S&P Global Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence (now known as Capital IQ Pro) contains news data and analysis covering financials, real estate, energy and utilities, materials (metals and mining), healthcare, industrials, consumer, technology, media and communications.

Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a resource for faculty, students and other staff to support deeper engagement with S&P data and solutions-based platforms. Some key features of the Center: Curriculum Video Modules, Student Development Resources, Training Videos, and Skill Assessments.

Access is granted to faculty, staff and students at the University of Gothenburg. Each user must register and have their own login id and password. The first time you need to sign up and create accounts for both S&P Capital IQ and Market Intelligence. Use the same password for both databases. S&P Market Intelligence will require your University of Gothenburg email address for authentication (for faculty and staff: @gu.se and for students: @student.gu.se). Please note, single sign-on is used for the databases S&P Capital IQ and Market Intelligence, which means that you can use the same credentials on both platforms. It is also possible to access the Market Intelligence platform via Capital IQ and vice versa.

As for all e-resources licensed by the University of Gothenburg, use of Market Intelligence is limited to academic and non-commercial research purposes. The right to access licensed databases and copyrighted material on the Market Intelligence system is only for internal or academic research. You may not reveal, disclose, transfer, or share username and password information with anyone.

Tillgänglig för Göteborgs universitet
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Alternativ titel:
S&P Capital IQ Pro, SNL Financial , Academic Resource Center, ARC