Copying and photo services

Anyone can order scanning and copying of single pages from the library's collections. The service is free for employees at the University of Gothenburg, while there is a cost for other users.

Scanning and copying of single pages

The library will scan and copy single pages from our collections, provided that no copyright applies to the material. You can order scanning and copying from both printed and handwritten material, such as

  • single pages from books
  • single pages from manuscripts
  • letters
  • pictures
  • maps

It is your responsibility to check whether the material is protected by copyright.

Order scanning and copying

To order scanning or copying, fill in an order form available at the Humanities Library. Collect the form at the library's reading room office or at the information desk.


Scanning and copying from the library's collections are free of charge for staff at the University of Gothenburg. The service comes with a cost for other users:

  • Printed copies, black and white: SEK 10 per page.
  • Printed copies, color: 15 SEK per page.
  • Digital copies (PDF): 5 SEK per page.

A starting fee of 50 SEK will be added to each single job. All prices include VAT.

Cost for special orders

If you want to make larger orders, the library will price according to quotation. This applies to special orders such as

  • larger number of copies
  • larger format than A3
  • paper grade other than 80 grams
  • higher resolution than 300 ppi
  • digital image finishing


The library delivers digital copies by e-mail. You can have the files delivered on a USB-stick for a cost of 90 SEK, plus postage if applicable.

If you have ordered printed copies you can pick them up at the Humanities Library. We can also send the paper copies to your address by mail. A postage cost will be added to mail deliveries.


One page of the original normally corresponds to one scanned or copied image. Printed copies are available in A4 or A3 format, on 80gsm paper. Digital copies are delivered in the form of tiff or jpeg files, with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (ppi) and scale 1:1.

Check if the work is copyright protected

It is important that you check if the works that you want to copy or scan are copyright protected. If the author has been deceased for more than 70 years, the material can be used freely. If the author is not known, the material can be used freely 70 years after the date of publication.

You can use the national library catalogue Libris to find information about when a writer of a work died.

To Libris

Copying whole works or articles

You can make a digitization order if you need copies of an entire work. The prerequisite for the work to be digitized is that it is in the library's collections and that no copyright apply to the material. When the work is digitized, you get a link to the material via e-mail.

About digitizing material

If you need a book or an article that is not available at the University Library, you can order a interlibrary loan. We send for the book or article from another library, and notify you when you can pick it up. We deliver articles in the form of paper copies.

About interlibrary loans of books and articles