Swedish digitised newspapers freely available for all

8 April 2020

All the material in the Svenska dagstidningar service can now be accessed from home.

About the agreement

The National Library has negotiated with Bonus Copyright Access to open the Svenska dagstidningar service for everyone in Sweden for a limited period.

To begin with, the agreement is valid during the month of April. During that time, all material in the service is available wherever you are in Sweden.

Please note that there is a four month lag from the current publication month regarding the availability of the newspapers.

More information about the agreement at the National Library (In Swedish)

About Svenska dagstidningar

Svenska dagstidningar contains over 27 million digitized pages, from the 17th century to the beginning of 2020.

The service contains the entire issue of Aftonbladet, Dagens industri, Dagens nyheter, Expressen and Svenska Dagbladet. In addition, there are about 900 newspaper titles that have been digitized to a varying degree by the National Library.

Newspapers older than 115 years are always freely available. Newspapers younger than 115 years can usually be read on a computer located at the Social Sciences Library, as well as on a computer at the Humanities Library. The temporary agreement makes all material in the service freely available.

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