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Access to full text e-journals (including backfiles often from the first issue of the first volume) subscribed to by the Gothenburg University Library and published by the Taylor and Francis Group, including Routledge and Psychology Press. You can browse journal titles alphabetically or by subject, or search the contents of over 1000 journals. Journals from which you will have access to fulltext articles are indicated by a green square or, if only some articles are available, an orange square. To limit your search to full text articles, on the Advanced Search page check the box My subscriptions only.

Tillgänglig för Göteborgs universitet. Tillgänglig för alla från bibliotekens datorer
Taylor and Francis
Alternativ titel:
Taylor and Francis online
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Ladda ner artikel eller kapitel Tillåtet
Trycka kurskompendium Tillåtet
"/.../ may incorporate any part of the Licensed Material into Course Packs and Electronic Reserve collections /.../"
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ILL print or fax: Permitted. "/…/"not for Commercial Use"