Digitisation of material

Everyone can order digitisation of printed material from the University Library's collections. Students and researchers can order digitisation free of charge, while members of the general public are charged a fee.

Order digitisation

You can order digitisation of all types of printed material, provided that it is held by the Library and that the work is out of copyright.

If you wish to order digitisation of copyrighted material, you must show that you have the copyright owner's permission to make a digital copy of the work.

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Check if the material is copyrighted

If the copyright owner has been deceased for more than 70 years the work is out of copyright. If the author of the work is unknown, the material can be used for digitisation 70 years after the date of publication. You can check the National Library's catalogue Libris to find out when the author was declared deceased.

To Libris

Show permission to digitise copyrighted material

If you wish to order digitisation of copyrighted material, you must show that you have the author's permission to digitise and publish the work. The author gives his or her permission by completing the University Library's electronic publishing agreement.


Students and researchers from the University of Gothenburg can order digitisation of individual works free of charge.

For members of the general public and researchers from other universities the fee is SEK 3 per image. Usually one page corresponds to one image. Larger orders and projects are priced by agreement. Contact us to invite a tender. All prices are value added tax excluded.


When the work is digitised you will receive a link to the material via email. If you have access to a FTP server we can place the material there. Time of delivery is usually ten working days after we have received access to the printed material, or a time agreed upon in a delivery plan.


We deliver the digitised material as a searchable PDF file. It is also possible to receive the following formats without any extra cost:

  • High resolution tiff images of the work in its entirety.
  • High resolution jpeg images of the work in its entirety.
  • OCR coded text format.

Make sure the Library has the material

Please make sure that the University Library has the material that you need digitised before putting in an order.

Search and find the Library's material

Larger orders and projects

If you are a researcher at the University of Gothenburg trying to finance a larger project involving digitisation, you should involve the Library at an early stage in the process. We will help you with cost calculation and planning the digitisation.

Some of the projects we have been involved in:

  • The Ivar Arosenius archive - in cooperation with Litteraturbanken
  • The construction industry's organisations report series - in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University
  • The Gallup archive - in cooperation with Swedish National Data Service

Gothenburg University Library participates in a national collaborative project that aims to digitise Swedish printed material from the 15th century to the present day.

About the national library collaboration to digitise Swedish print

Contact us about digitisation

Please contact us if you have any questions about digitisation of material.

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