Forskarsnabben, Autumn 2019 Schedule at Biomedical library

2 September 2019

On September 18th, it’s time again for the Forskarsnabben / Researcher Drop-in autumn series! The series is held at Academicum, Medicinarenlängan and Geovetarcentrum. In 20 minute sessions, staff from The Biomedical Library will discuss useful tools, techniques and services available to you in your everyday research. No registration needed. Coffee, tea and breakfast sandwiches will be served.

If you are unable to attend and would like to know more about a topic, please contact us and we’ll set up a time with you and/or your research group.

How to find full-text articles?

There are a few simple steps you can follow to find full-text articles quickly. Learn how to use the GetItNow-service and plug-ins for open access articles.

  • 18/9 Curt Weibull, Academicum, 08.15
  • 19/9 Geovetarcentrums ALC-room, 08.30
  • 25/9 Stina Stenhagen, Academicum, 08.15

Organize your EndNote life

Learn how to work with EndNote on multiple computers and backing-up your EndNote-library. We will show you how to organize your EndNote-life effectively with a number of great features!

  • 2/10 Curt Weibull, Academicum, 08.15
  • 3/10 Geovetarcentrums ALC-room, 08.30
  • 9/10 Stina Stenhagen, Academicum, 08.15

So many articles, so little time…

The amount of articles published continues to grow, and hence there is a need for tools helping us get an overview of our topic. In our session, we will show Epistemonikos and TRIP, two databases that collect evidence based medical literature from a wide range of sources. We will also look into Dimensions, a linked research information system.

  • 16/10 Stina Stenhagen, Academicum, 08.15
  • 17/10 Geovetarcentrums ALC-room, 08.30
  • 23/10 Curt Weibull, Academicum, 08.15

Recognizing predatory journals and publishers

Do you receive a lot of emails inviting you to publish with new exciting journals, offering instant publishing, open access and great impact for your article? We will discuss how to recognize quality publishers from questionable.

  • 30/10 Stina Stenhagen, Academicum, 08.15
  • 31/10 Geovetarcentrums ALC-room, 08.30
  • 6/11 Curt Weibull, Academicum, 08.15

Data Management Plan

Many funding agencies require a Data Management Plan with your funding request. But, what is it and how do you write one?

  • 13/11 & 20/11 Stina Stenhagen, Academicum, 08.15
  • 14/11 Geovetarcentrums ALC-room, 08.30

Systematic reviews

Planning on writing a systematic review? In our session, we will show methods, guidelines and checklists you can utilize to ease the processes of finding, screening, and evaluating copious amounts of literature!

  • 27/11 & 4/12 Curt Weibull, Academicum, 08.15
  • 28/11 Geovetarcentrums ALC-room, 08.30

PubMed 2.0

An updated version of PubMed is being launched – together we will have a sneak preview on new features!

  • 11/12 Curt Weibull, Academicum, 08.15
  • 12/12 Geovetarcentrums ALC-room, 08.30
  • 18/12 Stina Stenhagen, Academicum, 08.15