KvinnSam's archives and databases

KvinnSam indexes literature in women's studies, men's studies and gender research and collects archival material in women's history. You will find the material in our databases and archives.

KvinnSam's website

KvinnSam, National Resource Library for Gender Studies, is a university-wide research infrastructure at the University of Gothenburg. KvinnSam's website contains information on activities and services.

Databases and digital resources

KvinnSam produces several databases and digital resources in women's studies, men's studies and gender research.

The KVINNSAM database

The KVINNSAM database is the largest database in the Nordic countries in women's studies, men's studies and gender research. The database consists of references to books, articles, essays, book chapters, reports and more. The database covers literature from the 1970s and we continuously publish older material.

About the KVINNSAM database


The Queerlit database collects first editions of fiction published in Sweden, in Swedish or in one of the national minority languages, with perspectives and themes related to homosexuality, bisexuality, trans, queer and/or intersex.

Queerlit covers all types of fiction, regardless of target group or form. The database also contains references to autobiographical texts, letters, diaries and the like, which to a greater extent deal with the subject areas of the database.


In the Gena database you can search for references to Swedish doctoral theses in women's studies, men's studies and gender research. The database consists of references from 1960, when the first thesis in women's studies was written, and onwards. Newer dissertations are often available in full text.

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Bilddatabas (Swedish only)

In the image database, you will find photographs of famous voting women, unknown students, female athletes and more. The pictures are taken from KvinnSam's archives. Most are from the turn of the century and earlier half of the 20th century.

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Historical Swedish periodicals for women

The first women's periodical, Tidskrift för hemmet (start year 1859), and its followers can be found among our digitized historical Swedish periodicals for women.

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Notable years

KvinnSam has listed a selection of important years for women's history and gender equality in Sweden. The list also contains information on female pioneers in different areas and EU directives that deal with gender issues.

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Historical portals

Material from the KvinnSam archive is presented in our historical portals. They contain texts written by researchers, biographical articles on predecessors, scanned archival material and photographs. The portals are intended as educational material from the upper secondary level and can be used by anyone interested in women's history.

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The manuscript collection

KvinnSam's archives contain manuscripts and archive material from individual women, organizations and associations. The collections include letters, pictures, diaries and manuscripts. The focus of the material is on the first half of the 20th century and is available for scientific research.

About the manuscript collection

The Library

KvinnSam is situated at the Humanities Library. In KvinnSam's reading room you will find books and journals in women's studies, men's studies and gender research.

About the KvinnSam library

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Contact us if you need help finding material in women's studies, men's studies and gender research.

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