Forskarsnabben 18 December: PubMed interface

9 December 2019

An updated version of PubMed is being launched – together we will have a sneak preview on new features!

Time and place

11/12 at 08.15
Curt Weibull, Academicum

12/12 at 08.30
Geovetarcentrums ALC-sal

18/12 at 08.15
Stina Stenhagen, Academicum

The new PubMed interface

In 20 minute sessions, staff from The Biomedical Library will discuss useful tools, techniques and services available to you in your everyday research. No registration needed. Coffee, tea and breakfast sandwiches will be served.

If you are unable to attend and would like to know more about a topic, please contact us at and we’ll set up a time with you and/or your research group.