Division for music and drama

Since summer 2022, the Humanities Library has a new division for music and drama. The division accommodates a large collection of notes, music literature, manuscripts, and study places in connection with the collections.

Musik och dramatiks nya lokaler

The new division has been established because the Library for Music and Drama, which was previously located in the Artisten building, has been evacuated ahead of the construction of a new building for the Faculty of Arts.

Opening hours for information desk and telephone

The division's information desk has special opening hours. Please note that the division's collections and study spaces have the same opening hours as the Humanities library.

Regular hours
Monday – Friday 10:00 – 15:00
Saturday – Sunday Closed

Other opening hours

Spring 2023
Thursday, 6 April Closed
Friday, 7 April Closed
Saturday, 8 April Closed
Monday, 10 April Closed
Monday, 1 May Closed
Thursday, 18 May Closed

Contact the division

Please contact us if your have questions about music or drama.

  • Telefon: 031-786 40 60

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