UN material

Documents published by and about the UN can be found in the Library's databases and online. The Economics Library also holds a collection of printed UN material, which can be found and requested through Supersearch.

Find UN material in databases

Use the Library's databases to find documents by and about the UN.

UN material in databases and online

The databases contain different types of publications by the UN. Information about what kind of material each database contains can be found in its description. Most UN databases are freely available online.

Information about UN material

If you need more information about the UN and different types of UN publications, you can use the UN research guide.

Search UN document symbols

Each UN document is labeled with a unique document symbol, such as A/RES/67/1. All translations of a document have the same symbol.

If you have a document symbol, you can use it to find the document in the Official Document System (ODS).

You can also access the document directly by visiting http://undocs.org/ followed by the document symbol, such as http://undocs.org/A/RES/67/1.

UN material at the Economics Library

The Economics Library is a so called UN depository library. This means that the Library has a collection of printed UN publications and that the librarians can answer questions about material.

Find printed UN material

The Economics Library's printed UN material can be found in Supersearch. You can request the material, or find its location and collect it from the shelf yourself.

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Contact us about UN material

Contact the Economics Library if you have any questions about UN material.

  • Your question will be answered by e-mail by library staff during office hours, Monday to Friday. During the weekend you can contact us via telephone.

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