GU card and library card

To borrow and request library material, you need a GU card or a library card.

GU card for students and employees

For students and employees, the GU card functions as a library card. With the GU card you can:

  • borrow books and request articles
  • book group study rooms at the libraries
  • print, scan and copy

By using the GU card you accept the Library's borrowing rules.

Order the GU card in the Student Portal

Renew the expiration date

The Library function on your GU card has another expiration date than the date printed on the card. Log into My loans to see the expiration date. Contact the Library when you want to renew the Library function on your GU card.

For employees that already have a GU card

Employees that haven't had a library card before, may need to enable the Library function on their GU card. Fill out an application for a library card, and then visit one of our libraries to get started.

Fill out an application for a library card

For distance students without a GU card

Distance students at the University of Gothenburg that haven’t got a GU card, need a library card to borrow library materials.

If you are a distance student, do as follows:

  1. Fill out an application for a library card.
  2. Contact us to ask for the library card to be sent to your address.

Please note that we send library cards only to distance students who live outside of the greater Gothenburg region.

Library card for everyone

Anyone who has a permanent residence in Sweden and is above 15 years of age can get a library card at the University Library by filling out an application.

Apply for a library card

Pick up the card by visiting one of our libraries in person. Please bring valid identification.

Library card for international Library visitors

If you don't have a Swedish personal identity number, you must submit a certificate to get a library card.

The certificate is called a personal guarantee, and should be completed by you and by a guarantor. The guarantor must be a resident in Sweden and have a Swedish personal identity number.

You get your library card when you visit the Library along with the guarantor. You should both bring identification along with the completed guarantee.

Processing of personal data

When you receive a library card or GU-card, your personal information is registered in the library's patron register. The personal data consists of your name, personal identity number and address. If you have a protected identity, you can enter a different address than your address from the population register.

The University Library processes your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

Borrowing rules

For a detailed compilation of how to use your library card, please see our rules for the use of Gothenburg University Library.

Contact us about GU card and library card

Contact a library if you need help with your GU card or library card.

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