JSTOR global plants

JSTOR global plants offers access to botanical resources from dozens of herbaria, libraries, museums and other research institutions. The database includes plant type specimens from herbaria around the world, scientific research articles and correspondence dating back hundreds of years, and full-text books and reference works on botany.

Tillgänglig för Göteborgs universitet. Tillgänglig för alla från bibliotekens datorer
Alternativ titel:
Global plants
Skriva ut artikel eller kapitel Tillåtet
Ladda ner artikel eller kapitel Tillåtet
Ladda upp kurskompendium på lärplattform Ej tillåtet
"(...) linking may be used instead"
Scholarly sharing Tillåtet
"(...) sharing of portions of Content with other individuals for the purposes of collaboration and discussion (for example, sending an individual Content item to a fellow scholar for the purpose of collaboration on a research project)"
Fjärrlån Tillåtet
"Only printed Materials, and not electronic copies of such Materials, may be used in Interlibrary Loan."