Forskarsnabben via Zoom

20 March 2020

Due to the prevailing situation, the upcoming Forskarsnabben mini seminars will be given online via Zoom.

In 20 minute sessions, staff from The Biomedical Library will discuss useful tools, techniques and services available to you in your everyday research. No registration needed.

If you are unable to attend and would like to know more about a topic, please contact us at and we’ll set up a time with you and/or your research group.

Previous sessions from the Forskarsnabben-series

Systematic reviews

Planning on writing a systematic review? We introduce methods, guidelines and checklists that will facilitate the processes of finding, screening, and evaluating copious amounts of literature.

Special collections

CANCELLED - You have access to collections of old books within medicine and science from sixteenth century and onwards at the Biomedical library. See examples and learn how to search the collections.

Predatory journals – how much should we worry?

There are numerous examples of questionable journals using the open access-model – but how common is it that researchers choose to publish in those journals?

Tools for search analysis - so many articles, so little time

The Scopus and Web of Science databases offer tools for analysing your search results, useful for creating an overview and identifying trends and patterns for your research field.