Technical information regarding Web Browsers and GUNDA/IDA

GUNDA is catalogue for Göteborg University Library and IDA is the catalogue of some departmental libraries.
Both GUNDA and IDA use:


  • Unicode character codes (UTF-8). Some web browsers self adjust to UTF-8, in others it has to be done manually.
  • Style sheets controls windows layout, i.e. the layout is fixed (font, font size etc.) and regardless type of browser. However, older browsers do not recognise this. Lucida Sans Unicode is a recommended font to use in UTF-8 (comes with e.g. MS Office).
  • Java and cgi scripts. Some browsers cannot run these scripts properly, and the user might have disabled the function in the browser.
  •  Port 8000 is used to communicate. Firewalls between you local network and Internet might disallow the use of this port number. In this case you have to contact your local network administrator.


Recommendations for Windows computers

In Microsoft Windows environment, Internet Explorer (e.g. version 5.0) is the best working GUNDA browser, but Netscape (e.g. version 4.7) is also possible to use.


Internet Explorer can be downloaded from, but it is also delivered on CD-ROM together when you buy other software (To install from CD-ROM is recommended when you have a slow connection to the Internet)


Netscape can be downloaded from


Recommendations for Macintosh computers

In Macintosh environment Netscape (versions 4.0, 4.5 and 4.7 are tested with MacOS 7.x-9.x) seems to work best. In the tested Netscape versions, you cannot save records on local disk (but you can send them as e-mails). Netscape can be downloaded from

Netscape is also delivered on the “GU Start Disk”, which can be bought in the University store (To install from CD-ROM is recommended when you have a slow connection to the Internet).


For the time being it is not possible to use Internet Explorer on Macintosh to make requests from GUNDA. Internet Explorer can be downloaded from




Telnet connection is no longer supported.



Technical questions or comments regarding GUNDA can be sent to:

Uppdated 2001-01-24