Book a reading studio via TimeEdit from 15 June

8 June 2022

A reading studio is a resource room equipped with technical aids for students with reading impairments such as dyslexia, visual impairment or other disabilities. You book reading studios in the old system until 14 June.

How to book a reading studio from 15 June

You can find a link to the booking system at the library’s website as usual.

  1. Log in to the booking service with your GU-account
  2. Choose the desired library and day in the calendar.
  3. Choose a studio and a time and confirm your booking.
  4. Done! You do not need to confirm your booking in any other way.

You can book a reading studio two weeks in advance and book up to two sessions per day. A session is a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of six hours.

In total, you can book six hours per day, and a maximum of twelve hours per 14-day period.

Bookings cannot be cancelled after the session has started. If you have booked a studio but do not use it within 30 minutes after the start of the session, the studio can be used by someone else.