The Swedish Media Database continues to be accessible for remote research

3 February 2021

The Swedish Media Database Service (SMDB) continues to be accessible remotely at universities thanks to a extension to the temporary agreement between the National Library and the copyright organization Copyswede.

About the agreement

SMDB covers over ten million hours of audiovisual material, that is, radio broadcasts, television programs, films and music. Researchers who want to access the material must normally visit the National Library in Stockholm. Thanks to a temporary agreement, researchers can now access the material remotely.

The agreement is extended until August 30, 2021. SMDB is only accessible remotely for researchers with a formal connection to an academic institution or research institute. The temporary agreement also allows researchers to give students access to relevant material in their teaching.

About the Swedish Media Database

The Swedish Media Database (SMDB) is the National Library's catalog of the Swedish publishing of radio, television, music, film, video, computer games and multimedia.

Anyone can search the directory without login. But in order to look and listen to material from the collections, a specific research assignment is required for copyright reasons.

The National Library continuously add both historical and current content to the service. Interested researchers contact KB via