Search support

At the Library you can get help with information search, evaluating sources and managing your references.

Search support with a librarian

If you need help with information search for a thesis or finding literature in a certain subject area there is help to get from a librarian.

We can help you evaluate and improve your search results and teach you to find relevant databases for your subject. We can guide you in reference systems such as Oxford, Vancouver and APA and help you with evaluating sources.

Search support for researchers

Researchers and doctoral students can book a search support appointment with a librarian. Contact the Library to book an appointment if you want to learn more about information search, or need help with more complicated searches or systematic literature reviews.

Contact us

Contact us and tell us how we can help you. All our libraries answer online or by phone. Please describe your topic or question when you fill out the form. That way, we can help you faster.

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