Computers with full access to Svenska dagstidningar

The Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences Libraries each have a public computer with full access to the database Svenska dagstidningar from the National Library. Via these computers, you can access articles from 1500 digitized newspapers from 1645 to the present.

Everyone can book and use the computers

Everyone can book the computers for two hours at a time. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg can book four hours at a time, and a maximum of twelve hours per week.

Print from library computers

It is not possible to print directly from the computers that have access to Svenska dagstidningar, but you can send newspaper pages to your email address. It is not permitted to systematically save large amounts of material from Svenska dagstidningar.

To print newspaper pages in the library, do the following:

  1. Create an account in the Svenska dagstidningar database.
  2. Send one or more newspaper pages from the database to your email address.
  3. Open your email in one of the public computers.
  4. Open the email from Svenska dagstidningar and open the files that contains the newspaper pages.
  5. Print the newspaper pages on one of our printers.

To print from a library computer you need a library card or GU card, and sufficient balance on your printing account.

About printing, scanning and copying

Contact us to book a computer

Fill out the contact form or call the Economics Library, the Humanities Library or the Social Sciences Library to book one of the newspaper computers.

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