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  000 Datavetenskap, information & allmänna verk
Brain-computer interfaces : lab experiments to real-world applications / edited by Damien Coyle.2016
Doing digital humanities : practice, training, research / edited by Constance Crompton, Richard J. Lane and Ray Siemens2016
Enkätmetodik / Erik Berntson, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Johnny Hellgren, Katharina Näswall, Magnus Sverke2016
A history of Unesco : global actions and impacts / edited by Poul Duedahl2016
Interdisciplinarity : reconfigurations of the social and natural sciences / edited by Andrew Barry and Georgina Born2014
Maths meets myths : quantitative approaches to ancient narratives / Ralph Kenna, Máirín MacCarron, Pádraig MacCarron, editors2017
Sociala medier : en handbok för journalister; v 2.0 / [författare: Palmqvist, Per ... ; projektledare: Christian Gillinger ...]2015
Jakobsen, Rolv Nøtvik, 1957-Gunnerus og nordisk vitskapshistorie / Rolv Nøtvik Jakobsen2015
Lynch, Michael P. (Michael Patrick), 1966-The Internet of us : knowing more and understanding less in the age of big data / Michael Patrick Lynch.2016
Sandberg, Bo, 1974- autPerspektiv på utvärdering / Bo Sandberg, Sven Faugert2016
Schneier, Bruce, 1963-Data och Goliat : dold datainsamling och makten över världen / Bruce Schneier ; översättning Karin Ashing2016
Stuart, David (David Patrick), author.Practical ontologies for information professionals / David Stuart.2015
  020 Biblioteks- & informationsvetenskap
Being evidence based in library and information practice / edited by Denise Koufogiannakis and Alison Brettle2016
Bevara för framtiden : texter från en seminarieserie om specialsamlingar / redaktör Peter Sjökvist2016
Piastowskie kolekcje ze zbiorów Biblioteki Uniwersyteckiej we Wrocławiu : digitalizacja i udostępnienie : praca zbiorowa / pod red. Iwony Bińkowskiej i Diany Codogni-Łańcuckiej ; Biblioteka Uniwersytecka we Wrocławiu.2015
Schützer, JanSjukhusbiblioteket i Karlstad : en historik / Jan Schützer2016
  060 Föreningar, organisationer & museer
Svenska institutet i Rom = L'Istituto Svedese di studi classici a Roma = The Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome / [a cura di editors: Börje Magnusson & Jan Ahlklo ; fotografie/photographer: Åke E:son Lindman ; traduzione italiana/italian translation: Stefania Renzetti ; traduzione inglese / English translation: Staffan Klintborg]2010
Hill, Kate, 1969-Women and museums, 1850-1914 : modernity and the gendering of knowledge / Kate Hill2016
Persman, Joanna, 1968-Ensamma pojkars hus / Joanna Persman2016
  070 Nyhetsmedier, journalistik & publicering
Foreign correspondence / edited by John Maxwell Hamilton and Regina G. Lawrence.2016
Latin american documentary film in the new millennium / editors: María Guadalupe Arenillas, Michael J. Lazzara2016
Radioverdener : auditiv kultur, historie og arkiver / redigeret af Erik Granly Jensen, Jacob Kreutzfeldt, Morten Michelsen og Erik Svendsen2015
Barnhurst, Kevin G., 1951-Mister Pulitzer and the spider : modern news from realism to the digital / Kevin G. Barnhurst2016
Doona, Joanna, 1983-Political comedy engagement : genre work, political identity and cultural citizenship / Joanna Doona2016
Edoff, Erik, 1987-Storstadens dagbok : boulevardpressen och mediesystemet i det sena 1800-talets Stockholm / Erik Edoff2016
Geniets, Anne, 1977-The global news challenge : market strategies of international broadcasting organizations in developing countries / Anne Geniets2016
Hungerford, Amy, authorMaking literature now / Amy Hungerford2016
Russell, AdrienneJournalism as activism : recoding media power / Adrienne Russell2016
  080 Allmänna samlingsverk
Kulturell reproduktion i skola och nation : en vänbok till Lars Petterson / Urban Claesson & Dick Åhman (red.)2016
  100 Filosofi
A companion to experimental philosophy / edited by Justin Sytsma and Wesley Buckwalter.2016
Bell, Jeffrey A.Deleuze and Guattari's What is philosophy? : a critical introduction and guide / Jeffrey A. Bell2016
Hallgren, Roland, 1947- autRytm : en filosofisk tänkebok / Roland Hallgren2016
  110 Metafysik
Life itself : on the question of what it essentially is ; its materialities, its characteristics, considering that the attemps to answer this question by occidental sciences and philosophies have proven unsatisfactory / [editors: Daniel Birnbaum, Stefanie Hessler, Carsten Höller, Jo Widoff ; translations: Hans Berggren ... ; production coordinator: Teresa Hahr]2016
Broadbent, Alex, 1980-Philosophy for graduate students : metaphysics and epistemology / Alex Broadbent2016
Grojs, Boris, 1947- author.In the flow / Boris Groys.2016
Wheeler, Wendy, author.Expecting the earth : life, culture, biosemiotics / Wendy Wheeler.2016
  120 Kunskapsteori
Subjects in process : diversity, mobility, and the politics of subjectivity in the 21st century / edited by Michael A. Peters and Alicia de Alba2014
Coates, Ken, author.Anti-natalism : rejectionist philosophy from Buddhism to Benatar / Ken Coates, Ph. D.2014
Hægerstam, Glenn, 1940-Den sanningssökande människan / Glenn Hægerstam2016
McLeod, AlexusTheories of truth in Chinese philosophy : a comparative approach / Alexus McLeod2016
Setiya, Kieran, 1976- author.Practical knowledge : selected essays / Kieran Setiya.2016
Soteriou, MatthewDisjunctivism / Matthew Soteriou.2016
  130 Parapsykologi & ockultism
Dempsey, Corinne G., author.Bridges between worlds : spirits and spirit work in northern Iceland / Corinne G. Dempsey.2016
Ehrensvärd Cardell, Amelie, 1965- autMystik på svenska teatrar : nutida skrock och spökupplevelser / [text:] Amelie Ehrensvärd Cardell ; [foto:] Susanne Martinelle2016
Giudice, Christian, 1977-Occultism and traditionalism : Arturo Reghini and the antimodern reaction in early twentieth-century Italy / Christian Giudice2016
Kallestrup, Louise Nyholm, 1975-Agents of witchcraft in early modern Italy and Denmark / Louise Nyholm Kallestrup2015
  140 Filosofiska skolor
The Blackwell companion to naturalism / edited by Kelly James Clark2016
Panpsychism : contemporary perspectives / Godehard Brüntrup and Ludwig Jaskolla.2016
Ludwig, Kirk, 1959- author.From individual to plural agency : collective action. I / Kirk Ludwig.2016
Rockmore, Tom, 1942-German idealism as constructivism / Tom Rockmore.2016
Østerberg, Dag, 1938-Fra Marx' til nyere kapitalkritikk / Dag Østerberg2016
  150 Psykologi
Addressing loneliness : coping, prevention and clinical interventions / edited by Ami Shaʻked and Ami Rokach2015
Emerging adulthood in a European context / edited by Rita Žukauskienė.2016
Evolutionary perspectives on child development and education / David C. Geary, Daniel B. Berch, editors.2016
Inclusion, play and empathy : neuroaffective development in children's groups / edited by Susan Hart ; foreword by Phyllis Booth.2016
Interpersonal and intrapersonal expectancies / edited by Sławomir Trusz and Przemysław Bąbel.2016
Visual methods in psychology : using and interpreting images in qualitative research / edited by Paula Reavey.2016
Ahola, Angela, 1974- autKonsten att göra intryck / Angela Ahola2016
Csíkszentmihályi, Mihály, 1934-Flow : den optimala upplevelsens psykologi / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi ; översättning av Göran Grip ; förord av Georg Klein2016
Cuddy, AmyNärvara : stärkt självförtroende med kroppens hjälp / Amy Cuddy2016
Duhigg, CharlesSmarter faster better : the secrets of being productive in life and business / Charles Duhigg.2016
Ehdin Anandala, Sanna, 1961-Nya Sluta kämpa - börja leva : med Happy Heart-metoden / Sanna Ehdin2016
Grant, Adam M., authorOriginals : how non-conformists move the world / Adam Grant ; foreword by Sheryl Sandberg2016
Greenfield, Susan, author.Mind change : how digital technologies are leaving their mark on our brains / Susan Greenfield.2015
Greer, JimResilience and personal effectiveness for social workers / Jim Greer2016
Kruse, Åsa autTillbaka till jobbet : hållbar återgång efter stressrelaterad ohälsa / Åsa Kruse2016
Sand, Anders, 1987-Subliminal or not? : an appraisal of semantic processing in the near absence of visual awareness / Anders Sand2016
Sutton-Smith, BrianThe ambiguity of play [Elektronisk resurs] / Brian Sutton-Smith.1997
Trivers, RobertDeceit and self-Deception : fooling yourself the better to fool others / Robert Trivers2014
  160 Logik
Kapsner, Andreas.Logics and falsifications : a new perspective on constructivist semantics / Andreas Kapsner.2014
  170 Etik
Beastly morality : animals as ethical agents / edited by Jonathan K. Crane.2016
Beyond the bifurcation of nature : a common world for animals and the environment / edited by Brianne Donaldson2014
Bodily exchanges, bioethics and border crossing : perspectives on giving, selling and sharing bodies / edited by Erik Malmqvist and Kristin Zeiler2016
Global financial crisis : the ethical issues / edited by Ned Dobos, Christian Barry, Thomas Pogge.2011
The moral life : essays in honour of John Cottingham / edited by Nafsika Athanassoulis and Samantha Vice.2008
Bauman, Zygmunt, 1925-Liquid evil : living with TINA / Zygmunt Bauman & Leonidas Donskis2016
Kurtén, Tage, 1950-Moralisk öppenhet : förutsättningar för etik bortom religiöst och sekulärt / Tage Kurtén2016
Lindgren, Sandra, 1981-Four questions concerning love and friendship / Sandra Lindgren2016
Macrina, Francis L.Scientific Integrity : text and cases in responsible conduct of research / Francis L. Macrina2014
Singer, Peter, 1946-, filosofEthics in the real world : 82 brief essays on things that matter / Peter Singer.2016
Walker, Margaret Urban, 1948-Moral repair : reconstructing moral relations after wrongdoing / Margaret Urban Walker2006
Westacott, Emrys, author.The wisdom of frugality : why less is more - more or less / Emrys Westacott.2016
  180 Antik, medeltida & österländsk filosofi
Continuity and innovation in medieval and modern philosophy : knowledge, mind and language / edited by John Marenbon.2013
Dressler, Alex, author.Personification and the feminine in Roman philosophy / Alex Dressler.2016
Dutton, Blake D., 1962- author.Augustine and academic skepticism : a philosophical study / Blake D. Dutton.2016
Gottlieb, Anthony, author.The dream of reason : a history of western philosophy from the Greeks to the Renaissance / Anthony Gottlieb.2016
Hestir, Blake E., author.Plato on the metaphysical foundation of meaning and truth / Blake E. Hestir.2016
Marx-Wolf, HeidiSpiritual taxonomies and ritual authority : Platonists, priests, and gnostics in the Third Century C.E. / Heidi Marx-Wolf2016
Perrett, Roy W.An introduction to Indian philosophy / Roy W. Perrett.2016
  190 Modern västerländsk filosofi
Beyond the analytic-continental divide : pluralist philosophy in the twenty-first century / edited by Jeffrey A. Bell, Andrew Cutrofello, and Paul M. Livingston.2016
A companion to Kierkegaard / edited by Jon Stewart2015
New research on the philosophy of Nicolai Hartmann / edited by Keith Peterson and Roberto Poli.2016
Nietzsche on mind and nature / edited by Manuel Dries and P.J.E. Kail.2015
Ten neglected classics of philosophy / Eric Schliesser.2016
Walter Benjamin and theology / edited by Colby Dickinson and Stéphane Symons.2016
Costache, Adrian, author.Gadamer and the question of understanding : between Heidegger and Derrida / Adrian Costache.2016
Ihde, Don, 1934- author.Husserl's missing technologies / Don Ihde.2016
Malabou, Catherine, author.Before tomorrow : epigenesis and rationality / Catherine Malabou.2016
Onfray, Michel, 1959-Filosofins mothistoria. D. 3, Barockens libertiner / Michel Onfray ; översättning: Jim Jakobsson2010
Rat, Ramona, 1979-Un-common sociality : thinking sociality with Levinas / Ramona Rat2016
Rentmeester, CaseyHeidegger and the environment / Casey Rentmeester2016
Rosen, Stanley, 1929-The ancients and the moderns : rethinking modernity / Stanley Rosen.2002
Salanskis, Jean-Michel, 1951-Philosophie française et philosophie analytique au XXe siècle / Jean-Michel Salanskis.2016
  200 Religion
Interreligious comparisons in religious studies and theology : comparison revisited / edited by Perry Schmidt-Leukel and Andreas Nehring2016
Pilgrimage and healing / Jill Dubisch and Michael Winkelman, editors.2014
Bengtsson, Håkan, 1962-Svenska teologiska institutet : en berättelse från Wien till Jerusalem / av Håkan Bengtsson2015
Iacono, Alfonso M., 1949- author.The history and theory of fetishism / Alfonso Maurizio Iacono.2016
Litwa, M. David, author.Desiring divinity : self-deification in early Jewish and Christian mythmaking / M. David Litwa.2016
  210 Religionsfilosofi & religionsteori
Varför finns religion? / David Thurfjell (red.)2016
Schmidt, Leigh Eric, author.Village atheists : how America's unbelievers made their way in a godly nation / Leigh Eric Schmidt.2016
  220 Bibeln
Bible in political debate : what does it really say? / edited by Frances Flannery and Rodney A. Werline.2016
Disability studies and biblical literature / edited by Candida R. Moss and Jeremy Schipper.2011
The Hebrew Bible : a critical companion / edited by John Barton.2016
T&T Clark handbook to social identity in the New Testament / edited by J. Brian Tucker and Coleman A. Baker.2016
Avrahami, Yael.The senses of Scripture : sensory perception in the Hebrew Bible / Yael Avrahami.2012
Blenkinsopp, Joseph, 1927-Creation, un-creation, re-creation : a discursive commentary on Genesis 1-11 / Joseph Blenkinsopp.2011
Bodner, Keith, 1967- author.An ark on the Nile : beginning of the Book of Exodus / Keith Bodner.2016
Carter, Warren, 1955-Matthew and empire : initial explorations / Warren Carter.2001
Ehrman, Bart D.A Brief introduction to the new testament / Bart D. Ehrman2016
Hays, Richard B., author.Echoes of Scripture in the gospels / Richard B. Hays.2016
Kang, Bo Young, author.Heralds and community : an enquiry into Paul's conception of mission and its indebtedness to the Jesus-tradition / Bo Young Kang.2016
Kollmann, Bernd, 1959-Einführung in die neutestamentliche Zeitgeschichte / Bernd Kollmann2014
Lee, Yongbom.Paul, scribe of old and new : intertextual insights for the Jesus-Paul debate / Yongbom Lee.2016
Macaskill, Grant.The Slavonic texts of 2 Enoch / by Grant Macaskill2013
Parker, David C.Manuscripts, texts, theology : collected papers 1977-2007 / David C. Parker2009
West, Gerald O., auihor.The stolen Bible : from tool of imperialism to African icon / by Gerald O. West2016
  230 Kristendom & kristen teologi
Borgström, LarsBibliskt och romersk-katolskt : vari består skillnaderna? / Lars Borgström2016
Gallaher, Brandon, 1972- author.Freedom and necessity in modern Trinitarian theology / Brandon Gallaher.2016
Grumett, David, author.Material Eucharist / David Grumett.2016
Swedenborg, Emanuel, 1688-1772 autMemorabilier / Emanuel Swedenborg ; urval och översättning av Carl-Göran Ekerwald2016
Welz, Claudia, author.Humanity in God's image : an interdisciplinary exploration / Claudia Welz.2016
White, Thomas Joseph, 1971-The incarnate Lord : a Thomistic study in Christology / Thomas Joseph White, OP.2015
  240 Kristendomsutövning & kristet bruk
Graziano, Frank, 1955- author.Miraculous images and votive offerings in Mexico / Frank Graziano.2016
Widmer, Michael, 1970-Standing in the breach : an Old Testament theology and spirituality of intercessory prayer / Michael Widmer.2015
Widmer, Michael, 1970- author.Standing in the breach : an Old Testament theology and spirituality of intercessory prayer / Michael Widmer.2015
  250 Utövande av prästämbete & religiösa ordnar
Ett biskopsbrev om diakoni : Biskopsmötet 20152015
  260 Kristen organisation, diakoni & gudstjänst
Idealism and Christian philosophy / edited by Steven B. Cowan and James S. Spiegel.2016
Idealism and Christian theology / edited by Joshua R. Farris and S. Mark Hamilton ; general editor, James S. Spiegel.2016
Understanding medieval liturgy : essays in interpretation / edited by Helen Gittos, Sarah Hamilton2016
Gardella, Peter, 1951- author.Innocent ecstasy : how Christianity gave America an ethic of sexual pleasure / Peter Gardella.2016
Karlsson, Carl-Henrik, 1975- autSkapade till kvinna och man / Carl-Henrik Karlsson2015
Larsson, Simon, 1982-Att bygga ett samhälle vid tidens slut : Svenska missionsförbundets mission i Kongo 1881 till 1920-talet / Simon Larsson2016
Reinhardt, Nicole, author.Voices of conscience : royal confessors and political counsel in seventeenth-century Spain and France / Nicole Reinhardt.2016
Russell, Robert J.Cosmology : from alpha to omega : the creative mutual interaction of theology and science / Robert John Russell.2008
Russell, Robert J.Time in eternity : Pannenberg, physics, and eschatology in creative mutual interaction / Robert John Russell.2012
Wilson, Bryan R., author.Religion in secular society : fifty years on / Bryan R. Wilson and Steve Bruce.2016
  270 Kristendomshistoria
Burton, Janet E.The Cistercians in the Middle Ages / Janet Burton and Julie Kerr.2011
Heale, Martin, 1974- author.The abbots and priors of late medieval and Reformation England / Martin Heale.2016
Johannessen, Hazel, author.The demonic in the political thought of Eusebius of Caesarea / Hazel Johannessen.2016
Murray, Alexander, 1934- author.Conscience and authority in the medieval church / Alexander Murray.2016
Schoedel, William R.Ignatius of Antioch : a commentary on the Letters of Ignatius of Antioch / by William R. Schoedel ; edited by Helmut Koester1985
Shepardson, Christine C., 1972- author.Controlling contested places : late antique Antioch and the spatial politics of religious controversy / Christine Shepardson.2014
  280 Kristna samfund
Genusfrågorna - levnadsvalen - familjen - ordenslivet / Stein, von Streng, Allen, Vollmer de Marcellus2015
Inre trädgårdar 20152015
Bushman, Richard L.Mormonism : a very short introduction / Richard Lyman Bushman2008
  290 Övriga religioner
Buddhist extremists and Muslim minorities : religious conflict in contemporary Sri Lanka / John Clifford Holt.2016
Teaching Buddhism : new insights on understanding and presenting the traditions / Todd Lewis and Gary deAngelis.2016
Adonis, 1930- interviewee.Violence and Islam : conversations with Houria Abdelouahed / Adonis.2016
Inge, Anabel, author.The making of a Salafi Muslim woman : paths to conversion / Anabel Inge.2016
Katsivelis, Paul, 1964-Sharia och livet : islamisk retorik om makt, moral och medelvägen (wasatiyya) på al-Jazira / Paul Katsivelis2016
Kersten, Carool, author.Islam in Indonesia : the contest for society, ideas and values / Carool Kersten.2016
Raphael, MelissaThe female face of God in Auschwitz : a Jewish feminist theology of the Holocaust / Melissa Raphael2003
Scheid, John, 1946-The gods, the state, and the individual : reflections on civic religion in Rome / John Scheid ; translated and with a foreword by Clifford Ando.2016
Sundqvist, Olof, 1959- author.An arena for higher powers : ceremonial buildings and religious strategies for rulership in late Iron Age Scandinavia / by Olof Sundqvist.2016
Williams, Benjamin, 1985- author.Commentary on Midrash rabba in the sixteenth century : the Or ha-sekhel of Abraham Ben Asher / Benjamin Williams.2016
  300 Samhällsvetenskaper, sociologi & antropologi
" -dessa synnerligen otacksamma främlingar- " : romernas historia och kultur i två svenska 1700-talsavhandlingar: Akademisk avhandling om zigenare av Samuel P. Björckman 1730 & Observationer rörande zigenarnas historia av Lars G. Rabenius 1791 / [red. Johnny Hagberg]2016
Ageing, popular culture and contemporary feminism : Harleys and hormones / edited by Imelda Whelehan, Joel Gwynne.2014
Electoral survey methodology : insight from Japan on using computer assisted personal interviews / edited by Masaru Kohno and Yoshitaka Nishizawa.2016
Fama and her sisters : gossip and rumour in early modern Europe / edited by Heather Kerr and Claire Walker.2015
Family life in an age of migration and mobility : global perspectives through the life course / Majella Kilkey, Ewa Palenga-Möllenbeck, editors2016
Feminist theory reader : local and global perspectives / edited by Carole R. McCann and Seung-Kyung Kim.2017
A global history of historical demography : half a century of interdisciplinarity Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux, Ioan Bolovan and Solvi Sogner (eds.)2016
Kvinnor, fred och säkerhet : Sveriges nationella handlingsplan för genomförande av FN:s säkerhetsrådsresolutioner om kvinnor, fred och säkerhet 2016-20202016
Language, sexualities and desires : cross-cultural perspectives / edited by Helen Sauntson and Sakis Kyratzis.2007
Makers & breakers : children & youth in postcolonial Africa / edited by Alcinda Honwana & Filip de Boeck2005
National identity : theory and research / edited by Richard R. Verdugo, Andrew Milne2016
New frontiers in ethnography / edited by Sam Hillyard2010
Productive aging : concepts and challenges / edited by Nancy Morrow-Howell, James Hinterlong, and Michael Sherraden.2001
Representing ageing : images and identities / edited by Virpi Ylänne.2012
Routledge international handbook of rural studies [Elektronisk resurs] / edited by Mark Shucksmith and David L. Brown.2016
Shopping : material culture perspectives / edited by Deborah C. Andrews.2016
Switching codes : thinking through digital technology in the humanities and the arts / edited by Thomas Bartscherer and Roderick Coover.2011
Sällskapet Nya Idun : medlemmar 20162016
Towards openly multilingual policies and practices : assessing minority language maintenance across Europe / Johanna Laakso, Anneli Sarhimaa, Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark and Reetta Toivanen2016
Ursprünge, Arten und Folgen des Konstrukts "Bevölkerung" vor, im und nach dem "Dritten Reich" : zur Geschichte der deutschen Bevölkerungswissenschaft / Rainer Mackensen, Jürgen Reulecke, Josef Ehmer (Hrsg.).2009
Weaving women's spheres in Vietnam : the agency of women in family, religion and community / edited by Kato Atsufumi.2016
Adams, Robert McCormickThe evolution of urban society : early Mesopotamia and prehispanic Mexico / by Robert McC. Adams1966
Adler, Anthony Curtis, author.Celebricities : media culture and the phenomenology of gadget commodity life / Anthony Curtis Adler.2016
Ahlstedt, Sara, 1977-The feeling of migration : narratives of queer intimacies and partner migration / Sara Ahlstedt2016
Allen, John, 1951- author.Topologies of power : beyond territory and networks / John Allen.2016
Andersson, Bo, 1940-, pedagog autVi och dom : på fördomens marknad i skolans värld / Bo Andersson2016
Aĭkhenvalʹd, A. IU͡. (Aleksandra IU͡rʹevna), author.How gender shapes the world / Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald.2016
Balló, Tània, 1977-Las sinsombrero : sin ellas, la historia no está completa / Tània Balló.2016
Barrancos, Dora.Mujeres, entre la casa y la plaza / Dora Barrancos.2008
Bassin, Mark, author.The Gumilev mystique : biopolitics, Eurasianism, and the construction of community in modern Russia / Mark Bassin.2016
Bolin, Göran, 1959- author.Media generations [Elektronisk resurs] : experience, identity and mediatised social change / Göran Bolin.2017
Bruckermann, Charlotte, 1984- autThe anthropology of China : China as ethnographic and theoretical critique / Charlotte Bruckermann, Stephan Feuchtwang2016
Cannon, Christopher, author.From literacy to literature : England, 1300-1400 / Christopher Cannon.2016
Cedering, Magdalena, 1972-Konsekvenser av skolnedläggningar : n studie av barns och barnfamiljers vardagsliv i samband med skolnedläggningar i Ydre kommun / Magdalena Cedering2016
Childers, Kristen Stromberg, author.Seeking imperialism's embrace : national identity, decolonization, and assimilation in the French Caribbean / Kristen Stromberg Childers.2016
Coloquio Tejiendo de Otro Modo : Feminismo, Epistemología y Apuestas Descoloniales en Abya Yala (2012: Chapel Hill, N.C.)Tejiendo de otro modo : feminismo, epistemología y apuestas descoloniales en Abya Yala / Yuderkys Espinosa Miñoso, Diana Gómez Correal, Karina Ochoa Muñoz editoras.2014
Correa, FelipeBeyond the city : resource extraction urbanism in South America / Felipe Correa.2016
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Dejke, Inger autKvinnor på jorden : strävan och hopp / Inger Dejke2016
Eagleton, Terry, 1943-Culture / Terry Eagleton2016
Edgerton, DavidThe shock of the old : technology and global history since 1900 / David Edgerton2008
Fahlgren, Siv, 1949-Utmaningar : feminismens (o)möjlighet under nyliberalismen / Siv Fahlgren, Katarina Giritli Nygren, Anders Johansson2016
George, Carol V. R., author.One Mississippi, two Mississippi : Methodists, murder, and the struggle for racial justice in Neshoba County / Carol V.R. George.2016
Gerard, Alison.The securitization of migration and refugee women / Alison Gerard.2014
Graeber, DavidReglernas utopi : om teknologi, enfald och byråkratins hemliga fröjder / David Graeber ; översättning Joel Nordqvist2016
Green, Duncan, author.How change happens / Duncan Green.2016
Gripenberg, Marguerite, 1884-1970Supplement till Marguerite Gripenbergs (f. Mannerheim) minnesanteckningar / Marguerite Gripenberg ; sammanställt av Caroline Hamilton2016
Hellfeldt, Karin, 1985-The hurt self : bullied children's experiences of social support, recognition and trust at school / Karin Hellfeldt2016
Högberg, Britta, 1947-Pudelns kärna : om kvalitet och professionell kompetens i vår tid / Britta Högberg2016
Ingemann, Jan Holm autVetenskapsteori för samhällsvetare / Jan Holm Ingemann ; översättning: Hans Dalén & Ulrik Lögdlund2016
Jacobsson, KerstinAnimal rights activism : a moral-sociological perspective on social movements / Kerstin Jacobsson and Jonas Lindblom
Keaton,Trica DanielleMuslim girls and the other France: race, identity politics, and social exclusion/ Trica Danielle Keaton2006
Kohn, Margaret, 1970- author.The death and life of the urban commonwealth / Margaret Kohn.2016
Lilla, Mark. author.The reckless mind : intellectuals in politics : with a new afterword / Mark Lilla.2016
Lindblom, Louise, 1972-De besvärliga : skyddshemmets vanartiga flickor / Louise Lindblom2016
Low, Setha M., author.Spatializing culture : the ethnography of space and place / Setha Low.2016
Lundgren, MinnaBoundaries of displacement : belonging and return among forcibly displaced young Georgians from Abkhazia / Minna Lundgren2016
Marsden, Marcus A. H. (Marcus Aldridge Hudson), author.Trading worlds : Afghan merchants across modern frontiers / Magnus Marsden.2016
Melin, Lars, 1939-Laddade ord : en bok om tankens makt över språket / Lars Melin, Mikael Parkvall2016
Moore, Niamh, author.The archive project : archival research in the social sciences / by Niamh Moore, Andrea Salter, Liz Stanley and Maria Tamboukou.2016
Möller, Peter, 1974-Young adults in rural tourism areas / Peter Möller2016
Ndaliko, Chérie Rivers, author.Necessary noise : art, music, and charitable imperialism in the east of Congo / Chérie Rivers Ndaliko.2016
Nygaard, BertelDet røde spøgelse : kommunismen og 1840'ernes danske politiske kultur / Bertel Nygaard.2014
Orrenius, Niklas, 1973- autSkotten i Köpenhamn : ett reportage om Lars Vilks, extremism och yttrandefrihetens gränser / Niklas Orrenius2016
Pater, RubenThe politics of design : a (not so) global manual for visual communication / [writer and designer] Ruben Pater2016
Pauwels, Anne, author.Language maintenance and shift / Anne Pauwels.2016
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