Log in with a GU account to access e-resources off-campus

Students and employees at the University of Gothenburg have access to databases, e-journals and e-books even outside of campus. Members of the public can access e-resources from public computers in the Library.

Log in with your GU account

Use your GU account to log in to the Library's databases, electronic journals and e-books when you are outside campus. All registered students and staff at the University of Gothenburg have a GU account.

To log in, you must first go to the resource you are interested in. The login page for the University of Gothenburg will appear automatically when you try to access a database or article.

How to access articles and e-books in Supersearch

Do as follows:
1. Go to Supersearch and click Login.
2. Log in with your GU account: gus-id or x-account.
3. Click "Full text available" in the search result for the article or book you are interested in.

How to access databases and journals

Do as follows:
1. Go to the database list or journal list.
2. Click on the database or journal you are interested in.
3. Log in with your GU account, gus-id or x-account, when the login box is displayed.

Problems with your account

Students can get help with login issues for their GU-account at the Student Portal. There you will find answers to frequently asked questions about student accounts, such as how to do if you forgot your username or password.

To the Student Portal

Employees can change their password in the Staff Portal.

To the Staff Portal (Login required)

Problems with access to materials

If you can not access e-resources after logging in, it may be worth trying to:

  • Clear cookies and other website data in the browser.
  • Disable browser extensions such as ad blockers and script blockers.
  • Temporarily turn off virus protection on your computer.

Sometimes access to our e-resources do not work from schools, county councils or other workplaces. This is caused by their firewalls or settings that block access to the library's e-resources.

If you don't have a GU account

If you are affiliated to the University of Gothenburg but don't have a GU account, you don't have automatic access to the Library's e-resources.

Apply for an external student account

Students should contact their course leader about applying for an external GU account.

Apply for an external researcher account

Researchers can fill in an application for an external GU account in the Staff Portal. Contact your affiliated faculty to submit your application.

Application form in the Staff Portal

Access for members of the public

If you are a member of the public, you have no access to e-resources outside the Library. Instead, you are welcome to visit our libraries, where you can use our computers to access the databases, e-journals and e-books.

The libraries

Contact us about access to e-resources

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