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  000 Datavetenskap, information & allmänna verk
Mapping frontier research in the humanities / edited by Claus Emmeche, David Budtz Pedersen and Frederik Stjernfelt2016
Mediated youth cultures : the internet, belonging and new cultural configurations / edited by Andy Bennett and Brady Robards.2014
Narrative research in practice : stories from the field / edited by Rachael Dwyer, Ian Davis, elke emerald.2016
Participatory design : principles and practices / edited by Douglas Schuler, Aki Namioka1993
Bergwik, Staffan, 1975-Kunskapens osynliga scener : vetenskapshistorier 1900-1950 / Staffan Bergwik2016
Cilliers, Paul, 1956-2011, author.Critical complexity : collected essays / Paul Cilliers ; edited by Rika Preiser.2016
Hall, Gary, 1962- author.Pirate philosophy for a digital posthumanities / Gary Hall.2016
O'Neil, Cathy, author.Weapons of math destruction : how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy / Cathy O'Neil.2016
Rubery, Matthew, author.The untold story of the talking book / Matthew Rubery.2016
  010 Bibliografi
Chanussot, JacquesDits et écrits d'André Malraux : bibliographie commentée / Jacques Chanussot et Claude Travi ; avant-propos de Jean-Claude Larrat2016
Rossijskaja nacionalʹnaja biblioteka.Novye postuplenija v Otdel rukopisej RNB (2001-2005) : [katalog] / Rossijskaja nacionalʹnaja biblioteka.2012
  030 Uppslagsverk & kalendrar
Hamann, Byron Ellsworth, 1972-The translations of Nebrija : language, culture, and circulation in the early modern world / Byron Ellsworth Hamann2015
  050 Tidskrifter & seriella resurser
Eighteenth-century periodicals as agents of change : perspectives on northern enlightenment / edited by Ellen Krefting, Aina Nøding, Mona Ringvej2015
  060 Föreningar, organisationer & museer
Döden : en utställning om livet. 4 juni 2016 - 4 september 20162016
Representing the nation : heritage, museums, national narratives, and identity in the Arab Gulf States / edited by Pamela Erskine-Loftus, Victoria Penziner Hightower, and Mariam Ibrahim Al-Mulla2016
  070 Nyhetsmedier, journalistik & publicering
Africa's media image in the 21st century : from the "Heart of darkness" to "Africa rising" / edited by Mel Bunce, Suzanne Franks, and Chris Paterson2016
Data journalism : inside the global future / edited by Tom Felle, John Mair and Damian Radcliffe.2015
The funniest pages : international perspectives on humor in journalism / edited by David Swick and Richard Lance Keeble2016
Journalism re-examined : digital challenges and professional reorientations : lessons from Northern Europe / edited by Martin Eide, Helle Sjøvaag & Leif Ove Larsen2016
Rethinking journalism again : societal role and public relevance in a digital age / edited by Chris Peters and Marcel Broersma2017
Theories of journalism in a digital age / edited by Steen Steensen and Laura Ahva.2017
Pollock, John C.Journalism and human rights : how demographics drive media coverage / edited by John C. Pollock2016
Whittaker, Jason, 1969- author.Magazine production / Jason Whittaker.2017
  090 Handskrifter & rariteter
Sigurður G. Magnússon, author.Minor knowledge and microhistory : manuscript culture in the nineteenth century / by Sigurður Gylfi Magnússon and Davíð Ólafsson2017
  100 Filosofi
Smith, Justin E. H., author.The philosopher : a history in six types / Justin E. H. Smith.2016
  110 Metafysik
German aesthetics : fundamental concepts from Baumgarten to Adorno / edited by J.D. Mininger, Jason Michael Peck2016
How biology shapes philosophy : new foundations for naturalism / [edited by] David Livingstone Smith2017
The problem of universals in contemporary philosophy / edited by Gabriele Galluzzo, Michael J. Loux.2015
Backman, Jussi, 1977- author.Complicated presence : Heidegger and the postmetaphysical unity of being / Jussi Backman.2015
Curtis, Benjamin L.A critical introduction to the metaphysics of time / Benjamin L. Curtis and Jon Robson2016
Gillett, Carl, 1967- author.Reduction and emergence in science and philosophy / Carl Gillett.2016
Gordon, Paul, 1951- author.Art as the absolute : art's relation to metaphysics in Kant, Fichte, Schelling, Hegel, and Schopenhauer / Paul Gordon.2015
Tahko, Tuomas E., 1982-An introduction to metametaphysics / Tuomas E. Tahko.2015
  120 Kunskapsteori
Andersson, Lena, 1970- autMer allvarligt talat / Lena Andersson ; omslagsteckning och illustrationer: Stina Wirsén2016
Barash, Jeffrey Andrew, author.Collective memory and the historical past / Jeffrey Andrew Barash.2016
Nowotny, HelgaThe Cunning of Uncertainty / Helga Nowotny2015
Packalén, Sara, 1983-Content and composition : an essay on tense, content, and semantic value / Sara Packalén2016
Thompson, Evan, author.Waking, dreaming, being : self and consciousness in neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy / Evan Thompson ; foreword by Stephen Batchelor2015
  130 Parapsykologi & ockultism
Mantikê : studies in ancient divination / ed. by Sarah Iles Johnston and Peter T. Struck2015
  140 Filosofiska skolor
Darwinism and philosophy / edited by Vittorio Hösle and Christian Illies.2005
Rationality : constraints and contexts / edited by Tzu-Wei Hung and Timothy Joseph Lane2017
Dolezal, Luna, author.The body and shame : phenomenology, feminism, and the socially shaped body / Luna Dolezal.2015
Ferraris, Maurizio, 1956- author.Introduction to new realism / Maurizio Ferraris ; translated by Sarah De Sanctis2014
Ferraris, Maurizio, 1956- author.Positive realism / Maurizio Ferraris.2015
  150 Psykologi
Handbook of mindfulness : theory, research, and practice / edited by Kirk Warren Brown, J. David Creswell, Richard M. Ryan.2016
Heritage, affect and emotion : politics, practices and infrastructures / edited by Divya P. Tolia-Kelly, Emma Waterton and Steve Watson.2017
The Oxford handbook of the psychology of working / edited by David L. Blustein.2015
Princess cultures : mediating girls' imaginations and identities / edited by Miriam Forman-Brunell, Rebecca C. Hains.2014
Psykologi på 30 sekunder : De 50 mest tankeväckande psykologiska teorierna, var och en förklarad på en halv minut / redaktör: Christian Jarrett ; skribenter: Vaughan Bell, Moheb Costandi, Christian Jarrett, Dave Munger, Tom Stafford ; översättning: Christian Thurban, Cecilia Falk2016
Alfvén, Malin, 1947- autTrotsboken / Malin Alfvén, Kristina Hofsten2015
Bennich Karlstedt, Anna, 1973- autVägen genom skilsmässan : att hantera en förlorad kärleksrelation / Anna Bennich Karlstedt2016
Boutang, Jérôme, author.The biased mind : how evolution shaped our psychology, including anecdotes and tips for making sound decisions / Jérôme Boutang, Michel De Lara.2016
Brown, Timothy A., 1960- author.Confirmatory factor analysis for applied research / Timothy A. Brown.2015
Crago, Hugh, 1946- author.The stages of life : personalities and patterns in human emotional development / Hugh Crago.2017
Dawson, Peg, author.The smart but scattered guide to success : how to use your brain's executive skills to keep up, stay calm, and get organized at work and at home / Peg Dawson, Richard Guare.2016
Engquist, Anders, 1935- autFörstånd och missförstånd : samtalsmetodik för arbetslivet / Anders Engqvist2016
Forni, Michaela, 1989- autJag är inte perfekt, tyvärr : om ångest, oro och konsten att vara snäll mot sig själv / Michaela Forni2016
Forsblad, Mattias, 1985-Distributed cognition in home environments : The prospective memory and cognitive practices of older adults / Mattias Forsblad2016
Frederick, Ronald J., 1965-Living like you mean it : use the wisdom and power of your emotions to get the life you really want / Ronald J. Frederick2009
Gunnarsson, Tomas, 1959-, föreläsare autTräna din inre kondition : Mindre stress, mer glädje / Tomas Gunnarsson2016
Hök, Liv, 1947- autRollanalys och coachning / Liv Hök2016
Jex, Steve M.Organizational psychology : a scientist-practitioner approach / Steve M. Jex and Thomas W. Britt2014
Lagercrantz, Agneta, 1956- aut70 skäl till självmedkänsla : om att vara varm, vänlig och vilja sig själv väl / Agneta Lagercrantz2016
Lewis, Michael autThe Undoing Project : a friendship that changed our minds / Michael Lewis2017
Loeb, Carina, 1967-Self-efficacy at work : social, emotional, and cognitive dimensions / Carina Loeb2016
Lundberg, Mattias, 1971- aut"Det är sant - det stod ju i tidningen!" : en bok om hur du undviker att bli lurad / Mattias Lundberg & Stefan Söderfjäll2016
Lupton, DeborahThe quantified self : a sociology of self-tracking / Deborah Lupton2016
McArdle, John J.Longitudinal data analysis using structural equation models / John J. McArdle and John R. Nesselroade2014
Orsillo, Susan M., 1964- author.Worry less, live more : the mindful way through anxiety workbook / Susan M. Orsillo, PhD, Lizabeth Roemer, PhD.2016
Prinz, Jesse J.The conscious brain : how attention engenders experience / Jesse J. Prinz.2015
Ridell, Mi, 1968- autKroppen ljuger aldrig : konsten att tala kroppsspråk / Mi Ridell ; med Lucas Bruhn2016
Rijt, Hetty van de, 1944-2003Växa och upptäcka världen : tio steg i barnets mentala utveckling / Hetty van de Rijt och Frans Plooij ; [översättning: Mia Ruthman]2015
Roudinesco, Élisabeth, 1944- author.Freud in his time and ours / Élisabeth Roudinesco ; translated by Catherine Porter.2016
Silvén Hagström, Anneli, 1973-To mourn and resist stigma : Narration, meaning-making and self-formation after a parent’s suicide / Anneli Silvén Hagström2016
Stetsenko, Anna, author.The transformative mind : expanding Vygotsky's approach to development and education / Anna Stetsenko.2016
Strandberg, Lennart, 1952-Någonstans finns viljan. D.1 / Lennart Strandberg2014
  170 Etik
Crary, Alice, 1967- author.Inside ethics : on the demands of moral thought / Alice Crary.2016
Doran, Robert, 1968- author.The ethics of theory : philosophy, history, and literature / by Robert Doran.2016
Jasanoff, Sheila, author.The ethics of invention : technology and the human future / Sheila Jasanoff.2016
Lynch, Richard A., 1967- author.Foucault's critical ethics / Richard A. Lynch.2016
Morgan, Michael L., 1944-Lévinas's ethical politics / Michael L. Morgan2016
Nehamas, Alexander, 1946- author.On friendship / Alexander Nehamas.2016
Shafer-Landau, Russ, 1963-The ethical life : fundamental readings in ethics and moral problems / Russ Shafer-Landau2015
Singer, Peter, 1946- author.Famine, affluence, and morality / Peter Singer2016
Walden, Asher, author.The metaphysics of kindness : comparative studies in religious meta-ethics / Asher Walden.2015
Wolcher, Louis E., author.The ethics of justice without illusions / Louis E. Wolcher.2016
  180 Antik, medeltida & österländsk filosofi
Kahn, Charles H., author.Plato and the post-Socratic dialogue : the return to the philosophy of nature / Charles H. Kahn.2013
Konfucius, 551-479 f.Kr autKonfucius samtal / översättning, inledning och kommentarer av Torbjörn Lodén2016
  190 Modern västerländsk filosofi
Tankens utåtvändhet : Georg Henrik von Wright som intellektuell / red.: Johan Strang och Thomas Wallgren2016
Brand, RoyLoveKnowledge : the life of philosophy from Socrates to Derrida / Roy Brand2013
De Landa, Manuel, author.Assemblage theory / Manuel DeLanda.2016
Demeter, Tamás, 1975- autDavid Hume and the culture of Scottish Newtonianism : methodology and ideology in Enlightenment inquiry / by Tamás Demeter2016
Espagne, Michel, 1952-En deçà du Rhin : l'Allemagne des philosophes français au XIXe siècle / Michel Espagne.2004
Furberg, Mats, 1933-Jesu barnbarn : en väg till filosofin / Mats Furberg2013
Gordon, Peter Eli, author.Adorno and existence / Peter E. Gordon.2016
Hösle, Vittorio, 1960- author.A short history of German philosophy / Vittorio Hösle ; Translated by Steven Rendall.2017
Lakshmanan, Xavier, 1972- author.Textual linguistic theology in Paul Ricoeur / Xavier Lakshmanan.2016
Lewis, Michael, 1977-Derrida and Lacan : another writing / Michael Lewis2008
Matytsin, Anton M., 1985- author.The specter of skepticism in the age of Enlightenment / Anton M. Matytsin.2016
Polka, BraytonIn the beginning is philosophy : on desire and the good / Brayton Polka2016
Sethness-Castro, Javier, author.Eros and revolution : the critical philosophy of Herbert Marcuse / by Javier Sethness Castro2016
  200 Religion
Carlsson, David, 1974-Vad är religionslärarkunskap? : en diskursanalys av trepartssamtal i lärarutbildningen / David Carlsson2016
Fujii, TakashiImperial cult and imperial representation in Roman Cyprus / Takashi Fujii2013
Johnson, Sylvester A., 1972- author.African American religions, 1500-2000 : colonialism, democracy, and freedom / Sylvester A. Johnson.2015
van der Molen, JannyOm änglar, gudar och hjältar : berättelser ur de stora världsreligionerna / samlade och återberättade av Janny van der Molen ; med illustrationer av Els van Egeraat ; [översättning från nederländskan: Boerje Bohlin]2009
  210 Religionsfilosofi & religionsteori
International Academy of Philosophy of Science. Conference (2013 : Siroki Brijeg)Science, metaphysics, religion : proceedings of the conference of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science, Siroki Brijeg (Bosnia-Hercegovina): 24-27 July, 2013 / edited by Evandro Agazzi ; Evandro Agazzi ...2014
  220 Bibeln
The Book of Revelation and its interpreters : short studies and an annotated bibliography / edited by Ian Boxall and Richard M. Tresley.2016
Discovering the Septuagint : a guided reader / Karen H. Jobes, senior editor ; contributors, Jesse Arlen [and 8 others]2016
Luke's literary creativity / edited by Jesper Tang Nielsen and Mogens Müller.2016
New Testament Apocrypha : more noncanonical scriptures. Vol. 1 / edited by Tony Burke, Brent Landau.2016
Knauf, Ernst Axel, 1953- autA history of biblical Israel : the fate of the tribes and kingdoms from Merenptah to Bar Kochba / Ernst Axel Knauf and Philippe Guillaume.2015
Konradt, Matthias, 1967-, author.Israel, Church, and the Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew / Matthias Konradt ; translated by Kathleen Ess.2014
Roberts, J. J. M. (Jimmy Jack McBee), 1939-First Isaiah : a commentary / by J. J. M. Roberts ; edited by Peter Machinist.2015
Smith, SteveFate of the Jerusalem temple in Luke-acts : an intertextual approach to Jesus' laments over Jerusalem and Stephen's speech / Steve Smith2017
  230 Kristendom & kristen teologi
Erik Peterson : die theologische Präsenz eines Outsiders / herausgegeben von Giancarlo Caronello.2012
Anastasius‏ ‎ Sinaita‏, ‎ ca. 610-ca. 701‏Vŭprosi i otgovori. Tom. 2, Tekst / Avva Anastasij Sinajski ; izdadeni ot Uiljam R. Feder.2011
Anastasius‏ ‎ Sinaita‏, ‎ ca. 610-ca. 701‏Vŭprosi i otgovori. Tom. 1, Uvod i pokazalci / Avva Anastasij Sinajski ; izdadeni ot Uiljam R. Feder.2011
Davies, Brian, 1951-Thomas Aquinas's Summa contra gentiles : a guide and commentary / Brian Davies2016
Morehouse, Nathaniel J., author.Death's dominion : power, identity, and memory at the fourth-century martyr shrine / Nathaniel J. Morehouse.2016
Shoemaker, Stephen J., 1968-Mary in early Christian faith and devotion / Stephen J. Shoemaker2016
Wengert, Timothy J. autDefending faith : Lutheran responses to Andreas Osiander's doctrine of justification : 1551-1559 / Timothy J. Wengert2012
Wibeck, Sören, 1951-2012.Jesus : jude, rebell, Gud? / Sören Wibeck ; [illustrationer: Lönegård & Co ; faktagranskning: Bengt Holmberg]2007
  240 Kristendomsutövning & kristet bruk
Barth, Friederike, 1977-Die Wirklichkeit des Guten : Dietrich Bonhoeffers "Ethik" und ihr philosophischer Hintergrund / Friederike Barth.2011
  260 Kristen organisation, diakoni & gudstjänst
Colberg, Kristin, author.Vatican I and Vatican II : councils in the living tradition / Kristin M. Colberg2016
Zackariasson, Maria, 1971-Gemenskapen : deltagande, identitet och religiositet bland unga i Equmenia / Maria Zackariasson2016
  270 Kristendomshistoria
Doften av rykande vekar : reformationen ur folkets perspektiv / Fredrik Heiding & Magnus Nyman (red.)2016
Hollywood, Amy M., 1963-Acute melancholia and other essays : mysticism, history, and the study of religion / Amy Hollywood.2016
Kim, Sebastian.Christianity as a world religion : an introduction / Sebastian Kim and Kirsteen Kim2016
Toivo, Raisa MariaFaith and magic in early modern Finland / Raisa Maria Toivo2016
Vance, JacobSecrets : humanism, mysticism, and evangelism in Erasmus of Rotterdam, Bishop Guillaume Briçonnet, and Marguerite De Navarre / by Jacob Vance2014
  290 Övriga religioner
Women's religions in the Greco-Roman world : a sourcebook / edited by Ross Shepard Kraemer2004
880-01 Bāʻūnīya, ʻĀʼishah al-The principles of Sufism / ʻĀʼishah al- Bāʻuniyyah. Ed. and transl. by Th. Emil Homerin2014
Ali, KeciaSexual ethics and Islam : feminist reflections on Qur'an, hadith, and jurisprudence / Kecia Ali2016
Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai Lama XIV, 1935-Glädje : konsten att finna lycka i en osäker tid / Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu ; medförfattare Douglas Abrams ; översättning av Lisbet Holst2016
DiLuzio, Meghan J., 1981-A place at the altar : priestesses in Republican Rome / Meghan J. DiLuzio2016
Doak, Brian R.,Phoenician aniconism in its Mediterranean and ancient Near Eastern contexts / by Brian R. Doak.2015
Illouz, Eva, 1961-Israel : sociologiska essäer / Eva Illouz ; översättning: Svenja Hums2016
Keim, Katharina E., 1986-, author.Pirqei deRabbi Eliezer : structure, coherence, intertextuality / by Katharina E. Keim.2016
Lopez, Donald S., 1952-The Lotus Sūtra : a biography / Donald S. Lopez, Jr.2016
Martinus, 1890-1981Den intellektualiserade kristendomen : efterlämnade manuskript : den intellektualiserade, odödliga kristendomen som mänsklighetens kommande livsfundament / Martinus ; [översatt från danskan av Barbro Carlsson]2016
Stiebert, JohannaFirst-degree incest and the Hebrew Bible : sex in the family / By Johanna Stiebert2016
Tirch, Dennis D., 1968- author.Buddhist psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy : a clinician's guide / Dennis Tirch, Laura R. Silberstein, Russell L. Kolts ; foreword by Robert L. Leahy2016
  300 Samhällsvetenskaper, sociologi & antropologi
Against exoticism : toward the transcendence of relativism and universalism in anthropology / edited by Bruce Kapferer and Dimitrios Theodossopoulos.2016
The archaeology of childhood : interdisciplinary perspectives on an archaeological enigma / edited by Güner Coşkunsu2015
Aristocracy in antiquity : redefining Greek and Roman elites / editors Nick Fisher and Hans van Wees2015
Authenticity in culture, self, and society / edited by Phillip Vannini, J. Patrick Williams2009
Becoming minority : how discourses and policies produce minorities in Europe and India / edited by Jyotirmaya Tripathy, Sudarsan Padmanabhan.2014
Death in the Middle Ages and early modern time : the material and spiritual conditions of the culture of death / edited by Albrecht Classen2016
Digital feminisms : transnational activism in german protest cultures / edited by Christina Scharff, Carrie Smith-Prei and Maria Stehle2016
Disability in the global south : the critical handbook / Shaun Grech, Karen Soldatic, editors2016
Eastern European youth cultures in a global context / edited by Matthias Schwartz, Heike Winkel.2015
Envisioning sustainabilities : towards an anthropology of sustainability / edited by Fiona Murphy, Pierre McDonagh.2016
Europe's disappearing middle class? : evidence from the world of work / edited by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead2016
Family dynamics after separation : a life course perspective on post-divorce families / edited by Ulrike Zartler, Valerie Heintz-Martin, Oliver Arránz Becker.2015
Fan girls and the media : creating characters, consuming culture / edited by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek2015
Generation Z : zombies, popular culture and educating youth / Victoria Carrington, Jennifer Rowsell, Esther Priyadharshini, Rebecca Westrup, editors.2016
Girls, texts, cultures / Clare Bradford and Mavis Reimer, editors2015
Guía etnográfica de la Alta Amazonía. Vol. 4, Matsigenka / Dan Rosengren. Yánesha / Fernando Santos Granero ; Fernando Santos & Frederica Barclay editores2004
A history of virility / edited by Alain Corbin, Jean-Jacques Courtine, and Georges Vigarello ; translated by Keith Cohen2016
How matter matters : objects, artifacts, and materiality in organization studies / edited by Paul R. Carlile, Davide Nicolini, Ann Langley, Haridimos Tsoukas2013
Learning bodies : the body in youth and childhood studies / Julia Coffey, Shelley Budgeon, Helen Cahill, editors.2016
Material vernaculars : objects, images, and their social worlds / edited by Jason Baird Jackson2016
Media events : a critical contemporary approach / edited by Bianca Mitu, Stamatis Poulakidakos2016
Migration - Geschlecht - Lebenswege : sozial- und geisteswissenschaftliche Beiträge / Hella Ehlers, Claudia Kalisch, Gabriele Linke, Nadja Milewski, Beate Rudlof, Heike Trappe (Hg.)2015
Opportunities for media and information literacy in the Middle East and North Africa / editors: Magda Abu-Fadil, Jordi Torrent & Alton Grizzle = Furaṣ jadīdah lil-tarbīyah al-iʻlāmīyah wa-al-maʻlūmātīyah fī minṭaqat al-Sharq al-Awsaṭ wa-Shamāl Afrīqiyā / almuḥarrirūn : Magda Abu-Fadil, Jordi Torrent, Alton Grizzle2016
The Oxford handbook of sociology, social theory and organization studies : contemporary currents / edited by Paul S. Adler, Paul du Gay, Glen Morgan and Michael Reed2016
Perspectives on cultural leadership : The Fika project / edited by Karin Dalborg & Mikael Löfgren2016
Psychology and the conduct of everyday life / edited by Ernst Schraube and Charlotte Højholt2016
Religious and ethical perspectives on global migration / [edited by] Elizabeth W. Collier and Charles R. Strain2014
The rise of Africa's middle class : myths, realities and critical engagements / edited by Henning Melber.2016
Routledge handbook of immigration and refugee studies / ed. by Anna Triandafyllidou2016
Scandalous economics : gender and the politics of financial crises / Aida A. Hozic and Jacqui True.2016
Sociology of education : a critical reader / edited by Alan R. Sadovnik and Ryan W. Coughlan.2016
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Women in antiquity : real women across the ancient world / edited by Stephanie Lynn Budin and Jean MacIntosh Turfa2016
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Ferraris, Maurizio.Where are you? an ontology of the cell phone / Maurizio Ferraris; translated by Sarah De Sanctis.2014
Finlayson, Lorna, 1986-An introduction to feminism / Lorna Finlayson.2016
Ganser, Daniele autNatos hemliga arméer : operation Gladio och terrorismen i Västeuropa / Daniele Ganser ; medförfattare till kapitel 18-21: Mats Deland ; översättning: Stefan Lindgren2016
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