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  000 Datavetenskap, information & allmänna verk
Expertise, communication, and organizing / Jeffrey W. Treem and Paul M. Leonardi.2016
Benyon, DavidDesigning interactive systems : a comprehensive guide to HCI, UX and interaction design / David Benyon2014
Bird, Steven, author.Natural language processing with Python [Elektronisk resurs] / Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper.2009
Garreta, RaúlLearning scikit-learn : machine learning in Python : experience the benefits of machine learning techniques by applying them to real-world problems using Python and the open source scikit-learn library / Raúl Garreta, Guillermo Moncecchi.2013
Garreta, Raúl.Learning scikit-learn : machine learning in Python [Elektronisk resurs] : experience the benefits of machine learning techniques by applying them to real-world problems using Python and the open source scikit-learn library / Raúl Garreta, Guillermo Moncecchi.2013
Márquez Segura, Elena, 1983-Embodied Core Mechanics : Designing for movement-based co-located play / Elena Márquez Segura2016
Raval, Siraj autDecentralized applications : harnessing Bitcoin's blockchain technology / Siraj Raval.2016
Richert, Willi.Building machine learning systems with Python / Willi Richert, Luis Pedro Coelho.2013
Segnestam Larsson, Ola, 1971-Forskning i ideologins tjänst : hur ideella organisationer använder vetenskap / Ola Segnestam Larsson2016
  020 Biblioteks- & informationsvetenskap
Theory development in the information sciences / edited by Diane H. Sonnenwald.2016
Styhre, Alexander, 1971-The primacy of reading : scholarly reading as privilege and predicament / Alexander Styhre2016
  060 Föreningar, organisationer & museer
Curatorial dreams : critics imagine exhibitions / edited by Shelley Ruth Butler and Erica Lehrer2016
Museums and the past : constructing historical consciousness / edited by Viviane Gosselin and Phaedra Livingstone.2016
Visiting the visitor : an enquiry into the visitor business in museums / Ann Davism Jerstin Smeds (eds.)2016
Hyltén-Cavallius, Charlotte, 1969- autÄlskade museum : svenska kulturhistoriska museer som kulturproducenter och samhällsbyggare / Charlotte Hyltén-Cavallius & Fredrik Svanberg2016
Jacobsen, John W.Measuring museum impact and performance : theory and practice / John W. Jacobsen2016
Mårtensson, CarolineVerkberättelser 2009-2015 / Caroline Mårtensson2015
Simmons, John E.Museums : a history / John E. Simmons.2016
Thomas, Nicholas, 1960-The return of curiosity : what museums are good for in the 21st century / Nicholas Thomas2016
  070 Nyhetsmedier, journalistik & publicering
Foreign correspondence / edited by John Maxwell Hamilton and Regina G. Lawrence.2016
Ukraina och informationskriget : journalistik mellan ideal och självcensur / [Gunnar Nygren och Jöran Hök (red.)]2016
Barnhurst, Kevin G., 1951-Mister Pulitzer and the spider : modern news from realism to the digital / Kevin G. Barnhurst2016
Geniets, Anne, 1977-The global news challenge : market strategies of international broadcasting organizations in developing countries / Anne Geniets2016
Hellström, Gustaf, 1882-1953Världsreportern från Kristianstad : kring Gustaf Hellströms journalistik i Dagens Nyheter / red. Lennart Leopold och Roland Persson2015
Häggbom, My, 1965-En berättelse från verkligheten : om konsten att göra tv-reportage / My Häggbom2016
Malmström, KatarinaLjus på glas : stunder i Stockholms stad med Axel och Vicke Malmström / Katarina Malmström och Mikael K Nilsson2016
Olsson, Stefan, 1968-Vilseledning : kriget i Ukraina i svenska medier / Stefan Olsson2016
Örnebring, Henrik, 1972-Newsworkers : a comparative European perspective / Henrik Örnebring2016
  090 Handskrifter & rariteter
Manuscript cultures [Elektronisk resurs] : mapping the field / edited by Jörg B. Quenzer, Dmitry Bondarev and Jan-Ulrich Sobisch.2014
  100 Filosofi
From Hegel to Windelband : historiography of philosophy in the 19th century / edited by Gerald Hartung and Valentin Pluder.2015
  110 Metafysik
Body aesthetics / Sherri Irvin.2016
Eternity : a history / Yitzhak Y. Melamed.2016
Skönhetens dimensioner : ordning och oordning i vetenskapens värld / redaktörer: Birger Karlsson och Gunnar Dahlström2016
Dainton, Barry, 1958-Time and space [Elektronisk resurs] / Barry Dainton.2010
Evnine, Simon, author.Making objects and events : a hylomorphic theory of artifacts, actions, and organisms / Simon J. Evnine.2016
Hofweber, Thomas, 1969- author.Ontology and the ambitions of metaphysics / Thomas Hofweber.2016
  120 Kunskapsteori
Animalism : new essays on persons, animals, and identity / edited by Stephan Blatti and Paul F. Snowdon.2016
Animalism : new essays on persons, animals, and identity / Stephan Blatti and Paul F. Snowdon.2016
Immortality and the philosophy of death / edited by Michael Cholbi.2016
Dan-Cohen, Meir, author.Normative subjects : self and collectivity in morality and law / Meir Dan-Cohen.2016
Eldridge, Richard Thomas, 1953- author.Images of history : Kant, Benjamin, freedom, and the human subject / Richard Eldridge.2016
Lisska, Anthony J., author.Aquinas's theory of perception : an analytic reconstruction / Anthony J. Lisska.2016
Mallon, Ron, author.The construction of human kinds / Ron Mallon.2016
McDowell, John Henry, 1942-Mind and world / John McDowell1996
Montague, Michelle, author.The given : experience and its content / Michelle Montague.2016
Sher, Gila, author.Epistemic friction : an essay on knowledge, truth, and logic / Gila Sher.2016
Skow, Bradford, author.Reasons why / Bradford Skow.2016
Tappolet, Christine, author.Emotions, values, and agency / Christine Tappolet.2016
  130 Parapsykologi & ockultism
Urban, Hugh B.Magia sexualis [Elektronisk resurs] : sex, magic, and liberation in modern Western esotericism / Hugh B. Urban.2006
  140 Filosofiska skolor
Early analytic philosophy : new perspectives on the tradition / Sorin Costreie, editor2016
Misak, C. J. (Cheryl J.), author.Cambridge pragmatism : from Peirce and James to Ramsey and Wittgenstein / Cheryl Misak.2016
  150 Psykologi
Cognitive psychology : revisiting the classic studies / edited by Michael W. Eysenck & David Groome.2015
Core knowledge and conceptual change / David Barner and Andrew Scott Baron.2016
Envy at work and in organizations / Richard H. Smith, Ugo Merlone, and Michelle K. Duffy.2016
Learning from animals? : examining the nature of human uniqueness / edited by Louise S. Röska-Hardy and Eva M. Neumann-Held.2016
New directions in identity theory and research / Jan E. Stets and Richard T. Serpe.2016
Perceived control : theory, research, and practice in the first 50 years / John W. Reich, Frank J. Infurna.2016
Psychoanalysis in the age of totalitarianism / edited by Matt ffytche and Daniel Pick.2016
Psychology of fear, crime, and the media : international perspectives / edited by Derek Chadee.2016
Sensitive objects : affect and material culture / edited by Jonas Frykman & Maja Povrzanovic Frykman2016
Alvesson, Mats, 1956-The stupidity paradox : the power and pitfalls of functional stupidity at work / Mats Alvesson & André Spicer2016
Baltes, Paul B.Life-span developmental psychology : introduction to research methods / Paul B. Baltes, Hayne W. Reese, John R. Nesselroade2016
Björkqvist, Joanna, 1967- autNär mörkret viker undan för livet : [reportagebok] / Joanna Björkqvist2016
Brattberg, Gunilla, 1944-Manual till människan : om utbildning i livets universitet / Gunilla Brattberg ; [teckningar: Catarina Kylberg]2016
Cole, Jonathan, 1951- author.Losing touch : a man without his body / Jonathan Cole.2016
Diamond, NicolaAttachment and Intersubjectivity / Nicola Dianond and Marion Marrone2003
Flynn, James Robert, 1934-Does your family make you smarter? : nature, nurture, and human autonomy / James R. Flynn.2016
Glass, Arnold Lewis, 1951-Cognition / Arnold Lewis Glass.2016
Handl, Andrea, 1980-World of faces, words and actions : observations and neural linkages in early life / Andrea Handl2016
Marcusson-Clavertz, David, 1986-The diversity of mind wandering : the role of individual differences and cognitive factors / David Marcusson-Clavertz2015
Moran, MarieIdentity and capitalism / Marie Moran2015
Nilsson, Alf, 1936-Homo psychicus som människa : och att bli en person / Alf Nilsson2016
Polger, Thomas W., author.The multiple realization book / Thomas W. Polger and Lawrence A. Shapiro.2016
Raeff, Catherine, 1964- author.Exploring the dynamics of human development : an integrative approach / Catherine Raeff.2016
Riggio, Ronald E.Introduction to industrial/organizational psychology / Ronald E. Riggio ; consulting editor Lyman W. Porter2016
Sloan, Tod.Damaged life : the crisis of the modern psyche / Tod Sloan.2016
Sánchez Guerrero, Héctor Andrés Verfasser. autFeeling together and caring with one another : a contribution to the debate on collective affective intentionality / Héctor Andrés Sánchez Guerrero.2016
  170 Etik
Developing the virtues : integrating perspectives / Julia Annas, Darcia Narvaez, and Nancy E. Snow, editors.2016
Explanation in ethics and mathematics : debunking and dispensability / Uri D. Leibowitz and Neil Sinclair.2016
Media ethics and justice in the age of globalization / edited by Shakuntala Rao, Herman Wasserman2015
Moral motivation : a history / Iakovos Vasiliou.2016
Oxford studies in metaethics. 11 / Russ Shafer-Landau.2016
Picturing life Wittgenstein's visual ethics / edited by Ronja Tripp, Karsten Schoellner.2016
Shaping heroic virtue : studies in the art and politics of supereminence in Europe and Scandinavia / edited by Stefano Fogelberg Rota and Andreas Hellerstedt.2015
Nussbaum, Martha Craven, 1947-Anger and forgiveness : resentment, generosity, justice / Martha C. Nussbaum.2016
Strindlund, Pelle, 1971- autDjurens förintelse : människans nazism mot andra arter / Pelle Strindlund & Henrik Wig2016
Sundberg, Ralf, 1953-Forskningsfusket bara fortsätter : macchiariniskandalen & Karolinska institutet : de ekonomiska och politiska drivkrafterna / Ralf Sundberg2016
Timmons, Mark, 1951-.Moral theory [Elektronisk resurs] : an introduction / Mark Timmons.2013
Vallor, Shannon, author.Technology and the virtues : a philosophical guide to a future worth wanting / Shannon Vallor.2016
  180 Antik, medeltida & österländsk filosofi
Ancient readings of Plato's Phaedo / edited by Sylvain Delcomminette, Pieter d'Hoine, Marc-Antoine Gavray.2015
Néoplatonisme et philosophie médiévale : actes du Colloque international de Corfou 6-8 octobre 1995, organisé par la Société internationale pour l'étude de la philosophie médiévale / édités par Linos G. Benakis.1997
Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume 46 / Brad Inwood.2015
Oxford studies in ancient philosophy. Volume 50 / Victor Caston.2016
Grinell, Klas, 1969- autIslams filosofihistoria : från Fitaghuras och Aflatun till Nasr och Ramadan / Klas Grinell2016
Platon, 427-347Cratylus / Plato ; translated, with introduction & notes, by C.D.C. Reeve.1998
Slotemaker, John Thomas, author.Robert Holcot / John T. Slotemaker and Jeffrey C. Witt.2016
  190 Modern västerländsk filosofi
As the spider spins : essays on Nietzsche's critique and use of language / edited by João Constâncio and Maria João Mayer Branco.2012
Nietzsche on instinct and language / edited by João Constâncio and João Mayer Branco2011
Sellars and his legacy / James R. O'Shea.2016
Bindeman, Steven L., author.The antiphilosophers / Steven L. Bindeman.2015
Brolin, David, 1972-Herretänkare : essäer och tidskritik / David Brolin2016
Burton, Nina, 1946- autGutenberggalaxens nova : en essäberättelse om Erasmus av Rotterdam, humanismen och 1500-talets medierevolution : samt om Albrecht Dührer, Hans Holbein d.y., Paracelsus, Martin Luther, Thomas More, Michel de Montaigne, diverse pedagoger, anatomer, encyklopeder, påvar och rebeller / Nina Burton2016
Di Cesare, Donatella autHeidegger, die Juden, die Shoah / Donatella Di Cesare2016
Gottlieb, Anthony, author.The dream of enlightenment : the rise of modern philosophy / Anthony Gottlieb.2016
Horsten, LeonGödel's disjunction : the scope and limits of mathematical knowledge / Leon Horsten, Philip Welch2016
Tubbs, Nigel.Education in Hegel / Nigel Tubbs.2008
Wodziński, Cezary, 1959-Heidegger and the problem of evil / Cezary Wodziński ; translated into English by Agata Bielik-Robson and Patrick Trompiz.2016
  200 Religion
Behold, I make all things new : what do the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam really say in regard to human sexuality? / [editors: Loraine Tulleken and JP Mokgethi-Heath]2016
Garellick, Allan, 1934-Kaplans tankar : Odd Fellow : loge nr 18 Axel Oxenstierna 2012-2014 / Allan Garellick2014
Molendijk, Arie L., author.Friedrich Max Müller and the sacred books of the east / Arie L. Molendijk.2016
Prescendi, Francesca, 1967-Rois ephemeres : enquete sur le sacrifice humain / Francesca Prescendi2015
Stausberg, Michael.Religion and tourism [Elektronisk resurs] : crossroads, destinations and encounters / Michael Stausberg.2011
Vial, Theodore M., 1962- author.Modern religion, modern race / Theodore Vial.2016
Wendt, Heidi, 1982- author.At the temple gates : the religion of freelance experts in the Roman Empire / Heidi Wendt.2016
  210 Religionsfilosofi & religionsteori
Kitcher, Philip, 1947- author.Life after faith : the case for secular humanism / Philip Kitcher.2014
  220 Bibeln
Bodies, embodiment and theology of the Hebrew Bible [Elektronisk resurs] / edited by S. Tamar Kamionkowski and Wonil Kim.2010
Hamilton, Nadine, 1984- Verfasser.Dietrich Bonhoeffers Hermeneutik der Responsivität : ein Kapitel Schriftlehre im Anschluss an "Schöpfung und Fall" / Nadine Hamilton2016
McDonald, Grantley author.Biblical criticism in early modern Europe : Erasmus, the Johannine comma, and Trinitarian debate / Grantley McDonald2016
  230 Kristendom & kristen teologi
Svenska kyrkans bekännelseskrifter / utgiven av Samfundet Pro fide et christianismo ; [sakregister jämte person- och namnregister och förteckning över skriftställen samt innehållsöversikt av Hjalmar Lindroth]1985
Borelius, Ulf, 1961-Om befrielseteologins uppkomst i Latinamerika : en sociologisk analys av religiös förändring / Ulf Borelius2016
Gerdmar, Anders, 1954-Guds ord räcker : evangelisk tro kontra romersk-katolsk / Anders Gerdmar2016
Matty, Nazek Khaled, 1975- author.Sennacherib's campaign against Judah and Jerusalem in 701 B.C. : a historical reconstruction / Nazek Khalid Matty.2016
O'Collins, Gerald, author.Revelation : toward a Christian theology of God's self-revelation / Gerald O'Collins, SJ.2016
Purvis, Zachary, 1986- author.Theology and the university in nineteenth-century Germany / Zachary Purvis.2016
Sowerby, Richard, 1984- author.Angels in early Medieval England / Richard Sowerby.2016
Tobin, Henrik, 1954-Ett gemensamt kosmos : perspektiv på musik, liturgi och teologi / Henrik Tobin2015
Williams, Rowan, 1950-Why study the past? : the quest for the historical church / Rowan Williams2014
  240 Kristendomsutövning & kristet bruk
Birgitta, helgon, 1303-1373Heliga Birgittas texter på fornsvenska. Birgittas uppenbarelser. Bok 2 / utg. Roger Andersson2016
Cahill, Lisa Sowle.Global justice, Christology, and Christian ethics [Elektronisk resurs] / Lisa Sowle Cahill.2013
Eriksson, Robert, 1978- autNu är allt vi har / Robert Eriksson2016
Halldorf, Peter, 1958- autMellan skymning och mörker : åtta betraktelser om trons utblottelse / Peter Halldorf2016
Langvik, Jacob 1979-96 lampor : om oss som brann och försvann / Jacob Langvik2015
Molin, Åsa, 1972- autHemvägen : en slags andlig loggbok / Åsa Molin2016
  260 Kristen organisation, diakoni & gudstjänst
Heart religion : evangelical piety in England & Ireland, 1690-1850 / John Coffey.2016
International perspectives on pilgrimage studies : itineraries, gaps, and obstacles / edited by Dionigi Albera and John Eade.2015
Eckerdal, Maria, 1964-En katolsk liturgi för en katolsk kyrka : Yngve Brilioths liturgiska reformsträvanden 1914-1942 / Maria Eckerdal2016
Rasmussen, Jarle, 1952-To henrettelser : Jesus, Sokrates og kirkens platonske fangenskap / Jarle Rasmussen2016
Ruuth, Anders, 1926-Bibeln till Sverige och världen : Svenska bibelsällskapets historia 1815-2015 / Anders Ruuth, Anders Alberius, Krister Wos Andersson2015
Stubenrauch, Joseph, author.The evangelical age of ingenuity in industrial Britain / Joseph Stubenrauch.2016
  270 Kristendomshistoria
Hellsten, Tommy, 1951- autNär allting faller på plats : en bok om att finna mening / Tommy Hellsten ; översättning av Mårten Westö2016
Howard, Thomas A. (Thomas Albert), 1967- author.Remembering the Reformation : an inquiry into the meanings of Protestantism / Thomas Albert Howard.2016
Jenkins, Philip, 1952-The new faces of Christianity : believing the Bible in the global south / Philip Jenkins2006
MacCulloch, Diarmaid, author.All things made new : the Reformation and its legacy / Diarmaid MacCulloch.2016
Shanks, Monte Allen.Papias and the New Testament / Monte Allen Shanks.2013
  280 Kristna samfund
The Blackwell companion to Eastern Christianity / edited by Ken Parry.2010
Out of obscurity : Mormonism since 1945 / Patrick Q. Mason and John G. Turner.2016
Protestantism after 500 years / Thomas Albert Howard and Mark A. Noll.2016
Sedd men osedd : om folkkyrkans paradoxala närvaro inför 2020-talet / Anders Bäckström, Anders Wejryd (red.)2016
Copeland, Clare, author.Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi : the making of a Counter-Reformation saint / Clare Copeland.2016
Helgesson Kjellin, Kristina, 1974-En bra plats att vara på : en antropologisk studie av mångfaldsarbete och identitetsskapande inom Svenska kyrkan / Kristina Helgesson Kjellin2016
Nisser, Ulla 1941-Hopp från trampolin : Mitt liv som flicka, kvinna och präst / Ulla Nisser2016
Wacker, Grant A.Heaven below : early Pentecostals and American culture / Grant Wacker2001
Yeager, Jonathan M., author.Jonathan Edwards and transatlantic print culture / Jonathan M. Yeager.2016
  290 Övriga religioner
Shi'ism in Southeast Asia : Alid piety and sectarian constructions / Chiara Formichi and Michael Feener.2016
Bessenger, Suzanne M., author.Echoes of enlightenment : the life and legacy of Sonam Peldren / Suzanne M. Bessenger.2016
Cook, David, 1966-Martyrdom in Islam / David Cook2007
Eleff, Zev, author.Who rules the synagogue : religious authority and the formation of American Judaism / Zev Eleff.2016
Evers Rosander, Eva, 1941-In pursuit of paradise : Senegalese women, muridism and migration / Eva Evers Rosander2015
Haskell, Ellen Davina, author.Mystical resistance : uncovering the Zohar's conversations with Christianity / Ellen D. Haskell.2016
Larson, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn), author.Understanding Greek religion : a cognitive approach / Jennifer Larson.2016
Maher, ShirazSalafi-Jihadism : the history of an idea / Shiraz Maher.2016
Neusner, Jacob, 1932-Jeremiah in Talmud and Midrash : a source book / Jacob Neusner.2006
Sanneh, Lamin O., author.Beyond Jihad : the pacifist tradition in West African Islam / Lamin O. Sanneh.2016
Strothmann, Linus, author.Managing piety : the Shrine of Data Ganj Bakhsh / Linus Strothmann.2016
Taylor, McComas, 1956- author.Seven days of nectar : contemporary oral performance of the Bhagavatapurana / McComas Taylor.2016
Wright, Dale Stuart, author.What is Buddhist enlightenment? / Dale S. Wright.2016
Wüstenberg, Ralf K., 1965- author.Islam ist Hingabe : eine Entdeckungsreise in das Innere einer Religion / Ralf K. Wüstenberg2016
  300 Samhällsvetenskaper, sociologi & antropologi
Accountability in social interaction / Jeffrey D. Robinson.2016
Boundary objects and beyond : working with Leigh Star / edited by Geoffrey C. Bowker, Stefan Timmermans, Adele E. Clarke, and Ellen Balka2015
Contexts for young child flourishing : evolution, family, and society / Darcia Narvaez, Julia M. Braungart-Rieker, Laura E. Miller-Graff, Lee T. Gettler, and Paul D. Hastings.2016
The cultural politics of jazz collectives : this is our music / Nicholas Gebhardt, Tony Whyton2015
Darwin's bridge : uniting the humanities and sciences / Joseph Carroll, Dan P. McAdams, and Edward O. Wilson.2016
Forms of address in the Spanish of the Americas / edited by María Irene Moyna and Susana Rivera-Mills2016
Globalising sociolinguistics : challenging and expanding theory / edited by Dick Smakman and Patrick Heinrich2015
Informal settlements : a perpetual challenge? / editors, Marie Huchzermeyer, Aly Karam.2006
Introduktion till politisk etnografi : metoder för statsvetare / Maria-Therese Gustafsson & Livia Johannesson (red.)2016
Marking the land : hunter-gatherer creation of meaning in their environment / edited by William Lovis and Robert Whallon.2016
Megacity slums : social exclusion, space and urban policies in Brazil and India / edited by Marie-Caroline Saglio-Yatzimirsky & Frédéric Landy.2013
Migration by boat : discourses of trauma, exclusion and survival / edited by Lynda Mannik.2016
Migrationen im Mittelalter [Elektronisk resurs] : Ein Handbuch / herausgeben von Michael Borgolte2014
Nature, temporality and environmental management : Scandinavian and Australian perspectives on peoples and landscapes / edited by Lesley Head, Katarina Saltzman, Gunhild Setten and Marie Stenseke.2017
The new European frontiers : social and spatial (re)integration issues in multicultural and border regions / edited by Milan Bufon, Julian Minghi and Anssi Paasi2014
Obama on our minds : the impact of Obama on the psyche of America / Lori A. Barker.2016
Rethinking life at the margins : the assemblage of contexts, subjects and politics / edited by Michele Lancione.2016
Return migration and regional development in Europe [Elektronisk resurs] : mobility against the stream / edited by Robert Nadler, Zoltán Kovács, Birgit Glorius, Thilo Lang.2016
The Routledge handbook of mobilities / edited by Peter Adey [and others]2014
Skolnära forskningsmetoder / Elsie Anderberg (red.)2016
Spatializing peace and conflict : mapping the production of places, sites and scales of violence / edited by Annika Björkdahl & Susanne Buckley-Zistel2016
Ungdomar, sexualitet och relationer / Elisabet Häggström-Nordin, Chris Magnusson (red.)2016
The visual narrative reader / edited by Neil Cohn2016
Alnebratt, Kerstin, 1964-Feminism som byråkrati : jämställdhetsintegrering som strategi / Kerstin Alnebratt, Malin Rönnblom2016
Ansorge Josef Teboho, author.Identify and sort : how digital power changes world politics / Josef Teboho Ansorge.2016
Basham, VictoriaWar, identity and the liberal state : everyday experiences of the geopolitical in the Armed Forces / Victoria M. Basham2013
Beer, DavidMetric power / David Beer2016
Blake, David Haven, author.Liking Ike : how mad men and celebrities remade politics in the 1950s / David Haven Blake.2016
Bröckling, UlrichThe entrepreneurial self : fabricating a new type of subject / Ulrich Bröckling ; [translated by Steven Black]2016
Capern, AmandaThe historical study of women : England 1500-1700 / Amanda L. Capern.2008
Carah, NicholasMedia & society : production, content & participation / Nicholas Carah & Eric Louw2015
Clackson, JamesLanguage and society in the Greek and Roman worlds / James Clackson.2015
Dahlström, Britt, 1939-Kvinnohistoria, idéer och kamp : med exempel ur tidskriften Hertha / Britt Dahlström2016
DeHanas, Daniel Nilsson, author.London youth, religion, and politics : engagement and activism from Brixton to Brick Lane / Daniel Nilsson DeHanas.2016
Dobeson, Alexander, 1985-Hooked on markets : revaluing coastal fisheries in liberal rural capitalism / Alexander Dobeson2016
Elkholy, Ramsey, author.Being and becoming : embodiment and experience among the Orang Rimba of Sumatra / Ramsey Elkholy.2016
Engler, Mark autThis is an uprising : how nonviolent revolt is shaping the twenty-first century / Mark Engler and Paul Engler2016
Eriksson, Lovisa, 1983-Online together : a sociological study of the concept of togetherness and the contemporary conditions for social interaction / Lovisa Eriksson2016
Fabre, Cécile, author.Cosmopolitan peace / Cécile Fabre.2016
Faderman, Lillian, author.The gay revolution : the story of the struggle / Lillian Faderman.2015
Firer-Blaess, Sylvain, 1985-The collective identity of Anonymous : web of meanings in a digitally enabled movement / Sylvain Firer-Blaess2016
Hagberg, Jan-Erik, 1945-Att vara gammal och leva på landsbygden : äldres uppfattningar om vardagen och åldrandet / Jan-Erik Hagberg2015
Hagqvist, Emma, 1980-The juggle and struggle of everyday life : gender, division of work, work-family perceptions and well-being in different policy contexts / Emma Hagqvist2016
Harvey, David, 1935-Ways of the world.2016
Jacobsson, Diana, 1974-Bruised by the invisible hand : a critical examination of journalistic representations and the naturalization of neoliberal ideology in times of industrial crisis / Diana Jacobsson2016
Janmohamed, Shelina Zahra, author.Generation M : young Muslims changing the world / Shelina Janmohamed.2016
Johansson Vig, Perry, 1963-The libidinal economy of China : gender, nationalism, and consumer culture / Perry Johansson.2015
Kolers, Avery, author.A moral theory of solidarity / Avery Kolers.2016
Krampe, Florian, 1980-Building sustainable peace : understanding the linkages between social, political, and ecological processes in post-war countries / Florian Krampe2016
Kropko, Jonathan, author.Mathematics for social scientists / Jonathan Kropko, University of Virginia.2016
Leirvik, Oddbjørn, 1951-Religionspluralisme : mangfald, konflikt og dialog i Norge / Oddbjørn Leirvik2016
Mattisson, Lisa, 1981- autFeminismens ABC / Lisa Mattisson & Moa Hoff2016
McDermott, Monika L., 1966- author.Masculinity, femininity, and American political behavior / Monika L. McDermott.2016
Meger, Sara, author.Rape loot pillage : the political economy of sexual violence in armed conflict / Sara Meger.2016
Mikkola, Mari, author.The wrong of injustice : dehumanization and its role in feminist philosophy / Mari Mikkola.2016
Neilson, Jeffrey, 1975-Converging times : parenthood, time allocation and the gender division of labour in Sweden 1990-2010 / Jeffrey Neilson2016
Newton, Victoria Louise, author.Everyday discourses of menstruation / Victoria Louise Newton.2016
O'Toole, Emer autGirls will be girls : klä upp sig, klä ut sig och våga agera annorlunda / Emer O'Toole : översättning: Johanna Svartström2016
Pauwels, Anne, author.Language maintenance and shift / Anne Pauwels2016
Pipyrou, StavroulaThe Grecanici of southern Italy : governance, violence, and minority politics / Stavroula Pipyrou2016
Priftis, Marcus, 1979-Från snack till verkstad : antirasism i praktiken / Marcus Priftis ; [illustrationer: Pelle Mattsson]2016
Queer NationQueer Nation-manifestet / [Queer Nation] ; i översättning av Elin Bengtsson och Lyra Ekström Lindbäck2013
Quirk, SophieWhy Stand-Up Matters How Comedians Manipulate and Influence / Sophie Quirk2015
Repstad, PålSociologiska perspektiv i vård, omsorg och socialt arbete / Pål Repstad2016
Sfez, LucienLa communication / Lucien Sfez.2010
Stark, RodneyThe rise of Mormonism / Rodney Stark ; edited by Reid L. Neilson2005
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