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30 November 2022

A large part of the university library's older printed collections are available through scanned card catalogues. The catalogues have now been updated and given a responsive interface. The largest catalogue containing references to the library's oldest materials up to 1957 can now be searched both alphabetically and by subject

New search interface

On December 1, the library will switch to a new version of the search application for our older card catalogs. The update doesn't imply any major differences in functionality, but the catalogs will get a new interface and become responsive, making them work better on smaller screens.

A change that occurs in connection with the upgrade is that the contents of our oldest catalogue, which lists the Humanities Library's holdings from the earliest times up to and including 1957, will be searchable both alphabetically and by subject, which will increase its usability.

– Isabel Folkesson, team leader for the Cataloguing team at Gothenburg University Library.

Find literature in scanned card catalogues

The library is constantly working to make older material available. In 2023, three more smaller catalogues will be made available. Two of the catalogues contain the Humanities Library's holdings of gramophone records and the third is a catalogue of printed maps.

The following catalogues are scanned today:

  • Katalog 1957 (Pre -1957 Catalogue) contains references to literature within all subject areas, published up until 1957. The catalogue is available in two versions: An alphabetical catalogue and a subject catalogue.
  • Biokat contains references to literature within medicine and natural sciences until about 1980.
  • Botankat contains references to literature within botany up to 1989.
  • Eko contains references to literature within business administration, economics and law, published prior to 1980.
  • Lärobokskatalogen 1958-75 (School Textbook Catalogue) contains references to textbooks for Swedish elementary school and upper secondary school from 1958 to 1975.
  • Dahlkat is a PDF that contains scanned catalogue cards with references to professor Carl G. Dahls (1875-1959) collection of literature within pomology (the study of cultivated fruits and fruit trees), horticulture and landscaping.

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Large parts of the library's collections from 1958 onwards are searchable in the university library's search service Supersearch. The exception is, among other things, older school textbooks, ephemera and some special collections.

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