Peer review and publication of books with Kriterium

Kriterium reviews and publishes high-quality academic monographs and anthologies open access. Publishing in Kriterium is always made in collaboration with another publisher.

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Kriterium offers a clear and qualitative certification of academic books. The goal is to strengthen the book's status within the academy, and to quality mark books with the same method used for journal articles.

Reasons to publish in Kriterium

There are several good reasons to publish in Kriterium:

  • The book is subject to peer review by independent reviewers and receives a quality label.

  • The book is freely available through Kriterium's platform. This also makes it easy to find for everyone via Google and other search services.

  • Both books and chapters in anthologies receive persistent interoperable identifier (DOI) and are included in the performance-based distribution of research grants.

How to be published in Kriterium

Report your interest to publish in Kriterium to your publisher, which may be a publishing house or a publication series. They will contact Kriterium.

Your publisher manages the production and distribution of the physical book. Kriterium contributes with the peer review of the book and makes the digital version of the book openly available.

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Cost to be published in Kriterium

Publishing in Kriterium comes at no cost for you as a writer. Publication of book scripts in Kriterium are charged to the publisher of the physical book.

The fee includes costs for the use of the digital review platform, as well as any fees paid to academic coordinators and reviewers.

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About Kriterium

Kriterium is a collaborative venture between Swedish universities and Swedish publishers, with representatives from the Swedish Research Council, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the National Library of Sweden.

Gothenburg University Library serves as a host organization and is responsible for national coordination, development and support.

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Contact Kriterium

Contact us if you have questions about review and open access publication of books:

Maja Pelling is the coordinator of Kriterium and Gothenburg University's contact person.

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