behr2018
Clapsis, EmmanuelOrthodoxy in conversation : orthodox ecumenical engagements / Emmanuel Clapsis2000
Daley, Brian E., 1940- author.God visible : patristic Christology reconsidered / Brian E. Daley.2018
Dionysios Areopagita, ca 500 e.Kr. autParadoxernas Gud : verk i urval / Dionysios Areopagita ; översättning från grekiskan av Tord Fornberg ; med inledning och sammanfattning av Fredrik Heiding S.J.2017
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546 autMartin Luthers stora katekes / översatt av Martin Krauklis2017
  240 Kristendomsutövning & kristet bruk
Hilton, Walter, -1396, author.The scale of perfection. Book II : an edition based on British Library MSS Harley 6573 and 6579 / begun by S.S. Hussey, completed by Michael G. Sargent.2017
McGinn, Bernard, 1937-The presence of God : a history of Western Christian mysticism. Vol. 6, Mysticism in the reformation 1500-1650. Part 1 / by Bernard McGinn2016
Sjögren, Per-Olof autJesusbönen / Per-Olof Sjögren ; förord av Peter Halldorf2018
  260 Kristen organisation, diakoni & gudstjänst
Christen und Muslime im Gespräch : eine Verständigung über Kernthemen der Theologie / herausgegeben von Susanne Heine, Ömer Özsoy, Christoph Schwöbel und Abdullah Takim.2016
Prästen i kyrkan : en bok för Svenska kyrkans prästerskap / medverkande: Marco Aldén [och 7 andra] ; förord av ärkebiskop em. Gunnar Weman2018
Chow, Alexander, author.Chinese public theology : generational shifts and Confucian imagination in Chinese Christianity / Alexander Chow.2018
Farley, Lawrence R. autLåt oss vara uppmärksamma : en resa genom ortodoxa kyrkans gudomliga liturgi / Lawrence Farley ; översättning av Mikael Fälthammar2018
Hegertun, Terje 1953- autNådens gaver i gjestfrihetens hus : kirken som karismatisk og sakramentalt fellesskap / Terje Hegertun2018
  270 Kristendomshistoria
Augustine in context / edited by Tarmo Toom2017
Historiebruk i väckelseforskningen / Kurt E. Larsen (red.)2016
Reformationen i dansk kirke og kultur. Bind 1, 1517-1700 / Redaktion: Niels Henrik Gregersen & Carsten Bach-Nielsen2017
Reformationen i dansk kirke og kultur. Bind 2, 1700-1914 / Redaktion: Niels Henrik Gregersen & Carsten Bach-Nielsen2017
Reformationen i dansk kirke og kultur. Bind 3, 1914-2017 / Redaktion: Niels Henrik Gregersen & Carsten Bach-Nielsen2017
Berntson, Martin, 1972- autKättarland : en bok om reformationen i Sverige / Martin Berntson2017
Brodd, Birgitta, 1948-Ärkebiskop Erling Eidem under kyrkostrid och världskrig : en studie i förhållningssättet till Tyskland under andra världskriget med beaktande av de svensk-engelska kyrkorelationerna 1933–1945 belyst genom tre utrikesdepartement / Birgitta Brodd2017
Garstein, Oskar autKlosterlasse : stormfågeln som ville återerövra Norden för katolicismen / Oskar Garstein ; översättning: Kerstin Hedberg Nyqvist2018
Hoffarth, Christian, author. autUrkirche als Utopie : die Idee der Gütergemeinschaft im späteren Mittelalter von Olivi bis Wyclif / Christian Hoffarth.2016
Nowakowska, Natalia, 1977- author.King Sigismund of Poland and Martin Luther : the reformation before confessionalization / Natalia Nowakowska.2018
  280 Kristna samfund
Das Luther-Lexikon / herausgegeben von Volker Leppin und Gury Schneider-Ludorff ; unter Mitarbeit von Ingo Klitzsch.2014
Bexell, Peter, 1945- autKalmar stifts biskopsporträtt / text: Peter Bexell ; foto: Joachim Grusell2017
Krauklis, Martin, 1949- autMartin Luther : liv och verk / Martin Krauklis2017
Stolt, Birgit, 1927- autMartin Luther, människohjärtat och Bibeln / Birgit Stolt2016
Tysk, Karl-Erik, 1946- autVar trogen intill döden så ska jag ge dig livets krona : minnesteckningar över präster och diakoner i Skara stift avlidna 2013-2017 / Karl-Erik Tysk2017
  290 Övriga religioner
Holiness in Jewish thought / Alan L. Mittleman.2018
Abdel-Samad, Hamed, 1972- author.Ist der Islam noch zu retten? : eine Streitschrift in 95 Thesen / Hamed Abdel-Samad, Mouhanad Khorchide.2017
Armstrong, Lyall R., author. autThe quṣṣāṣ of early Islam / by Lyall R. Armstrong.2017
Flower, Harriet I. 1960- autThe dancing lares and the serpent in the garden : religion at the Roman street corner / Harriet I. Flower.2017
Khorchide, Mouhanad, 1971- autIslam ist Barmherzigkeit : Grundzüge einer modernen Religion / Mouhanad Khorchide2016
Neuwirth, Angelika, author. autScripture, poetry, and the making of a community : reading the Qurʼan as a literary text / by Angelika Neuwirth.2014
  300 Samhällsvetenskaper, sociologi & antropologi
Alternative art and anthropology : global encounters / edited by Arnd Schneider.2017
En annan riktning framåt : modernitetskritik i Sverige under det långa 1800-talet / redaktörer: Joel Halldorf & Andreas Hedberg2017
An anthropology of contemporary art : practices, markets, and collectors / edited by Thomas Fillitz and Paul van der Grijp.2018
Anthropology of the arts : a reader / edited by Gretchen Bakke and Marina Peterson2016
Bad girls of the Arab world / edited by Nadia Yaqub and Rula Quawas2017
Beyond gender : an advanced introduction to futures of feminist and sexuality studies / [edited by] Greta Olson [and three others].2018
Beyond the stereotypes? : images of boys and girls, and their consequences / Dafna Lemish & Maya Götz (eds)2017
The borders of subculture : resistance and the mainstream / edited by Alexander Dhoest, Steven Malliet, Barbara Segaert, and Jacques Haers.2017
Cities of difference / edited by Ruth Fincher, Jane M. Jacobs1998
Creative selves / creative cultures : critical autoethnography, performance, and pedagogy / Stacy Holman Jones, Marc Pruyn, editors.2018
Critical times in Greece : anthropological engagements with the crisis / edited by Dimitris Dalakoglou and Georgios Agelopoulos.2018
Designing cities with children and young people : beyond playgrounds and skate parks / edited by Kate Bishop and Linda Corkery2017
Deutschsprachige jüdische Emigration nach Schweden : 1774 bis 1945 / herausgegeben von Olaf Glöckner und Helmut Müssener ; in Zusammenarbeit mit Lars M. Andersson und Lena Roos.2017
A different kind of ethnography : imaginative practices and creative methodologies / edited by Denielle Elliott and Dara Culhane.2017
Ethnographic peace research : approaches and tensions / Gearoid Millar, editor2018
Ethnographies of waiting : doubt, hope and uncertainty / edited by Manpreet K. Janeja, Andreas Bandak.2018
European perspectives on exclusion and subordination : the political economy of migration / edited by Anders Neergard2009
Exploring future paths for historical sociolinguistics / edited by Tanja Säily, Arja Nurmi, Minna Palander-Collin, Anita Auer2017
Feeling things : objects and emotions through history / Stephanie Downes, Sally Holloway, and Sarah Randles.2018
High-skilled migration : drivers and policies / Mathias Czaika.2018
Indigenous communities and settler colonialism : land holding, loss and survival in an interconnected world / edited by Zoë Laidlaw and Alan Lester2015
Kultur : von den cultural studies bis zu den visual studies : eine Einführung / Stephan Moebius (Hrsg.).2012
The Language of Pop Culture / edited by Valentin Werner.2018
Pragmatics of social media / edited by Christian R. Hoffmann, Wolfram Bublitz2017
Public commissions on cultural and religious diversity : analysis, reception and challenges / edited by Solange Lefebvre and Patrice Brodeur.2017
Relational planning : tracing artefacts, agency and practices / Monika Kurath, Marko Marskamp, Julio Paulos, Jean Ruegg, editors.2018
Rethinking ethnography in Central Europe/ edited by Hana Cervinkova, Michal Buchowski, and Zdenek Uherek.2015
The self at work : fundamental theory and research / edited by D. Lance Ferris, Russell E. Johnson, and Constantine Sedikides.2018
Situating intersectionality : politics, policy, and power / edited by Angelia R. Wilson.2013
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Towards the critique of violence : Walter Benjamin and Giorgio Agamben / edited by Brendan Moran and Carlo Salzani2017
Ulik likestilling i arbeidslivet / Sigtona Halrynjo og Mari Teigen (red.)2016
Understanding the lived experiences of persons with disabilities in nine countries : active citizenship and disability in Europe. Volume 2 / edited by Rune Halvorsen, Bjørn Hvinden, Julie Beadle-Brown, Mario Biggeri, Jan Tøssebro and Anne Waldschmidt.2018
Urban sociolinguistics : the city as a linguistic process and experience / edited by Dick Smakman and Patrick Heinrich.2018
What's in a name? : talking about urban peripheries / edited by Richard Harris and Charlotte Vorms.2017
Women in antiquity : new assessments / edited by Richard Hawley and Barbara Levick.1995
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