Terms of use for e-resources

You have the right to use the library's databases, e-journals and e-books for your studies, research or teaching. Commercial use of e-resources is prohibited.

Terms and conditions

The library's databases, e-journals and e-books are intended for studies, research and teaching. It is not permitted to use the e-resources for your own commercial use, or on behalf of a company. Your username and password must not be distributed.

Suppliers have the right to disable access to e-resources for the entire University of Gothenburg in case of breach of the contract terms.

How you may use the resources

You are allowed to read and print individual articles and chapters for your own use and for use in teaching or research contexts.

  • You can download individual articles and chapters to pass on to colleagues in the University of Gothenburg.
  • You can link to materials from GUL or Canvas.
  • Teachers are often allowed to use individual articles and chapters in course compendiums (printed or electronic).
  • Researchers are often allowed to share individual articles and chapters to colleagues at other universities (scholarly sharing).

How not to use the resources

It is prohibited to use the e-resources for your own commercial use or on behalf of a company. Moreover, you may not:

  • Print or download entire magazine numbers or books.
  • Systematically download or print large amounts of material.
  • Spread copyrighted material.
  • Sell or redistribute materials.

Terms for specific e-resources

The conditions for use of materials vary depending on the publisher and the supplier. You can find detailed information about the conditions that apply to each database in the database list.

To the database list

Terms and conditions that apply to e-books of individual publishers can be found on our e-book terms page.

About the terms of use of e-books

How to access our e-resources

The e-resources are, with a few exceptions, available throughout the University of Gothenburg's computer network and with remote access for students and employees. Other visitors have access to e-resources through the libraries' computers.

About accessing our e-resources

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Contact us if you are unsure of how you may use our e-resources.

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