Borrowing from the Library

Anyone who has a permanent residence in Sweden and is at least 15 years of age can borrow from the University Library.

Get a library card

There are two cards that can be used for borrowing from the University Library. As a student or staff at University of Gothenburg you can use your GU card. Everyone else need a library card.

About GU card and library card

Find and borrow

Many of the items are placed on shelves that you can access yourself. Search for the item in Supersearch to find out its location and at what library it is available.

To Supersearch

You can also request and reserve material in Supersearch. When your requested item is available for you, you will get a message from the Library. Pick up the item from shelves close to the information desk. In case you have forgotten your library card or GU card, ask for help with borrowing at the information desk. Please bring valid identification.

About borrowing and using e-books

Loan periods and renewals

Different types of materials have different loan periods:

  • Textbooks and journals: 14 days
  • Other books: 30 days

When the loan period ends, the library automatically renews your loans, provided that no one else has requested the material. This means that you do not need to return the material until you have received a message from the library.

How automatic renewal works

Automatic renewals extend your loan period by one loan period at a time. This means that you do not have to renew your loans yourself. When the loan period expires, the library checks that no one has requested the material and then extends the loan with another loan period: 14 days for textbooks and journals, and 30 days for books.

As long as there are no requests, the automatic renewal is repeated each time the loan expires - up to a certain number of times:

  • Text books are renewed a maximum of 9 times for all patrons.
  • Other books are renewed a maximum of 9 times for students and the general public, and 40 times for employees.
  • Journals are renewed a maximum of 9 times for students and the general public, and 82 times for employees.

No automatic renewal is made if someone else has requested the book. If so, you will receive a message that you must return the book.

See your loans and fines

Log in to the service My loans to renew and keep track of your loans and contact information. Log in with your GU account or library card. Use My loans to:

  • check when your loans are due for return and number of automatic renewals
  • check if someone has made a request for your loans
  • see what books you have reserved, and your place on the waiting list
  • find out whether you have any overdue fines to pay
  • update your contact details.

To My loans

Return loans

You can return what you have borrowed at any of the libraries within Gothenburg University Library, regardless of where you borrowed the material.

When the libraries are closed you can return books in book drops located at Biomedical Library and Humanities Library.

Overdue returns

It is your responsibility as a patron to keep track of when your loans expire. Make sure that we have your correct contact information to get our reminders. You can update your contact information in My loans. If you for some reason have not received any of our reminders, you still have to pay the late fees.

Fines for overdue textbooks

If you return textbooks after the loan expires you will have to pay a fine. This also applies if you renew the loan after it expires. The overdue fine is SEK 10 per day and textbook.

If the total of your fines exceed SEK 70 you will not be allowed to borrow more books or renew existing loans. You pay your fines when you have returned your overdue loans. Then you will be allowed to renew loans and borrow books again.

Administration charge and cost for replacing a book

If you have not returned what you have borrowed 16 days after the loan expires, you are obliged to pay an administration charge of SEK 200. If you have lost the book you must pay the cost of a new book.

You can not borrow more material or renew loans until you have paid the fines. You can pay your fines at one of the libraries or with the invoice you have received from us.

Borrowing rules

The information on this page is an excerpt of the rules that apply when borrowing material from the University Library. The complete regulations are available in our rules for the use of Gothenburg University Library.

Contact us about borrowing

Contact any of our libraries if you need help with your loans.

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