The Albatross Expedition - exhibition at the Humanities Library

11 September 2023

The Swedish scientific Albatross Expedition sailed around the world between 1 July 1947 and 3 October 1948. The 75th anniversary of the Albatross Expedition is now being celebrated with an exhibition at the Humanities Library. The exhibition is available between 25 September to 17 October.

Opening of the exhibition

Opening of the exhibition takes place on September 25 at 4:00 pm in the Humanities Library's foyer.

At the opening, some of the University of Gothenburg’s researchers will talk in short lectures about the importance of the expedition for the development of their research fields. The inauguration will also tell about the adventure of sailing along the equator.

The exhibition displays photos and personal letters from the Albatross Expedition from the University Library's manuscript collections. The exhibition also includes samples and materials from the Expedition stored at the Department of Marine Sciences and the Department of Earth Sciences.

About the Albatross Expedition

In October, it will be 75 years since the Swedish scientific Albatross Expedition returned to Gothenburg after its long adventurous voyage around the world. The Albatross Expedition have had an enormous impact on marine research, laying the foundation for today's modern deep-sea research, and making invaluable contributions to our knowledge about the ocean.

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