Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis published via Kriterium

Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis is the University of Gothenburg's publication series for dissertations and other works published by researchers at the university. Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis consists of 17 series, linked to various departments at the university.

A number of books within Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis have been published via Kriterium, a collaboration between universities and publishers. Printed copies of the books can be purchased from the library.


Craft Sciences

Tina Westerlund, Camilla Groth, Gunnar Alemvik (red.)
Gothenburg Studies in Conservation, 0284-6578; 53

Price: SEK 290

Les quatre premiers livres des Eneydes du treselegant poete Virgile

Traduictz de Latin en prose Francoyse, par ma dame Helisenne. Edition critique
Britt-Marie Karlsson, Sara Moding & Gunhild Vidén
Romanica Gothoburgensia, 0080-3863 ; 77

Price: 250 SEK

Medeltidens genus

Kvinnors och mäns roller inom kultur, rätt och samhälle Norden och Europa ca 300-1500
Lars Hermanson & Audur Magnúsdottir (ed.)
Skrifter utgivna av Medeltidskommitén; 1

Price: SEK 235


Nina Berberova’s Letters to Sergej Rittenberg (1947-1975).
Magnus Ljunggren (ed.)
Slavica Gothoburgensia, 0081-0010 ; 12

Price: SEK 210

Romanistiken i Sverige

Tradition och förnyelse. Andreas Romeborn & Elisabeth Bladh (ed.)
Romanica Gothoburgensia, 0080-3863 ; 75

Price: SEK 210

Theodore Metochites on the human condition and the decline of Rome

Semeioseis gnomikai 27-60, A Critical Edition with Introduction, Translation, Notes, and Indexes.
Karin Hult
Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia, 0081-6450 ; 70

Price: SEK 250

Theodore Metochites’ Sententious Notes

Semeioseis gnomikai 61–70 & 72–81
Staffan Wahlgren
Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia, 0081-6450 ; 71

Price: SEK 250

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