Interlibrary loans of books and article copies

Materials that are not available from Gothenburg University Library or other libraries in Gothenburg can be borrowed or ordered via the interlibrary loan service. Materials may include books, articles, book chapters, scores or microfilms.

Request articles and interlibrary loans

Use our ordering service to request article copies and books from other libraries. You can also place your order directly through LIBRIS.

Delivery time and loan period

In most cases, interlibrary book loans take between one to two weeks to deliver. You will be notified when the book can be picked up at the library. The loan period for books borrowed from other libraries varies and is determined by the lending library.

Article copies are usually delivered within a few days, but can sometimes take longer. You will be notified when the article copy can be picked up at the library.

As an employee of the University of Gothenburg, you can have the article sent to you by e-mail if the license terms permit digital delivery. If digital delivery is not allowed, you will receive the article copy with internal mail or get a notification that the article copy can be picked up at the library.


Interlibrary book loans

Interlibrary loans from libraries within the Nordic countries are free of charge. Interlibrary loans from libraries outside the Nordic countries costs SEK 200 per loan. All interlibrary loans from libraries outside the Nordic countries are free of charge for staff at the University of Gothenburg.

Article copies

Prices apply to copies up to 30 pages. If the copy exceeds 30 pages you pay twice the price; if it exceeds 60 pages, you pay triple the price, and so on.

Within the Nordics Outside the Nordics
Students and general public SEK 80 SEK 80
GU staff Free Free
Companies SEK 180 SEK 360

What are not for interlibrary loan?

Most material is available as an interlibrary loan or photocopy. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Reference books
  • Complete journal issues and e-books
  • Materials available at Gothenburg University Library, or already out on loan
  • Material available at other libraries in Gothenburg
  • Audio and video recordings (order directly from the Swedish Media Database)

Interlibrary lending to other libraries

State and municipal libraries outside the Nordic countries pay for interlibrary loans from our collections with IFLA-vouchers.

Material Price
Article copy One IFLA-voucher
Books Two IFLA-vouchers

Contact us about interlibrary loans

Contact us if you need help with interlibrary loans and article copies.

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