Librarian's tip: Find standards at the Swedish Institute for Standards

4 March 2024

The University of Gothenburg has access to over 20,000 Swedish standards that are useful for research projects, teaching or as background literature for a thesis.

About the resource

The purpose of standards is to create uniform and transparent procedures to agree on. The Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) holds national and international standards that have been developed and quality assured through a standardisation process.

On the SIS website, you can search for standards in different areas, and all standards published by SIS are available in their entirety. Via the SIS website, you can also suggest that the library extend the subscription to include standards that are not currently available in full text.

Standards are available in areas such as:

  • Health, healthcare and social care
  • Procurement and purchasing
  • Circular economy
  • Construction
  • Management systems
  • Sustainable cities and communities


SIS standards are available to all students and staff at the University of Gothenburg.

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