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Gothenburg University Library runs On this page we explain how the site complies with the Swedish accessibility regulations and describe known accessibility issues. You also get information about who you can contact if you discover more problems.

We strive to ensure that the University Library's website as a whole can be perceived, handled and understood by all visitors, regardless of what aids the visitors use. Our goal is to achieve at least basic accessibility according to the criteria in WCAG 2.1 at level AA.

How accessible is the library's website?

The University Library's site consists of two parts: and Both parts of the site are partially compliant with the Swedish accessibility regulations.

The site is thus partially accessible, but work remains before the entire site is adapted for accessibility.

Accessibility problems at

No known accessibility problems.

Next accessibility review: 2024-10-29.

Accessibility issues at

The website was published before September 23, 2018. The following are some examples of many known accessibility problems:

  • No PDF documents are accessible.
  • HTML is used to format the content (WCAG 1.3.1).
  • No language has been set for the pages (WCAG 3.1.1).
  • Images lack 'alt' text (WCAG 2.4.4).
  • The form lacks screen reader customizations (WCAG 3.3.2).

According to the law, we are obliged to address the accessibility problems at before September 23, 2020. However, most of the problems will not be solved before the specified date, and we therefore invoke exceptions for disproportionate burden.

Disproportionate burden

Gothenburg University Library invoke exceptions for disproportionate burdensome adaptations of content and services on in accordance with § 12 of the Swedish accessibility regulations. We invoke the exception on the following grounds:

  • The site is old and its platform is outdated. The plan is to gradually replace with new services and then completely dismantle the old platform.
  • The replacement work is extensive and will not be completed before the specified deadline September 23, 2020.

Contact us if you need help or discover more deficiencies

Let us know if you can't use parts of the site. We will make sure you get the service you are entitled to. If you find problems that are not described on this page, or if you believe that we do not comply with the law, please contact us so that we may know that the problem exists.

You can reach us by calling or sending an email to the University Library's web team or by filling in our contact form.

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Contact the supervising authority

If you are not satisfied with how we meet the requirements for availability, you can contact the Agency for Digital Government and address this. They are responsible for supervising the Swedish accessibility regulations.

Contact the Agency for Digital Government

How we test the site

We make self-assessments (internal testing) of the entire through manual assessments and automated accessibility checks with the Siteimprove tool. The latest test of site availability was made on 12 March 2024.

The report was last updated on 12 March 2024.