Read and write support

The University Library offers read and write support by providing adapted textbooks and access to reading studios, among other things.

Contact us about read and write support

Feel free to contact us about read and write support to find out how we can help you. You can find our support teams at any of the libraries within Gothenburg University Library.

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Talking books

A talking book is an audio recorded version of a printed book. Note that talking book loans are only available for you who are in need of read and write support. Read more about who's allowed to borrow talking books at the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media, MTM.

You can find talking books by searching them in the Legimus catalogue and use them on your computer, smart phone or on certain media players.

To Legimus

Help with talking books

The Library can help you with:

  • getting access to Legimus to download talking books
  • order recordings of textbooks that doesn't already exist in Legimus

Contact us to book a consultation so we can help you get started with talking books.

Extended loan period for textbooks

The Library provides an extended loan period for students in need of read and write support. The loan period is 30 days instead of 14 days. To get an extended loan period you need a certificate from the university coordinator.

Reading studio

A reading studio is a specially equipped room with technical support for students in need of read and write support who has dyslexia, visual impairment or other disabilities. There are six reading studios at the University Library.

Each one of the reading studios are equipped with magnifying and enlargement programs, speech synthesizers, scanners and printers. To get access to the reading studios you need a certificate from the university coordinator.

About the libraries' reading studios and how to book them

Computer programs for read and write support

The university provides support programs such as speech synthesizers, magnifying programs and programs that help you with spelling and grammar. You can find the programs in the Student Portal.

Read and write support programs

Some of the programs are also installed on the libraries' computers.

Everything you need to know about read and write support

There is a forum in GUL for students in need of read and write support. In the forum you can find information about using the computer programs and get tips for applications that can help you in your studies. In the forum there is also information about the support that the Library can provide for you.

As a member in the forum you can ask the Library questions, sign up for news letters and take part in discussions.

Forum for read and write support

Special learning support from the university

The university provides special learning support for students with disabilities or dyslexia.

Special learning support