How to access textbooks from closed libraries during summer

28 June 2022

The Economics Library and the Social Sciences Library are closed from 27 June to 14 August. But you can still access the textbooks from their collections. The Art Library's collections are not accessible during the summer.

Contact us to request a textbook

How to request a textbook from the Social Sciences or Economics Library:

  1. In Supersearch, check that the textbook you need is available, ie that it is not on loan.
  2. As Subject in the contact form below, enter Textbook request.
  3. Enter the title of the textbook, author, year. Feel free to paste the information directly from Supersearch.
  4. Enter which library you want to pick up the book at: either the Biomedical, Humanities or Education Library.
  5. Enter the number of your GU card or library card.
  6. Fill in your name and email address.

You will receive a message from us when the textbook is available for pick up at the library you have specified in the contact form.

  • Your question will be answered by e-mail by library staff during office hours, Monday to Friday. During the weekend you can contact us via telephone.

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