Get started with Nvivo

Nvivo is a software for qualitative analyses that can be used, for example, in systematic literature reviews. The software is useful for those who need to carry out analyses of data where the material is text- or image-based.

Download and install Nvivo

The Nvivo software is available to students and staff at the University of Gothenburg. You can download the software from the University's download service for software.

Get Nvivo from the download service for software

You must have full administrative privileges on the computer where you will install Nvivo. When installing Nvivo, you may need to enter a licence code. The licence code is available in the download service where you download the software.

Start using Nvivo

To learn the basics of the programme, you can use Nvivo's own guides.

Contact us to book a demonstration of Nvivo

Contact us if you want to book a demonstration of Nvivo for a master's course or for a group of researchers or PhD students. We tailor the event to the needs of the group. The minimum group size is 3 people.

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