Group study rooms at the libraries

As a student or employee at the University of Gothenburg you can use the libraries' group study rooms when working together with others. Due to covid-19, the group study rooms at the libraries are closed until further notice.

Book a group study room

Use your GU-card or library card to book a room. Confirm your booking when the session starts.

How to book group study rooms

Students and employees at the University of Gothenburg can book the libraries' group study rooms.

Booking and confirming a room

You can book a group study room one week in advance and book up to two sessions per day. This is how you book:

  1. Choose the desired library and day in the booking service.
  2. Use the number on your GU-card (or library card) and your Swedish personal identity number when booking.
  3. Confirm your booking between 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the session starts.

It is important that you remember to confirm your booking, since the room otherwise becomes available to others in the booking service. It is not necessary to confirm a booking you have made after the session has started.

Cancel your booking if you cannot use it

There are many who would like to use the libraries' group study rooms. Please cancel your booked room if you no longer need to use it.

Cancel your booking

If you have confirmed your booking you cannot cancel it anymore. Bookings made after the session's start cannot be cancelled either.

About group study rooms

There are around 60 group study rooms available for booking at the Gothenburg University Library. The rooms are located at the following libraries:

Equipment in the group study rooms

The rooms have tables and chairs with room for four to eight people. Most of the rooms are equipped with a computer and a whiteboard. Some rooms have a large flat screen for connecting to your own computer.

Contact us about group study rooms

Contact us if you need help using the libraries' group study rooms.

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