New division for music and drama

The Music and Drama Library has moved to the Humanities Library at Renströmsgatan 4. The reason for the relocation is the upcoming evacuation of the Artisten building, where the library is located, before the construction of a new building for the Faculty of Arts.

Musik och dramatiks nya lokaler

Welcome to the Humanities Library

From 13 June, we welcome you to our new premises at the Humanities Library. Three larger rooms in a row towards Renströmsparken and three group rooms on the 6th floor have been transformed into a new division for music and drama. The new division will accommodate a large collection of notes, music literature, manuscripts and study places in connection with the collections. An information desk for music and drama opens after the summer, on August 22 and will be open on weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm.

Music and drama´s visitors will also be able to use all study places and other services at the Humanities Library. The Music and Drama Library will have the same generous opening hours as the Humanities Library.

Questions about the new division for Music and Drama

If you have questions about the new premises, you are welcome to contact Anna Isaksson,, Deputy Head of the Humanities Library.