Library of Latin texts

Library of Latin Texts – online, LLT, is a database for Latin texts. It contains texts from the beginning of Latin literature (Livius Andronicus, 240 BC) through to the texts of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). The texts have been taken from the Corpus Christianorum series and from many other leading editions.

The link above leads to the Brepolis Login Portal, where you find The Library of Latin Texts A and B under Brepolis Latin and Oriental – Full-Text Databases.

Tillgänglig för Göteborgs universitet. Tillgänglig för alla från bibliotekens datorer
Alternativ titel:
CLCLT., CETEDOC., CLCLT--online., Cetedoc library of Christian Latin texts.
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"Users are entitled to extract and re-utilize, for non-commercial purposes only, any insubstantial parts of the contents of the Database"