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300–800 AD is the time of late antiquity and the early middle ages: the transformation of the classical world, the beginnings of Europe and of Islam, and the evolution of Byzantium. The Translated Texts for Historians book series makes available historical sources from A.D. 300–800 translated into English, in many cases for the first time. The Translated Texts for Historians E-Library offers this collection as a digital resource. The texts have been translated into English from Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, Georgian, Armenian and Old Irish. The geographic range covers Syria, Arabia, Armenia, Georgia and Egypt in the East; North Africa; major cities of the Roman Empire (Antioch, Alexandria and Constantinople); and Spain, Gaul, Italy, Britain and Ireland in the West.

Types of writing include histories, chronicles, letters, annals, formularies, compendia, political speeches, military and theological handbooks, poems, documentary sources, records of church councils, biblical and theological commentaries, sermons, church histories, Christian treatises, Christian and pagan panegyric and polemic, Neoplatonic texts, Lives of saints, bishops and popes.

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