You find statistics in databases and on the Statistics Sweden's website. Use Supersearch to find printed material in statistics.

Find statistics in databases

Use the Library's database list to find databases with statistical content in various subjects areas. In the list you can find databases with Swedish and international statistics from Statistics Sweden, UN, EU, OECD, WHO, The World Bank and IMF. Search for statistics and filter by subject to find databases within the field you are interested in.

Accessing databases

Students and staff at the University of Gothenburg can access the databases through the university network, or by logging in with the GU account when outside of campus. Everyone visiting the University Library can use our computers to access the databases.

About accessing e-resources off-campus

Find Sweden's official statistics

Statistics Sweden (SCB) is responsible for official statistics and coordinating the system for the official statistics in Sweden. On Statistics Sweden's website you will find:

  • Statistics on various subjects and areas
  • The Statistical Database for Sweden's official statistics
  • Key Ratios by industry and size class
  • Regional statistics
  • Historical statistics
  • Articles and publications from Statistics Sweden

Finding statistics on Statistics Sweden's website

Find printed statistics

The Economics Library holds a large collection of Swedish and international statistics, and a collection of EU statistics. Other libraries within the Gothenburg University Library also have collections of statistics in different subject areas. Use Supersearch to find the printed statistical material.

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Contact us about statistics

Contact the Economics Library if you need help to find statistics or have any questions about statistics.

  • Your question will be answered by e-mail by library staff during office hours, Monday to Friday. During the weekend you can contact us via telephone.

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