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  000 Datavetenskap, information & allmänna verk
Complexity and the arrow of time [Elektronisk resurs] / edited by Charles H. Lineweaver, Paul C. W. Davies and Michael Ruse.2013
Alvesson, Mats, 1956- autTolkning och reflektion : vetenskapsfilosofi och kvalitativ metod / Mats Alvesson, Kaj Sköldberg2017
Frostling-Henningsson, Maria, 1963- autKvalitativa metoder : introspektion, poesi, netnografi, collage och skuggning / Maria Frostling-Henningsson2017
Kockelman, Paul, author.The art of interpretation in an age of computation / Paul Kockelman.2017
Wenemark, Marika 1968-Enkätmetodik med respondenten i fokus / Marika Wenemark2017
  010 Bibliografi
Nishio, Eizo20/21c art books : a bibliography of artists and art movements in the 20th and 21st centuries / Eizo Nishio2010
  020 Biblioteks- & informationsvetenskap
Amichai-Hamburger, Yair, author.Internet psychology : the basics / Yair Amichai-Hamburger.2017
  070 Nyhetsmedier, journalistik & publicering
Photojournalism and citizen journalism : co-operation, collaboration and connectivity / Edited by Stuart Allan2017
Pasay, Sarah Linden, 1984-Stable media in the age of revolutions : depictions of economic matters in British and Swedish state newspapers, 1770–1820 / Sarah Linden Pasay2017
  100 Filosofi
Begriffs-, Ideen- und Problemgeschichte im 21. Jahrhundert / herausgegeben von Riccardo Pozzo und Marco Sgarbi2011
  110 Metafysik
The problem of universals in early modern philosophy / Stefano Di Bella and Tad M. Schmaltz.2017
Callender, Craig, 1968- author.What makes time special? / Craig Callender.2017
Saito, Yuriko, author.Aesthetics of the familiar : everyday life and world-making / Yuriko Saito.2017
  120 Kunskapsteori
Föreställningar om döden : forskares aspekter på vår existens och dess begränsning / Kjell O. Lejon (red.)2017
Making a difference : essays on the philosophy of causation / Helen Beebee, Christopher Hitchcock, and Huw Price.2017
Responsibility : the epistemic condition / Philip Robichaud and Jan Willem Wieland.2017
Gert, Joshua, author.Primitive colors : a case study in neo-pragmatist metaphysics and philosophy of perception / Joshua Gert.2017
Lambert, Richard T.Self knowledge in Thomas Aquinas : the angelic doctor on the soul's knowledge of itself / by Richard T. Lambert.2007
Landau, Iddo, 1958- author.Finding meaning in an imperfect world / Iddo Landau.2017
  140 Filosofiska skolor
Dreyfus, Hubert L., author.Background practices : essays on the understanding of being / Hubert L. Dreyfus and Mark A. Wrathall.2017
Holsclaw, Geoff, author.Transcending subjects : Augustine, Hegel, and theology / Geoffrey Holsclaw.2016
Ichikawa, Jonathan Jenkins, author.Contextualising knowledge : epistemology and semantics / Jonathan Jenkins Ichikawa.2017
Schultz, BartThe happiness philosophers : the lives and works of the great utilitarians / Bart Schultz2017
  150 Psykologi
Emotions in the history of witchcraft / Laura Kounine, Michael Ostling, editors2016
Stories of cosmopolitan belonging : emotion and location / edited by Hannah Jones and Emma Jackson.2014
Trust in social dilemmas / Paul A.M. Van Lange, Bettina Rockenbach, and Toshio Yamagishi.2017
Duberg, Cecilia autLejonagendan : framgångsrikt ledarskap genom stark hälsa och mental träning / Cecilia Duberg ; [illustrationer: Jonny Hallberg]2017
Erikson, Thomas, 1965- autOmgiven av psykopater : så undviker du att bli utnyttjad av andra / Thomas Erikson2017
Eurich, TashaInsight : the power of self-awareness in a self-deluded world / Tasha Eurich2017
Gullette, Margaret Morganroth, author.Ending ageism : or, how not to shoot old people / Margaret Morganroth Gullette.2017
Mooney, Carol GarhartTheories of attachment : an introduction to Bowlby, Ainsworth, Gerber, Brazelton, Kennell, and Klaus / Carol Garhart Mooney2010
Palmkron Ragnar, Åsa, 1954- autFri från stress med mindfulness : medveten närvaro och acceptans / Åsa Palmkron Ragnar, Katarina Lundblad ; förord av Anna Kåver2016
Pollmann, Judith, author.Memory in early modern Europe, 1500-1800 / Judith Pollmann.2017
Radvansky, Gabriel A.Human memory / Gabriel A. Radvansky.2017
Schiff, Brian, author.A new narrative for psychology / Brian Schiff.2017
Thomas, Bertil, 1958- autPersonlig utveckling från grunden : inre ledarskap och professionell utveckling / Bertil Thomas ; faktagranskare: Leif Andersson2017
Ómarsson, Ebba, 1981-Brev till himlen : 365 dagar utan dig 2012- / Ebba Ómarsson2014
  160 Logik
Stenbock-Hult, Bettina, 1951- autKritiskt förhållningssätt : en vetenskaplig, etisk attityd och ett högskolepedagogiskt mål / Bettina Stenbock-Hult2017
  170 Etik
Arguing about bioethics / ed. by Stephen Holland2012
Oxford studies in metaethics. 12 / Russ Shafer-Landau.2017
Ahlqvist, Martin, 1971- autMedierna och etiken : ansvar i ett nytt medielandskap / Martin Ahlquist, Tommy Borglund2017
Håkansson, Andreas, 1983- autKonsumtion : ekonomi, samhälle och etik / Andreas Håkansson2017
Miller, Ruth Austin, 1975- author.The biopolitics of embryos and alphabets : a reproductive history of the nonhuman / Ruth A. Miller.2017
Torpman, Olle, 1980- autMiljöetik : från problem till lösning / Olle Torpman2017
  180 Antik, medeltida & österländsk filosofi
The Aristotelian Tradition : Aristotle's works on logic and metaphysics and their reception in the Middle Ages / edited by Börje Bydén and Christina Thomsen Thörnqvist.2017
Leunissen, Mariska, 1979- author.From natural character to moral virtue in Aristotle / Mariska Leunissen.2017
  190 Modern västerländsk filosofi
Kant and the philosophy of mind : perception, reason, and the self / Anil Gomes and Andrew Stephenson.2017
Nietzsche's free spirit philosophy / edited by Rebecca Bamford.2015
Irigaray, LuceIn the beginning, she was / Luce Irigaray2012
Nadler, Steven M., 1958- author.Heretics! : the wondrous (and dangerous) beginnings of modern philosophy / Steven Nadler and Ben Nadler.2017
Nordin, Svante, 1946- autFilosofins historia : det västerländska förnuftets äventyr från Thales till postmodernismen / Svante Nordin2017
Norris, Andrew, 1960- author.Becoming who we are : politics and practical philosophy in the work of Stanley Cavell / Andrew Norris.2017
Sloterdijk, Peter, 1947- author.Was geschah im 20. Jahrhundert? / Peter Sloterdijk.2016
  200 Religion
The Bloomsbury reader in religion and childhood / edited by Anna Strhan, Stephen G. Parker and Susan Ridgely.2017
Religion in museums : global and multidisciplinary perspectives / edited by Gretchen Buggeln, Crispin Paine, and S. Brent Plate2017
Religionens varp och trasor : en festskrift till Åke Sander / Daniel Enstedt, Göran Larsson & Ferdinando Sardella (red.)2016
Johnson, Ian, 1962 July 27- author.The souls of China : the return of religion after Mao / Ian Johnson.2017
Lippy, Charles H., 1943- ... autReligion in contemporary America / Charles H. Lippy and Eric Tranby.2013
Roubekas, Nickolas P. (Nickolas Panayiotis), 1979- author.An ancient theory of religion : Euhemerism from antiquity to the present / Nickolas P. Roubekas.2017
  210 Religionsfilosofi & religionsteori
Brown, Callum G., 1953- author.Becoming atheist : humanism and the secular West / Callum G. Brown.2017
Goering, D. Timothy.Friedrich Gogarten (1887-1967) : Religionsrebell im Jahrhundert der Weltkriege / D. Timothy Goering2017
  220 Bibeln
The world around the Old Testament : the people and places of the ancient Near East / edited by Bill T. Arnold and Brent A. Strawn.2016
Adams, EdwardParallel lives of Jesus : a guide to the four gospels / Edward Adams2011
Gray, Patrick, 1970-Opening Paul's letters : a reader's guide to genre and interpretation / Patrick Gray.2012
Gray, Patrick, 1970- author.The Routledge guidebook to the New Testament / Patrick Gray.2017
Martin, Dale B., 1954- author.Biblical truths : the meaning of Scripture in the twenty-first century / Dale B. Martin.2017
Matthews, Victor HaroldThe Old Testament : text and context / Victor H. Matthews and James C. Moyer2012
Neudecker, Reinhard, 1938- author.Rabbinic literature : a rich source for the interpretation and implementation of the Old and New Testaments : selected essays / Reinhard Neudecker.2016
Wiarda, Timothy, 1951- author.Spirit and Word : dual testimony in Paul, John and Luke / Timothy Wiarda.2017
  230 Kristendom & kristen teologi
The Ashgate research companion to theological anthropology / Edited by Joshua Ryan Farris and Charles Taliaferro.2015
Anderson, Gary A., 1955- author.Christian doctrine and the Old Testament : theology in the service of biblical exegesis / Gary A. Anderson.2017
Barth, Karl, 1886-1968Gesamtausgabe. 3, Vorträge und kleinere Arbeiten, Vorträge und kleinere Arbeiten 1934-1935 / herausgegeben von Michael Beintker, Michael Hüttenhoff und Peter Zocher2017
Esposito, Thomas 1982- autJesus' meals with Pharisees and their liturgical roots / Thomas Esposito2016
Gorman, Michael, 1965- author.Aquinas on the metaphysics of the hypostatic union / Michael Gorman2017
Hamilton, Catherine SiderThe death of Jesus in Matthew : innocent blood and the end of exile / by Catherine Sider Hamilton.2017
Lohmann, Johann FriedrichKarl Barth und der Neukantianismus [Elektronisk resurs] : die Rezeption des Neukantianismus im "Römerbrief" und ihre Bedeutung für die weitere Ausarbeitung der Theologie Karl Barths / Johann Friedrich Lohmann1995
  240 Kristendomsutövning & kristet bruk
En gråtande gud och den förvirrade människan : om människosyn, livsåskådning och kristen tro / Normund Kamergrauzis2017
Rose, Matthew (Matthew Franklin)Ethics with Barth : God, metaphysics, and morals / Matthew Rose.2010
  260 Kristen organisation, diakoni & gudstjänst
Christianity, democracy, and the shadow of Constantine / George E. Demacopoulos and Aristotle Papanikolaou, editors2017
Predatory priests, silenced victims : the sexual abuse crisis and.2007
Producing Christian culture : medieval exegesis and its interpretative genres / edited by Giles E.M. Gasper, Francis Watson and Matthew R. Crawford.2017
Joannides de Lautour, Vassili, autAccounting, capitalism and the revealed religions : a study of Christianity, Judaism and Islam / Vassili Joannidès de Lautour.2017
Tjelle, Kristin Fjelde, 1965-Missionary masculinity, 1870-1930 : the Norwegian missionaries in South-East Africa / Kristin Fjelde Tjelle.2014
  280 Kristna samfund
Hallengren, Anders, 1950- autGränszon : Swedenborgessäer / Anders Hallengren2017
Müller, Retief.African pilgrimage : ritual travel in South Africa's Christianity of Zion / Retief Müller.2011
Sytsma, David S., author.Richard Baxter and the mechanical philosophers / David S. Sytsma.2017
  290 Övriga religioner
Exile : Old Testament, Jewish, and Christian conceptions / edited by James M. Scott1997
The Hajj : pilgrimage in Islam / edited by Eric Tagliacozzo, Shawkat Toorawa2015
Islam and its past : Jahiliyya, late antiquity, and the Qur'an / Carol Bakhos and Michael Cook.2017
Parables of the sages : Jewish wisdom from Jesus to Rav Ashi / selected and annotated by R. Steven Notley, Ze'ev Safrai ; [translated from the Hebrew by R. Steven Notley].2011
Zen and material culture / Pamela Winfield and Steven Heine.2017
Bruit Zaidman, LouiseReligion in the ancient Greek city / Louise Bruit Zaidman and Pauline Schmitt Pantel ; translated by Paul Cartledge.1992
Collins, John Joseph, 1946-The invention of Judaism : Torah and Jewish identity from Deuteronomy to Paul / John J. Collins.2017
Langenberg, Amy Paris, author.Birth in Buddhism : the suffering fetus and female freedom / Amy Paris Langenberg.2017
Veltri, Giuseppe Verfasser autA mirror of rabbinic hermeneutics : studies in religion, magic, and language theory in ancient Judaism / Giuseppe Veltri2017
Warrior, Valerie M.Roman religion / Valerie M. Warrior.2006
Zhuang Zhou, ca 369-ca 286 f.Kr.Zhuangzi : the essential writings : with selections from traditional commentaries / translated by Brook Ziporyn2009
  300 Samhällsvetenskaper, sociologi & antropologi
Africa's population : in search of a demographic dividend / Hans Groth, John F. May, editors.2017
Aggressive and violent peasant elites in the Nordic countries, c. 1500-1700 / Ulla Koskinen, editor2016
Beyond the cubicle : job insecurity, intimacy and the flexible self / edited by Allison J. Pugh2017
Boundaries within : nation, kinship and identity among migrants and minorities / Francesca Decimo, Alessandra Gribaldo, editors2017
Civil society revisited : lessons from Poland / edited by Kerstin Jacobsson and Elzbieta Korolczuk.2017
The deindustrialized world : confronting ruination in postindustrial places / edited by Steven High, Lachlan MacKinnon, and Andrew Perchard.2017
Digitalizing consumption : how devices shape consumer culture / edited by Franck Cochoy, Johan Hagberg, Magdalena Petersson McIntyre and Niklas Sörum2017
Fieldwork in Timor-Leste : understanding social change through practice / edited by Maj Nygaard-Christensen and Angie Bexley2017
Föreställda finlandssvenskheter : Intersektionella perspektiv på det svenska i Finland / Red. Sven-Erik Klinkmann, Blanka Henriksson & Andreas Häger.2017
Gender in physical culture : crossing boundaries - reconstituting cultures / edited by Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Karin Grahn and Eva-Carin Lindgren.2017
Global perspectives on intercultural communication / edited by Stephen M. Croucher.2017
Journeys in sociology : from first encounters to fulfilling retirements / edited by Rosalyn Benjamin Darling and Peter J. Stein.2017
Methodologies of mobility : ethnography and experiment / edited by Alice Elliot, Roger Norum & Noel B. Salazar2017
Muslim bodies : Körper, Sexualität und Medizin in muslimischen Gesellschaften / herausgegeben von Susanne Kurz, Claudia Preckel, Stefan Reichmuth = Muslim bodies : body, sexuality and medicine in Muslim societies / edited by Susanne Kurz, Claudia Preckel, Stefan Reichmuth2016
On retaliation : toward an interdisciplinary understanding of a basic human condition / edited by Bertram Turner and Günther Schlee2017
Ras och vithet : svenska rasrelationer i går och i dag / Tobias Hübinette (red.)2017
Research methods in language policy and planning : a practical guide / edited by Francis M. Hult and David Cassels Johnson.2015
A twenty-first century approach to community change : partnering to improve life outcomes for youth and families in under-served neighborhoods / Paula Allen-Meares, Trina R. Shanks, Larry M. Gant, Leslie Hollingsworth, and Patricia L. Miller.2017
Women's homelessness in Europe / Paula Mayock, Joanne Bretherton, editors.2016
Abrahamsson, Magnus, 1962- autLyckligt skild : hitta den kloka vägen före, under och efter separationen / Magnus Abrahamsson, Marit Danielsson2017
Adey, Peter, author.Mobility / Peter Adey.2017
Angus, Ian, 1945- author.Facing the anthropocene : fossil capitalism and the crisis of the earth system / by Ian Angus.2016
Ashley, Susan A., 1943- author."Misfits" in fin-de-siècle France and Italy : anatomies of difference / Susan A. Ashley.2017
Ballas, Dimitris, author.The human atlas of Europe : a continent united in diversity / Dimitris Ballas, Danny Dorling, Benjamin Hennig.2017
Bank, Andrew, author.Pioneers of the field : South Africa's women anthropologists / Andrew Bank.2016
Baym, Nancy K.Personal connections in the digital age / Nancy K. Baym.2015
Björner, Emma, 1981-Imagineering place : the branding of five Chinese mega-cities / Emma Björner2017
Bovens, M. A. P., author.Diploma democracy : the rise of political meritocracy / Mark Bovens and Anchrit Wille.2017
Delaney, Carol, 1940-Investigating culture : an experiential introduction to anthropology / Carol Delaney, with Deborah Kaspin2017
Edenbrink, Lena, 1957-Boken om transföreningen FPES : eller 50 års kamp för att få leva som den du är / Lena Edenbrink ; [illustrationer: Annika Andersen]2016
Fischer, Frank, 1942- author.Climate crisis and the democratic prospect : participatory governance in sustainable communities / Frank Fischer.2017
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Þorleifur Friðriksson, 1952-Hulduþjóðir Evrópu : ferð um framandi samfélög / Þorleifur Friðriksson.2016
  310 Statistik
Schor, Paul, author.Counting Americans : how the US Census classified the nation / Paul Schor ; translated by Lys Ann Weiss.2017
  320 Statsvetenskap
Beyond civil society : activism, participation, and protest in Latin America / Sonia E. Alvarez, Jeffrey W. Rubin, Millie Thayer, Gianpaolo Baiocchi, and Agustín Laó-Montes, editors ; [foreword by Arturo Escobar].2017
Commercial nationalism : selling the nation and nationalizing the sell / edited by Zala Volcic, Mark Andrejevic.2016
Election watchdogs : transparency, accountability and integrity / Pippa Norris and Alessandro Nai.2017
Minority rights and the national question in Nigeria / Uyilawa Usuanlele, Bonny Ibhawoh, editors2017
Organizing political parties : representation, participation, and power / Susan E. Scarrow, Paul D. Webb, and Thomas Poguntke.2017
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Parliament and parliamentarism : a comparative history of a European concept / edited by Pasi Ihalainen, Cornelia Ilie and Kari Palonen.2016
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Understanding populist party organisation : the radical right in Western Europe / Reinhard Heinisch, Oscar Mazzoleni, editors2016
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  330 Nationalekonomi
Capitalism takes command [Elektronisk resurs] : the social transformation of nineteenth-century America / edited by Michael Zakim and Gary J. Kornblith.2012
Combating poverty in local welfare systems / Håkan Johansson, Alexandru Panican, editors2016
Economic History of Warfare and State Formation / edited by Jari Eloranta, Eric Golson, Andrei Markevich, Nikolaus Wolf.2016
The economics of sport, health and happiness : the promotion of well-being through sporting activities / edited by Plácido Rodríguez, Stefan Késenne, Brad R. Humphries.2011
The economics of the global environment : catastrophic risks in theory and policy / Graciela Chichilnisky, Armon Rezai, Editors.2016
Handbook of field experiments. Volume 1 / edited by Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, Esther Duflo.2017
Handbook of field experiments. Volume 2 / edited by Abhijit Vinayak Banerjee, Esther Duflo.2017
Handbook on place branding and marketing / edited by Adriana Campelo.2017
Liberalism and the welfare state : economists and arguments for the welfare state / Roger E. Backhouse, Bradley W. Bateman, Tamotsu Nishizawa, and Dieter Plehwe.2017
Mining North America : an environmental history since 1522 / edited by J. R. McNeill and George Vrtis.2017
The spread of modern industry to the periphery since 1871 / edited by Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke, Jeffrey Gale Williamson.2017
The uses of social investment / Anton Hemerijck.2017
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