E-publish a doctoral thesis in Gupea

Prior to publishing your doctoral thesis, you must register it to be e-published in Gupea.

Instructions for e-publishing your thesis

Your dissertation shall be published in the University’s main building in Vasaparken and digitally, e-published, in the database Gupea. For the faculty to be able to e-publish your thesis, you need register your thesis in Gupea.

Do as follows:

  1. Contact your faculty to get permission to e-publish your thesis. When you have permission to publish, the Library will create an account for you in Gupea and you will receive an email with instructions.
  2. Log into Gupea and follow the Library's instructions to register your thesis.
  3. The faculty reviews and approves your registration. You will be notified if something is wrong so that you can make corrections.
  4. The faculty e-publishes your thesis in Gupea. Thus making it available to the public.

It is only mandatory to publish the thesis' abstract but all of the faculties encourage full text publishing in Gupea. For doctoral students at Sahlgrenska Academy full text publishing is mandatory.

Please note, in case of a compilation thesis, the pdf file must only contain the thesis frame, not the articles.

The instructions you receive from the Library can also be downloaded here:

If you need to make corrections or supplements

You cannot change details about your thesis in Gupea yourself once the e-publication is finished. If you discover that something is wrong or needs supplementing, contact the Library to get help.

Contact us about e-publishing in Gupea

Contact the Library if you have questions about registering and publishing in Gupea.

  • Telephone: 031 786 66 71

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