You find the University Library's books in Supersearch. For older books you might have to search our scanned and printed card catalogues.

Find books in Supersearch

Use Supersearch to find books. In Supersearch, you can search for most of the printed material acquired by the Gothenburg University Library since 1957. Refine your search results by using the filter Books.

Find textbooks

Textbooks are books that are currently being used in courses at the university. Use the filter Textbook when you search Supersearch to easily limit your results to only textbooks.

Once you have found an available textbook, you can collect it from the library's bookshelf by yourself. Textbooks are sorted in alphabetical order, by book title. You can make a reservation for the textbook if it is out on loan.

Find e-books

Use Supersearch to find e-books. In many cases, you can search the entire contents of the e-books and find both chapters and entire e-books. Use the filters Books and Full Text Online to limit your search results to e-books.

Note that how you are allowed to use an e-book and how long you are allowed to borrow it for may differ depending on the publisher and book.

About borrowing and using e-books

When you've found a book and would like to borrow it

When you have found a book in Supersearch, you can see where the book is placed and often collect it from the shelf by yourself.

If the book is in the closed stacks, you must first place a request for it. If the book is loaned to someone else, you can join the waiting list.

Borrowing and requesting from the Library

Find older books in card catalogues

If you are looking for older books and you don't find them in Supersearch, you can use one of our card catalogues instead.

Find older books in card catalogues

Find talking books in Legimus

A talking book is an audio recorded version of a printed book. Note that talking book loans are only available for you who are in need of read and write support. You can find talking books by searching them in the Legimus catalogue and use them on your computer, smart phone or on certain media players.

To Legimus

If we don't have the book you need

If the Gothenburg University Library doesn't have the book you need, you can search for it in the national catalogue Libris. Through Libris, you can find information about publications you can borrow from all university libraries and several research libraries in Sweden.

To Libris

If you do not find the book you need in Sweden, you can search in international library catalogues to see if the material is elsewhere in the world.

International library catalogues

Order interlibrary loan

If you would like us to loan the book from another library for you, you can place an order for an interlibrary loan. In most cases, it takes about a week to get the ordered book. Please note that only printed books are available as interlibrary loans.

About ordering interlibrary loans

Suggest a purchase

You can suggest that the Gothenburg University Library buys the book you need. The delivery of e-books is often quick, while printed books may take three weeks before they are available for you to borrow.

About suggesting purchases

Contact us about books

Contact a library if you need help finding books.

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