Spring opening exhibition in the Students' art gallery

24 January 2023

2 February is the opening of a new exhibition in the Students' art gallery at the Social Sciences Library. The spring exhibition features art from eight students and offer a variety of expressions, materials and techniques.

The opening of the exhibition at the Social Sciences Library takes place between 17:00 and 18:00 the 2 February. Exhibitors are Marisa Phuikhamphi, Tilda Ottosson, Ayla Arslan Walterssson, Hedvig Dillner, Eva-Karin Källén, Derya Bozcuk, Ebba Westermark, Seyan Abdou. Those who do not have the opportunity to come to the opening have more chances to visit the exhibition, which will hung throughout the autumn semester.

About the Students art gallery

– The gallery is a creative element in the students study environment. The gallery should give the students a break for reflection and perhaps also create new impressions and thoughts. We also want the student gallery to contribute to the feeling that the library belongs to the students, says Elin Nord, librarian at the Social Sciences Library.

Do you want to exhibit at the Students art gallery?

Every semester, a new exhibition will be hung in the gallery. All students registered at the University of Gothenburg are welcome to apply to exhibit. The works must show the students private artistic activity and not be connected to the studies.

Read more about the Students art gallery

Welcome to the opening on 2 February at 5–6 pm at the Library of Social Sciences, Föreningsgatan 20!

Art by Marisa Phuikhamphi