BioCyc database collection

The database contains a collection of Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs), and advanced tools to analyse data. In order to be able to use some of the tools you need to register for a free BioCyc account.

Access methods for the Licensed Materials covered under this agreement include: 4.1a Use of the BioCyc website to browse, search and view information [paid pages only] 4.1b Download of [paid] BioCyc datafiles from the BioCyc website, with the exception of files consisting solely of the Pathway Tools software 4.1c Use of the BioCyc Web Services to access paid BioCyc databases 4.1 d Use of the Pathway Tools APis in Python, R, Lisp, Java, and Perl to access paid BioCyc databases 4.le Download of paid BioCyc data within the Pathway Tools application using the PGDB Registry 4.lf Download of configurations of Pathway Tools that include paid BioCyc data.

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