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Claudia Merli
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I am a Lecturer in Anthropology at the Department of Anthropology, Durham University. I obtained my PhD in Cultural Anthropology from Uppsala University with a dissertation in Medical Anthropology, Bodily Practices and Medical Identities in Southern Thailand. The work is an unprecedented account of practices and discourses surrounding reproductive health of the Muslims living in the region, and focuses on traditional midwifery, postpartum practices for mother and child as ethnic-religious markers, on the construction of fatherhood, and male and female circumcision. On 20 October 2011 I was invited to present the book at the prestigious seminar series 'Reviewer meets Reviewed' organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute and hosted by the Centre for Anthropology at the British Museum.

Beyond my focus on medical anthropology, my research in Southern Thailand extends to the theological discourses in the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, in particular the intersection of local theodicies and media production. This line of reasoning is associated with the local fishermen's experience of the phenomenon.

Another research interest is Islamic primary education in Southern Thailand.

I am at present conducting fieldwork research on ritual male circumcision in Southern Thailand. I am also preparing a new book on minorities and biopolitics in Thailand.


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