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  000 Datavetenskap, information & allmänna verk
"Raw data" is an oxymoron / edited by Lisa Gitelman2013
Dahlin Ivanoff, Synneve, 1950- autFokusgrupper / Synneve Dahlin-Ivanoff, Kristina Holmgren2017
Faraon, Montathar, 1983- autWebbutveckling med PHP och MySQL / Montathar Faraon2016
Österberg, Marcus, 1977- autWebbanalys : förstå och förbättra användarnas upplevelse / Marcus Österberg2016
  020 Biblioteks- & informationsvetenskap
Biblioteker og musik inspirationer / redaktør: Anne-Marie Mohr Nielsen ; redaktion: Jeppe Bjerregaard Jessen, Anders Cato og Tine Vind2016
Biblioteker og musik perspektiver / redaktion: Jeppe Bjerregaard Jessen, Anne-Marie Mohr Nielsen og Tine Vind2016
The end of wisdom? : the future of libraries in a digital age / edited by David Baker, Wendy Evans2017
Engaging with records and archives : histories and theories / edited by Fiorella Foscanini, Heather MacNeil, Bonnie Mak and Gillian Oliver2016
Media and print culture consumption in nineteenth-century Britain : the Victorian reading experience / Paul Raphael Rooney, Anna Gasperini, editors2016
Virtual Victorians : networks, connections, technologies / edited by Veronica Alfano and Andrew Stauffer.2015
Costello, Laura, author.Evaluating demand-driven acquisitions / Laura Costello.2016
Cullingford, Alison autSpecial collections handbook / Alison Cullingford2016
Rice, Robin Charlotte, 1965-The data librarian's handbook / Robin Rice and John Southall2016
Rossijskaja nacionalʹnaja bibliotekaSotrudniki Rossijskoj nacionalʹnoj biblioteki - dejateli nauki i kulʹtury : biografičeskij slovarʹ. T. 4, Gosudarstvennaja Publičnaja biblioteka v Leningrade - Gosudarstvennaja Publičnaja biblioteka imeni M.E. Saltykova-Ščedrina : 1946-1956 / [redakcionnaja kollegija ... G.V. Micheeva (glavnyj redaktor)]2013
  030 Uppslagsverk & kalendrar
Simonsen, Maria, 1978-Den skandinaviske encyklopædi : udgivelse og udformning af Nordisk familjebok & Salmonsens konversationslexikon / Maria Simonsen2016
  060 Föreningar, organisationer & museer
Powell, Brent A.Collection care : an illustrated handbook for the care and handling of cultural objects / Brent A. Powell.2015
Reynolds, RebeccaCuriosities from the Cabinet : Objects and Voices from Britain's Museums / Rebecca Reynolds ; illustrations by Minho Kwon2016
  070 Nyhetsmedier, journalistik & publicering
Media research on climate change : where have we been and where are we heading? / edited by Ulrika Olausson, Peter Berglez2016
Gustafsson, Karl Erik, 1938- autPå Stigs tid : familjen Hamrin & Jönköpings-posten 1970-2007 / Karl Erik Gustafsson2016
Hess, Kristy, author.Local journalism in a digital world / Kristy Hess and Lisa Waller.2017
Zelizer, BarbieWhat journalism could be / Barbie Zelizer2017
  100 Filosofi
Ad Marciam2017
Adorno, Theodor W., 1903-1969Nachgelassene Schriften. Abt. 4, Vorlesungen, Bd 9, Philosophische Terminologie I und II / Theodor W. Adorno ; herausgegeben von Henri Lonitz2016
  120 Kunskapsteori
Distributed agency / N.J. Enfield and Paul Kockelman.2017
Inventing agency : essays on the philosophical production of the modern subject / edited by Claudia Brodsky, Eloy LaBrada2017
Self-knowledge : a history / Ursula Renz.2017
Sourcebook for the history of the philosophy of mind : philosophical psychology from Plato to Kant / Simo Knuuttila, Juha Sihvola, editors.2014
Baggini, Julian, author.The edge of reason : a rational skeptic in an irrational world / Julian Baggini.2016
Loar, Brian, author.Consciousness and meaning : selected essays / Brian Loar, Katalin Balog, Stephanie Beardman.2017
O'Callaghan, Casey, author.Beyond vision : philosophical essays / Casey O'Callaghan.2017
  130 Parapsykologi & ockultism
Velminski, Wladimir, 1976- author.Homo sovieticus : brain waves, mind control, and telepathic destiny / Wladimir Velminski ; translated by Erik Butler.2017
  140 Filosofiska skolor
Rethinking German idealism / edited by Sean McGrath, Joseph Carew.2016
  150 Psykologi
Aggression and violence : a social psychological perspective / edited by Brad J. Bushman.2017
Big data in cognitive science / edited by Michael N. Jones2017
Handbook of self and identity / edited by Mark R. Leary, June Price Tangney2012
Individual differences in judgement and decision-making : a developmental perspective / edited by Maggie E. Toplak and Joshua Weller.2017
Lågaffektivt bemötande / Axel Chipumbu Havelius (red.)2016
The Oxford handbook of identity development / edited by Kate C. McLean and Moin Syed2015
The Wiley handbook of personal construct psychology / Edited by David A. Winter and Nick Reed2016
Work pressures : new agendas in communication / edited by Dawna I. Ballard and Matthew S. McGlone2017
Bayne, Tim autTänkandets natur / Tim Bayne ; översättning Robert Callergård2017
Bengtsson, Margot, 1943- autFeminism och psykologi : om psyke, samhälle, genus och högre utbildning 1959-2016 / Margot Bengtsson2017
Bermúdez, José Luis, author.Understanding I : language and thought / José Luis Bermúdez.2017
Botond, Agnes, 1948- autKulturell psykologi / Agnes Botond2017
Brannon, Linda, 1948- author.Gender : psychological perspectives / Linda Brannon.2017
Cervone, DanielPsychology : the science of person, mind, and brain / Daniel Cervone ; Tracy L. Caldwell, pedagogical author.2015
Cooper, Colin, 1954-Intelligence and human abilities : structure, origins and applications / Colin Cooper2015
Danielsson, Mats, 1951- autIntroduktion till teknisk psykologi / Mats Danielsson2016
Davidson, Per, 1984-Wake and be fine? : the effect of sleep on emotional memory / Per Davidson2016
Duckworth, Angela autGrit : konsten att inte ge upp / Angela Duckworth ; översättning: Charlotta Jonasson2017
Fine, Cordelia author.Testosterone rex : myths of sex, science, and society / Cordelia Fine.2017
Högnelid, Lena Dur, 1959- autSmåle, fnissa, skratta : modern forskning, nya teorier och praktisk tillämpning för dig som möter människor på och utanför arbetet / Lena Dur Högnelid ; [grafisk form och illustrationer: Klas Åkerblom]2016
Jacobs, Ivo, 1989-On the origins of physical cognition in corvids / Ivo Jacobs2017
Jefferson, AnnGenius in France : an idea and its uses / Ann Jefferson2015
LeVay, Simon, author.Gay, straight, and the reason why : the science of sexual orientation / Simon LeVay.2017
Livheim, Fredrik, 1972- autTid att leva : ett tioveckors program för stresshantering med ACT och medveten närvaro / Fredrik Livheim, Daniel Ek, Björn Hedensjö ; fackgranskning: Giorgio Grossi ; illustrationer: Airi Iliste2017
Milton, Leone, 1986- autTa makten : för att det funkar! / text: Leone Milton & Marie Tomičić ; Illustration & form: Emili Svensson2016
Moore, Elena.Divorce, families and emotion work : 'Only Death Will Make Us Part' / Elena Moore2016
Nyström, Beatrice, 1974-Temperamental influences on risk-taking during middle childhood / Beatrice Nyström2017
Ortiz, Liria, 1959- autLyssnar din tonåring? : samtal med förändring som mål / Liria Ortiz & Charlotte Skoglund2017
Quinodoz, DanielleGrowing old : a journey of self-discovery / Danielle Quinodoz ; translated by David Alcorn2010
Rose, Joanna, 1949- autDuktighetsfällan : en överlevnadshandbok för prestationsprinsessor / Joanna Rose, Aleksander Perski2017
Siegel, Susanna, author.The rationality of perception / Susanna Siegel.2017
  160 Logik
Oliver, Alex, author.Plural logic / Alex Oliver and Timothy Smiley.2017
  170 Etik
Pets and people : the ethics of companion animals / Christine Overall.2017
Workers' rights and labor compliance in global supply chains : is a social label the answer? / edited by Jennifer Bair, Marsha Dickson, and Doug Miller.2014
Babri, Maira, 1986-The corporate code of ethics at home, far away and in between : sociomaterial translations of a traveling code / Maira Babri2016
Innerarity, Daniel, 1959- author.Ethics of hospitality / Daniel Innerarity.2017
Kenny, Anthony, 1931- author.The Aristotelian ethics : a study of the relationship between the Eudemian and Nicomachean ethics of Aristotle / Anthony Kenny.2017
Keohane, Georgia Levenson, author.Capital and the common good : how innovative finance is tackling the world's most urgent problems / Georgia Levenson Keohane.2016
Krogh, Torbjörn von, 1948- autMedieetik : framväxt, funktion och framtid / Torbjörn von Krogh2016
MacIntyre, Alasdair C., author.Ethics in the conflicts of modernity : an essay on desire, practical reasoning, and narrative / Alasdair MacIntyre2016
Meynen, Gerben. author.Legal insanity : explorations in psychiatry, law, and ethics / Gerben Meynen.2016
Monachino, Michelle Sara, 1986-The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach as a framework for business involvement in health promotion in the welfare state / Michelle Sara Monachino2016
Persson, Ingmar, author.Inclusive ethics / Ingmar Persson.2017
Segerdahl, Pär, 1962-Tänker om etik : en samling reflektioner från Etikbloggen / Pär Segerdahl2014
Segerdahl, Pär, 1962-Thinking about ethics : a collection of reflections from the Ethics Blog / Pär Segerdahl2014
Tadros, Victor, author.Wrongs and crimes / Victor Tadros.2017
  180 Antik, medeltida & österländsk filosofi
Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume 51 / Victor Caston.2017
Christensen, Michael StenskjaerDen samlede dyd : kardinaldyderne i arkaisk og klassisk tid / Michael Stenskjaer Christensen2016
Platon, 427-347 f.Kr.Skrifter. Bok 3, Staten / Platon ; översättning, förord och kommentarer av Jan Stolpe2017
  190 Modern västerländsk filosofi
Foucault and animals / edited by Matthew Chrulew, Curtin University, Dinesh Joseph Wadiwel, The University of Sydney.2017
Nietzsche and the philosophers / edited by Mark T. Conard2017
Agada, AdaExistence and consolation : reinventing ontology, gnosis, and values in African philosophy / by Ada Agada2015
Britt, Brian M., 1964- author.Postsecular Benjamin : agency and tradition / Brian Britt.2016
Foucault, Michel, 1926-1984.Du gouvernement des vivants : cours au Collège de France, 1979-1980 / Michel Foucault ; edition établie sous la direction de François Ewald et Alessandro Fontana, par Michel Senellart.2012
Fugate, Courtney D.Teleology of reason : a study of the structure of Kant's critical philosophy / Courtney D. Fugate2016
Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976, author.Interpretation of Nietzsche's Second untimely meditation / Martin Heidegger ; translated by Ullrich Haase and Mark Sinclair.2016
Jacovides, Michael, author.Locke's image of the world / Michael Jacovides.2017
Lappano, David James, 1979- author.Kierkegaard's theology of encounter : an edifying and polemical life / David Lappano.2017
  200 Religion
After world religions : reconstructing religious studies / edited by Christopher R. Cotter and David G. Robertson2016
After world religions : reconstructing religious studies / edited by Christopher R. Cotter and David G. Robertson.2016
A tavola con Dio e con gli uomini : il cibo tra antropologia e religione : atti del convegno internazionale : Milano, Università cattolica del Sacre Cuore 7-9 ottobre 2015 / a cura di Giuseppe Colombo.2016
Contemporary encounters in gender and religion : European perspectives / Lena Gemzöe, Marja-Liisa Keinänen, Avril Maddrell, editors.2016
The death of sacred texts : ritual disposal and renovation of texts in world religions / edited by Kristina Myrvold2010
Ethical issues in six religious traditions [Elektronisk resurs] / edited by Peggy Morgan and Clive A. Lawton.2007
Religion and illness / edited by Annette Weissenrieder and Gregor Etzelmüller2016
Esposito, John L., author.Religions of Asia today / John L. Esposito (Georgetown University), Darrell J. Fasching (University of South Florida), Todd T. Lewis (College of the Holy Cross).2015
Saul, Nigel, author.Lordship and faith : the English gentry and the parish church in the middle ages / Nigel Saul.2017
  220 Bibeln
Marcan priority without Q : explorations in the Farrer hypothesis / edited by John C. Poirier, Jeffrey Peterson2016
Methods for Matthew / edited by Mark Allan Powell.2009
Akala, Adesola JoanThe son-father relationship and christological symbolism in the gospel of John/ Adesola Joan Akala2015
Collins, John Joseph, 1946-The apocalyptic imagination : an introduction to Jewish apocalyptic literature / John J. Collins.2016
Dvořáček, Jiří, 1980-The son of David in Matthew's Gospel in the light of the Solomon as exorcist tradition / Dvořáček, Jiří2016
Edwards, Josh autEn stor Bibel för de små / skriven av Josh Edwards ; illustrerad av Christine Tappin2016
Hazony, Yoram.The philosophy of Hebrew scripture / Yoram Hazony.2012
Klinghardt, MatthiasDas älteste Evangelium und die Entstehung der kanonischen Evangelien. Bd 1, Untersuchung / Matthias Klinghardt2015
Klinghardt, MatthiasDas älteste Evangelium und die Entstehung der kanonischen Evangelien. Bd 2, Rekonstruktion - Übersetzung - Varianten / Matthias Klinghardt2015
Konradt, Matthias, 1967-Das Evangelium nach Matthäus / übers. und erklärt von Matthias Konradt2015
Luz, UlrichMatthew 21-28 : a commentary / by Ulrich Luz ; translation by James E. Crouch ; edited by Helmut Koester2005
Raphael, Rebecca.Biblical corpora : representations of disability in Hebrew biblical literature / Rebecca Raphael2008
Vinzent, Markus. autMarcion and the dating of the synoptic gospels / by Markus Vinzent.2014
  230 Kristendom & kristen teologi
Global dictionary of theology : a resource for the worldwide church / edited by William A. Dyrness and Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen ; associate editors, Juan Francisco Martinez and Simon Chan.2008
La misericordia e le sue opere : atti del seminario interdisciplinare di teologia, filosofia e scienze dell'uomo : Milano, Università cattolica del sacro cuore, 30-31 maggio 2016 / a cura di Giuseppe Colombo.2016
Brueggemann, Walter.Old Testament theology : an introduction / Walter Brueggemann.2008
Ehrman, Bart D.Jesus before the gospels : how the earliest Christians remembered, changed, and invented their stories of the Savior / Bart D. Ehrman2016
Lilla syster Annie av JesusCharles de Foucauld : i fotspåren efter Jesus från Nasaret / Lilla syster Annie av Jesus ; översättning Carl Otto Werkelid, förord Dominik Terstriep s. j.2016
Villeneuve, André (Assistant Professor of Theology), author.Nuptial symbolism in Second Temple writings, the New Testament, and Rabbinic literature : divine marriage at key moments of salvation history / by André Villeneuve2016
  240 Kristendomsutövning & kristet bruk
King, Jason E. (Jason Edward), 1971- author.Faith with benefits : hookup culture on Catholic campuses / Jason King.2017
  250 Utövande av prästämbete & religiösa ordnar
Bergman, Anna, 1965-Daedalus 5 : Gamla Stan, Stockholm : byggnadshistorisk inventering av källare och bottenvåning / Anna Bergman (text) ; Mattias Ek (foto)2014
Peters, Greg, 1971- author.Reforming the monastery : Protestant theologies of the religious life / Greg Peters.2014
  260 Kristen organisation, diakoni & gudstjänst
The pedagogy of faith : essays on Lutheran education / edited by Bernard Bull.2016
Teologi för församlingsbruk / Sofia Camnerin och Åke Jonsson (red.)2017
Våga möta : kyrkans kallelse i ett mångreligiöst Europa / redaktörer: Pernilla Myrelid och Andrew Wingate ; översättning: Translator Scandinavia [och femton andra]2016
Ambler, S. T., author.Bishops in the political community of England, 1213-1272 / S.T. Ambler.2017
Eriksson, PierreTillsammans : en reportagebok om tio församlingars integrationsarbete / Pierre Eriksson2016
Petterson, ChristinaFrom tomb to text : the body of Jesus in the book of John / Christina Petterson2017
Siecienski, A. Edward (Anthony Edward), author.The papacy and the Orthodox : sources and history of a debate / A. Edward Siecienski.2017
Thidevall, Sven, 1949- autKampen om samhällsreligionen : Dagens nyheters djävulskampanj 1909 / Sven Thidevall2016
  270 Kristendomshistoria
Lived religion and the long Reformation in northern Europe c. 1300-1700 / edited by Sari Katajala-Peltomaa and Raisa Maria Toivo2016
Augustin (saint ; 0354-0430). autSaint Augustin ou les promesses de la raison / textes réunis, traduits et commentés par Stéphane Ratti2016
Chin, Catherine M., 1972-Melania : early Christianity through the life of one family / Catherine M. Chin and Caroline T. Schroeder2017
Clark, Gillian (E. Gillian)Monica : an ordinary saint / Gillian Clark.2015
Coolman, Boyd Taylor, 1966- author.Eternally spiraling into God : knowledge, love, and ecstasy in the theology of Thomas Gallus / Boyd Taylor Coolman.2017
Dittrich, LisaAntiklerikalismus in Europa : Öffentlichkeit und Säkularisierung in Frankreich, Spanien und Deutschland (1848 - 1914) / Lisa Dittrich2014
Karłowicz, Dariusz, 1964- author.The archparadox of death : martyrdom as a philosophical category / Dariusz Karlowicz.2016
  280 Kristna samfund
The Oxford history of Anglicanism. Volume 1, Reformation and identity c.1520-1662 / Anthony Milton.2017
Hallingberg, Gunnar, 1926- autModerna läsare : 1900-talets frikyrklighet som kulturbygge / Gunnar Hallingberg2016
Kaufmann, Thomas, author.A short life of Martin Luther / Thomas Kaufmann ; translated by Peter D. S. Krey and James D. Bratt.2016
Laffin, Michael Richard, author.The promise of Martin Luther's political theology : freeing Luther from the modern political narrative / Michael Laffin2016
Norris, Clive Murray, author.The financing of John Wesley's Methodism c.1740-1800 / Clive Murray Norris.2017
  290 Övriga religioner
Adonis, 1930- iveVåld och islam : samtal med Houria Abdelouahed / Adonis ; översättning: Pär Svensson2016
Brøns, CecilieGods and garments : textiles in Greek sanctuaries in the 7th to the 1st centuries BC / by Cecilie Brøns2017
Egerkrans, Johan, 1978- aut illNordiska gudar / nedtecknade och illustrerade av Johan Egerkrans2016
Falk, Daniel K.Daily, sabbath and festival prayers in the Dead Sea scrolls / by Daniel K. Falk1998
Inge, Anabel, authorThe making of a Salafi Muslim woman : paths to conversion / Anabel Inge2016
Nizami, Moin Ahmad, author.Reform and renewal in South Asian Islam : the Chishti-Sabris in 18th-19th century North India / Moin Ahmad Nizami.2017
Penner, Jeremy.Patterns of daily prayer in Second Temple period Judaism / by Jeremy Penner2012
Sadeghi, Behnam, 1969-The logic of law-making in Islam [Elektronisk resurs] : women and prayer in the legal tradition / Behnam Sadeghi.2012
Sedgwick, Mark J., 1960- author autWestern Sufism : from the Abbasids to the new age / Mark Sedgwick.2016
  300 Samhällsvetenskaper, sociologi & antropologi
Årsskrift 2015 : Umeå centrum för genusstudier (UCGS) / [Emma Skoog]2016
Austere histories in European societies : social exclusion and the contest of colonial memories / edited by Stefan Jonsson and Julia Willén.2017
Blurring the lines : market-driven and democracy-driven freedom of expression / Maria Edström, Andrew T. Kenyon & Eva-Maria Svensson (eds.)2016
Contemporary sociology / edited by Martin Holborn2015
Design and anthropology / edited by Wendy Gunn and Jared Donovan2012
Education, occupation and social origin : a comparative analysis of the transmission of socio-economic inequalities / edited by Fabrizio Bernardi, Gabriele Ballarino2016
Emotions in the household, 1200-1900 / edited by Susan Broomhall.2008
Encyclopedia of communication theory [Elektronisk resurs] / Stephen W. Littlejohn, Karen A. Foss, editors2009
Escrituras extremas : feminismos libertarios en América Latina / María Claudia André, Marta Sierra (editoras)2016
EurAfrican borders and migration management : political cultures, contested spaces, and ordinary lives / Paolo Gaibazzi, Alice Bellagamba, Stephan Dünnwald, editors2016
Family continuity and change : contemporary European perspectives / Vida Česnuitytė, Detlev Lück, Eric D. Widmer, editors2017
Feast, famine or fighting? : multiple pathways to social complexity / Richard J. Chacon and Rubén G. Mendoza, editors.2017
Une France soumise : les voix du refus / sous la direction de Georges Bensoussan ; Charlotte Bonnet, Barbara Lefebvre, Laurence Marchand-Taillade, Caroline Valentin ; préface d'Élisabeth Badinter.2017
Fred på jorden : diskussionsmaterial för dig som inte bara vill önska / [Text : Annika Skogar ; ansvarig utgivare : Malin Nilsson]2016
Gender and far right politics in Europe / edited by Michaela Köttig, Renate Bitzan, Andrea Petö.2017
The globalization of international society / Tim Dunne and Christian Reus-Smit.2017
Handbook of contemporary sociological theory / Seth Abrutyn, editor2016
Human lifeworlds : the cognitive semiotics of cultural evolution / David Dunér, Göran Sonesson (eds.).2016
Identity destabilised : living in an overheated world / edited by Thomas Hylland Eriksen and Elisabeth Schober2016
Impulse to act : a new anthropology of resistance and social justice / edited by Othon Alexandrakis2016
Life and narrative : the risks and responsibilities of storying experience / Brian Schiff, A. Elizabeth McKim, and Sylvie Patron.2017
Media and social life / edited by Mary Beth Oliver, Arthur A. Raney.2014
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Single life and the city, 1200-1900 / [edited by] Julie de Groot (University of Antwerp), Isabelle Devos (University of Ghent), and Ariadne Schmidt (Leiden University)2015
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Values, political action, and change in the Middle East and the Arab Spring / Mansoor Moaddel and Michele J. Gelfand.2017
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