Accessibility statement for the website

We strive to ensure that the University Library's website can be perceived, handled and understood by all visitors, regardless of what aids the visitors use. Contact us if you experience obstacles while using the website.

Shortcomings of

Our goal is to achieve at least basic accessibility according to the criteria in WCAG 2.1 at level AA. The library's website was launched on June 12, 2019. The website does not yet meet all accessibility criteria in WCAG 2.1. Some known shortcomings:

  • The site's videos have no captions.
  • Some PDF documents are not accessible.
  • Some input fields and buttons lack Aria labels.
  • Some graphic elements that acts as links lack link text.

Date for accessibility test

The latest test of the website's accessibility was carried out on June 3, 2019. We will perform further tests during the autumn of 2019.

This statement will be updated

When official guidelines for accessibility statements of authorities' websites and apps are published, we will adapt this statement to these guidelines. Latest update of this statement was made June 4, 2019.

Contact the regulatory authority

You can turn to the Agency for Digital Government if you are not satisfied with how we meet the requirements for accessibility.

To the Agency for Digital Government

Contact us if you experience obstacles

Contact us if you experience deficiencies or need help using the site's content and services. We will try to fix the problems and make sure you get the service you are entitled to.

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