The University Library is a part of the University of Gothenburg and headed by the Library Director. The Gothenburg University Library's organisation is divided into four library divisions and one library office.

Library Director

The Library Director is the Head of the University Library. Morgan Palmqvist is the Head of the Library and a member of the Vice-Chancellor's Management Council.

Library Board

The Library Board is an advisory body to the Library Director. The Library Board deals with general issues relating to the Library's economy and strategy. The Head of the Library Board is appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. The Library Board is to consist of a representative of each faculty. Students have the right to three representatives on the Board. Staff organisations have the right to attend and speak at meetings and may have three representatives on the Board.

Members of the Library Board

Library Management Group

The Gothenburg University Library's Management Group is an advisory body to the Library Director. Group members are the Library Director, Head of Office, Executive Secretary, Head Librarians, and Deputy Head Librarians from the library divisions.

Members of the Library Management Group

Library Divisions

The Gothenburg University Library consists of four Library Divisions:

  • The Biomedical Libraries
  • Digital Services
  • The Humanities Libraries
  • The Social Sciences Libraries

Each division has one Head Librarian and one or two Deputy Head Librarians. The operations within each division is organised into teams that are headed by coordinators.

Library Divisions and staff

Library Office

The Library Office is headed by the Head of Office and the University Library's unit for administration.

Library Office Staff

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