The Gothenburg University Library supports research and education at the University of Gothenburg by providing information resources and collections, digitisation and publication support as well as support in searching, evaluating and managing information.


The University Library shares the University of Gothenburg's Vision 2021-2030. Through our competence and accumulated experiences we want to contribute to the vision of being an "international higher education institution that assumes responsibility for societal development while helping to build a sustainable world".

Vision 2021-2030


The University Library's core mission is to be responsible for scholarly and artistic information services for students, researchers, teachers but also the general public. The University Library conserves and provides the cultural heritage that is a part of the Library's extensive collections. The University Library performs systematical competitive intelligence to be able to, together with the faculties, develop and adapt the operations. The University Library is an open library and a meeting place for the University and the general public.

The University Library provides services in the form of publication support and digitisation support to the University's teachers and researchers. The University Library provides, by direction of the departments, instructional courses with the aim of improving the students' information literacy. The University Library also provides professional information services and study spaces in the libraries as well as bibliometrical competency as a support to the University's leadership and researchers. The Library devotes special attention to users with special needs.

Governance and set of values

The University Library's operations are governed by laws, University delegation plans, a strategic plan and a number of policies. You can find the organisation's governance documents in the Staff Portal.

Library governance documents

In the Staff Portal there is also information about the Library's positions and systematical work in the following areas:

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